The PParty Movement
                   What do I think about politics?

For one, poor people  have no one  to speak for them. We're tired of the wealthy and rich acting like they care about us. What have they done for us that they did not get back 100 times. We are the same poor people today as 30 years ago and most of us are in the same homes, communities (whether bad or good) still struggling.

We're still being taking advantage of on our jobs with unfair pay and working conditions. Taking advantage of by credit card holders, banks, credit unions, grocery stores, health Insurance companies, vehicle insurance companies, clothing stores and yes even by some of our churches.

Poor people sit in the back ground because we are not educated enough to speak with or be seen on TV actually having conversations with much knowledgeable people. It's always people of degrees or of some wealth who keeps poor people viewing them. Thus, we sit listening, hoping they say something that would actually benefit us but they never does. Now the Pparty will speak for us.

The Republicans are a  wealthy machine, made up of many who practically has everything and wants more of what poor people have. How some poor people of that party can continue to vote with them or against themselves is quite puzzling since they are not wealthy and still struggling like Democratic poor people.

I have republican friends living worst than me yet, they continue to speak out against healthcare, bail outs, big government, cutting off unemployment and other programs they need. What -----is -----your-----problem?

Rich and wealthy don't need big government because it cuts down on pocket profits and under the table slick money. But poor people need all the help from the government we can get and more. With out them we the poor people would not exist if we depended upon republicans help.

It is poor people keeping this country going. Yes, we work for the rich, but we made them rich. Some say If it wasn't for the rich we wouldn't have a job! True! But if the rich and wealthy paid fair wages based on what they take away, some of us could start our own businesses and have a job.

Poor people are tired of voting and going no where fast. So we are now forming and challenging the establishment of politicians who deny us and act like real poor people don't exist. We now will be heard.
We have it hard but we are not fools.  We are not doing that well under either party but we must choose between the the two. The Pparty Movement choose the Democratic Party and Obama for President in 2012.

                                     GO VOTE!

Bishop, B.E. Ward
The PParty Movement
Democratic Newsletter Representing Poor People
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