Who IS Protecting Us, Is It GOD?

I attended a funeral yesterday and I never witness so many lies told over the pulpit than that I heard coming from a pastor from Durham NC name Pastor Fletcher. He was an African that truly had all of the wrong words given to unlearned people at the right time. He was good at twisting the truth and telling lies as is the same for all churches in buildings today.

Note: If you can’t heal the sick, you should not be in front of a body telling the deceased family what God will do. You should not be telling them that in the time of trouble God will hear your prayers…. Enough of this!

He mention that in the midst of storm God will come if you stand. That God works best when he is challenged. That God never fails. Yet, the deceased remain in front of them…..

The family and friends cheered. I thought to myself that in Texas there is a storm. Why did the Church flee instead of standing? It was because for the first time reality set in. Truth suddenly burst forward with any twisted thought of staying. Man’s instinct to survive kicked in!

By the way! Joel Osteen of Lakewood Mega Church in Houston Texas high tailed it out of there to. So did his crowd of followers…. People you are being taken!!!!!!

I’m not going to write a long message right now, so I will leave you with this to think on. I suggest you think on these things above and this question.

Who is protecting you or us? I want to clear this up and you can add your thoughts to it.. The answer is… our United states military. They are the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines. They are every where. 

They are war ships loaded with weapons upon the oceans, Fighter planes loaded with missiles in the air, submarines having nuclear war heads and missiles under the sea and oceans, millions of troops with powerful gun and cannons surrounding the Unites States, Nuclear weapons placed in strategic places within the country pointed outward toward other countries that has the same pointed at us.

We reside in the center being protected from the enemy of the United States that want to destroy us. If we take these military forces down we will be destroyed or taken over by hostile nations. Period! We protect our selves. God does not do it for us.

This minister had plenty of time to heal this person over the years. But to hear him speak as though he has the power to raised the dead and heal the sick when he didn‘t was sicken to listen to. Lies as much as they sound like the truth will send many to hell.

God is not fighting or warring with sinful nations. We will stand before God to be judged of what we did. How we acted. What truth we told. How we worship. In truth or in lies.

Wake up and stop believing everything you hear with out proof.