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The Devil is in the Details by the blood he poured out

Republicans look great in this last electoral election held Nov. 4, 2014. The map showed burning red. All the Republicans strategize well in reading how Democrats think about their election process by not caring about local voting and state voting.

Republicans new that records showed that minorities was not interested and cared only about presidential elections. They new that blacks especially was not going to the polls because of laziness.

They also new that it was hard to get the president seat to gain supreme power but they could gain power by putting all their efforts in placing their people in key positions like controlling the House of Representative and House of the Senate.

Controlling these, they can control Obama, they hope, and do more black balling than years past and also try to cut the umbilical cord attaching Obama to the middle class and poor needs of the country.

They judged minorities and some others just right. It was as though they spent years watching and planning. Learning how minorities think and act. They knew they would get a victory and a victory they got. They read minorities better than one read a GPS.

As I looked at the map I was reminded of the devil shedding so much blood, the red. The red map even looked evil. I thought about how the devil is depicted with red eyes and himself shedding the blood of the innocence.

The blood stained map being Republicans spilling out foul blood onto decent people just wanting and trying to survive. Wanting to live in peace and happiness along side the rich and wealthy.

I saw how this blood stained everything it touched. Blocking out light from all those poor people wanting to come out of the dark.  The blood wetting the floors under poor people’s feet causing them to slip backward.

I saw a slaughtering of the hungry while Republican werewolves having great long teeth chewed on stakes and sirloins as dripping blood ooze from their greedy mouths.

At the same time tossing the bones and waste and drippings down to those little in health and strength causing them to drop before them scuffling on their knees just to get a morsel from the fat cow that had so much meat to give.

I saw where this blood was overwhelming to deal with. It, all at once, began to clog and ooze into places to causing damage to that which was shinny and well made for the sick.

The blood wanting to wet that which now help so many by delivering chocking cries of desperation and tears as the blood tries to attach itself to signed paper work and washed away the dreams and hope of medical care for the deserved.

I saw great oceans of blood dumped on a country to foul every home. To make things bad for every one in it’s path that did not have the mark of the blood on their door frame.

To spoil and contaminate every free glass of milk with soured blood that cause children to cry in despair as their stomach hurt from now hunger and stress when once laughter and joy was their fill.

But the red state did not know that they would also drink of themselves. That they unknowingly poured themselves a glass of their own blood by mistake, and now cry out for relief, for help, for raises, for medical coverage, for food, for a home, for a car, dignity and relief from their own blood stained scarf they ties and tighten around their own necks.

For the red states blood they poured out was not intended for them. Many thought for a moment they was rich but discovered they was indeed the middle class. Those that looked to the wolves to be like them, to support them, are now eating the same crumbs dropped down to the blues, the Democrats to wallow in.

They realized too late that high cost of medicine and drugs are chocking and gagging them too. Their bills are over whelming and they now seek more relief through raises as did the blues they chocked and cut off by the thick overwhelming blood that once they themselves  thought served only them. For now they feel what the blues feel.

The red state blood of the Republicans have poured out itself over the country to suppress the blue sky Democrats that hold the light of the world as a candle sitting upon a candle stand.

The Democratic blues have seen the blood of the Republicans and vow not to let them stain and cripple the middle class resolve. For the blues will shine beneath the sun to keep the middle class and poor from being overtaken by the dark shadow of the sour blood. 

As the sun so shines so will there be blue skies to beautify the sky for all to enjoy brighter days for ever how long they may last. 

For the blue sky is peace, hope and joy. The blue is the Democrats that stand like a beacon for all to find there way toward a better life. To find their way truly home.

Home for those that’s working and hiding behind closed doors even while separated from families. For those working for those that try to deport them. Home for the immigrants whom we all once was and still is. Home in the United States that was made by you and me.

The soured blood cannot stop what must be. Republicans shall reap what they sow. Either here or in hell. It must be. The Devil is in the details. You think about!