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Shocking police Mafia, Militia, Totalitarian rule, Antichrist

What I'm about tell you is going to blow your mind. Well, not really blowing your mind. Let me change this. I don't want the police to say I'm sending secret and controlling messages that once it's read, people heads automatically blows up from intense thought and I get locked up mind control.  So I'll just say you will be shocked to hear what's coming and what is now taking place and has been in the works for centuries.

We have to be careful at what we say because big brother is watching and monitor us more and more each day. And as time goes by it will get worse. So, you who has an ear to hear, let them hear what I'm about to say.

You are about to be taken from the dark and into the light. But what can you do about it if anything? The answer you will find is that you can't do anything except prepare.

So, lets get started. But I ask you one more time to be very open. Don't try to justify. I will do my best to make it hard for any of you to do this. I'm going to put your mind in a state where doubt will be very hard to contemplate.

The Bible tell us to watch as well as pray or hope in order that we may be able to see that which is to come. It seem that Pastors have fallen short in keeping the children of God informed correctly in order that they may at all time be able to see or help them see that which is to come. It is the unseen that catches one by surprise.

But I will open your eyes to the unseen and let you go from there.

If you have been paying attention to the Devil's news media, you should know by now that two policemen were killed in New York City. While we do not wish any one to die, nor condone senseless murder and do give our respect and our condolence to these police official's families, there is some what of a problem that I see with policemen and how they see that life of a policemen is valued much greater than the life of ordinary citizens and their families whom they see of lest important.

Very few policeman cared about the death of a 12 year old killed for no reason or the feelings of the parents of this young boy. Policemen did not gather to give comfort at anytime or gathered at their funerals.

The same with Michael Brown's shocking death by the hands of policemen and the disrespect toward his family. Nor did the police crowd their Churches to give any condolences that had any truth to it. Only that they deserved to die.

The police always say they had reasons to kill. That it's always the civilian fault. They will not apologize for videos that clearly showed the police committed murder on the streets of New York.  But this murder doesn't mean a thing.

But the way I see it, there is no different in some one standing on a street being murdered by the police than these two policemen being murdered in their cars. A death is a death and both should be treated the same. Both killing was wrong, Yet, the police is able to get away with their murder. Yet,  left calling the muderer that killed the policemen all kind of names. Names like, muderer, killer, coward, back shooter, cold blooded killer and so on.

But when they do it they are given names like, a good Christian, a good family man, his life was in danger, he feel bad about what he's done, he shouldn't be punished for doing his job, he had scratches, he thought he saw a gun, He didn't know this was a child, he's been on the force for so long and has a good record.

Every time there's no charges brought against them because the brotherhood of protection bands together in a secret system of not guilty. They rule completely. They are the power. Notice that our news media is silent when it come to reporting correctly the power the Brotherhood of protection has. So much power they can disrespect their Mayor and get away with it. News media doesn't mention this as disrespectful conduct.

Now, lets get to the good stuff you wanna hear....

Mafia! After the death of the two policemen the giant Brotherhood of policemen gathered at an hospital where Mayor De Blasio was walking through the midst of them. As he pass through a group of armed hoodlums, they direspected him and showed their's power by turning their backs on him.

Can you imagine the kind of power this police union and force have to do this to their boss and not be frighten of their jobs. What they did was worst than the worst a civilized order could do. A force that showed they had the power to disrespect their boss, Mayor De Blasio, and almost dared him to do anything about it. Believe it or not Mayor De Blasio, now live in fear of his own policemen.

Let me point out that what I saw at the hospitatal was a dangerous police mafia cortel grouped together waiting to carry out any orders given them. Policemen wanting to control the cities without question. Left to rob, kill, steal, harrass, threathen and bring destruction and hardship to families with out care.

The police put other mafia groups out of business and replace it with themselves. The same they did with prohibition on liquor steels. They put moonshiners out of business and took over themselves. ABC stores are in every county of the United States.

During the past Funeral held Saturday, the policemen Brotherhood turned their backs on Mayor De Blasio, their boss, once more when he started to speak at the funeral. Some Police Brotherhood members traveled all the way from Virginia to show support with other policemen. We, the regular working people would be fired for disrespecting our boss like this and all of you know it. But this is the Brotherhood! "We stand together they say."

What they mean when they say "Brotherhood" and "we stand together" is that there is no force that can come up against them. But lets take a look at what the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association leader Patrick Lynch said about the Mayor. He stated the Mayor was wrong for telling his son to be wary of the police and that he started the marches againt them and should have the marches stopped.

Here we see, mad policemen wanting the mayor to stand with them and give them the right to continue to kill and have control to harrass and terriorize. They are telling the Mayor, he has no right to free speech. They are telling us we have no right to free speech and the right to march and protest. Lynch and the police accuse the mayor of killing the two policemen from statements he said.

While I haven't said very much up until now, let me speak on what is happening under your nose. And why the police doesn't want us to have free speech and to march. What has develope in the police organization is hapenings in stages and for a reason you will see below and cannot deny.

A Police State: What is this? definition... A Police state is a term that originally designated a state regulated by a civil administration, but since the middle of the 20th Century, the term has "taken on the emotional and derogatory meaning of a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the police.

The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.

Now Forget about the Constitution here because in the future it will become about as useful as a dirty rag. Police state is what we see here with our policemen of today. When you watch the funeral, it boggle the imagination of how many policemen run New York city and else where. There are waves and waves of them carrying weapons feeling just like and they do, that they have total control and lock down of that city and cities every where.

A force put together that is suppose to monitor themselves and stay out of politics has gained so much power that it has now entered politics and even want to control the office of the Mayor and the Governor. Their jobs are to respect, protect and serve. Yet we see, they have the power to disrespect with out fear or charge. Services put together to monitor them has never truly monitored them but became this "Brotherhood of Power" that no one should ever challenge.

Tight grip on the people is what they seek. Total control is what they will get. We are just looking blindly at something that will soon take innocent live in groves.

A totalitarian government: What is it? This is shocking and is at work now. Listen: A totalitarian government is one that wants to exercise control over the freedom, thought, and/or will of others. They do not tolerate free thinking and do not exercise free speech, free thought, or parties of differing opinion.

Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain themselves in political power by means of an official all-embracing ideology and propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that controls the state, personality cults, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror tactics.


The Policemen Brotherhood, the force of Gun power, the power over people, wanting to restrict Mayor De Blasio, wanting to restrict marches and free speech and expression is certainly on the road of being or is a totalitarian government already in play.

Now let me throw some Christian information on you. If you have had doubt of what I've written so for, this will certainly shock your mind and cause you to look at the United Stated and the world in a different light. But especially in the United States, where this country greatly influence what goes on in the world.

The Antichrist: You have heard much about the Antichrist coming down to earth to rule for a little while. It is a fact that to do this he need suport, backing, a military and a way to control the people and greatly restrict them. let's take a look at one last strong arm organization. It is called:

A Militia: What is it? It's a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies.

It's a body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers.
all able-bodied males considered by law eligible for military service.

a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group and typically regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights against the presumed interference of the federal government.

They are ex-military and mixed unexperience men used to patrol the streets and watch citizens. Was once said this could become the first sign of dictatorship.

So, we know that for Satan to get a foot hold, he need a military. Many are saying he will have a real army. That this army will work for the antichrist. Movies are showing military men working and taking orders from the antichrist to do harm to those resisting him.

But looking at our police and its structure through out counties and cities this may be the armies Satan will use.  Satan has his military in millions of policemen that stand in force already in place around the world. I believe it is the policemen that will do the bidding of the Antichrist. They are the only force that could carry out his orders within cities and neighborhoods with such speed. They have the technology for tracking and monitoring.The freedom to stop, search, invade and kill without challenge.

They are many in force, illuminated with a brotherhood, with one mission and  armed with fierce weapons as an army. Uniformed men ready to kill Christians and anyone that oppose the Antichrist.

You think about this. The police is so powerful that they can at any time take over the entire country and no army could stop them. Yes, they are stronger than our military. They can actually fight off and defeat our military if our armies was to come up against them.

How? We have too many cities and counties with too many policemen in them to break our military into small groups to fight them. It will be suicide. they are just that powerful and getting more powerful as time goes by.

Beside, our government will not turn our military on our cities. But they may have too. If they did, many of the military would not shoot and kill our own people. But many will be believe by Satan and will join the policemen Brotherhood and then do harm to citizens. By the way, there is no way the Nation Guard could battle policemen. Certain death would also be swift for them ordered by the Antichrist.

Knowing this I want you to look hard as to who Satan will use. Will it be a field military that no nothing about inner cities and street habits or will it be a might force already in place through the entire country and countries having millions of brotherhood followers with millions of guns, bombs, tanks, heavy vehicles and armor also having knowledge as to where every one is located and knowing who is a threat to the Antichrist or not.

Surveillance unites, spies, those able to plant Christian Bible to frame those seeking the Lord who go under ground to hear and possibly believe like never before will be tracked by by the police.

Who will Satan send out to kill new Christians or to make them take the mark of the beat. Only one group come to mind. It has to be our policemen backed by our news media that also will spy and tell on you.

As I end, I ask those that are able to see with something other than blind thoughts to take another look at our sweet police system. Keep in your mind the very large police funeral marches and uniform officers you see by the thousands in parades. This is power! Look at them and fear what you see. Fear the helpers of the Antichrist. They will be around.

Right now you need to obey the law and try to make as much peach between them and you while you can. Try hard to correct their injustices and even ours. Try to enjoy life an fight for rights now while you have what little rights you think you have now. Some policemen are not totally bad. But as a Brotherhood, most are. You see this with the disrespect of Mayor De Blasio. Don't be fooled in thinking they will remain our protectors.

But respect the law and hope they will, for a day, change. There will come a time when they will not respect you as a whole. They will become the terrorists! the militia for the Antichrist. This is a fact.

I've shown for a fact that our police is a (1) police State (2) is a totalitarian system (3) is a uniform military or militia (4) will become a destructive force for the Antichrist. There will be wars fought but there will be another war going on in our cities and states.

For the Church, you should think hard also to what is to come. To escape the Antichrist and be caught up from what will be. And it will be. I've shown you how close we are toward the end. But the end is not here yet. There's a lot more to take place in order before this happen. But you are living in the beginning of wo's, just open your eyes and you will see one of the steps forming right in from of you.

I'm open to hear what any one has to say on this matter. If my message anger someone, remember, I'm a Minster and I preach what is visualized to me according to the gospel. This is also my FREE SPEECH while it last! Think about it!

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