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You have are being doped with lies by your  pastors...Before you give. Think!

Jesus want us to love our fellowman without thought of color or rank. What happened?

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End of another Year of lying pastors and it all start again

My hope for you the readers, is that you're putting all you've learned from this website to use and has come to an understanding that most ministers are telling lies. The bigger they are the more they lie.

This past holiday I had a hard time trying to correct those that pastors have corrupted. Many debates occurred about Christmas and how it had nothing to do with God nor Christ. Yet,it fell on deaf ears. No stopping or wanting to hear because some people rather hear a lie than the truth.

These are those that are lost. The ones that prefer to die with a friend than die in the Lord. Many celebrated with wordily intentions and so called good will that benefited not God but family and friends. Tradition. Never real love but artificial caring and giving.

The so called hungry and needy are still hungry and in need but there're no one pretending to care about them any more until the end of the next twelve months. So what the poor was given had better last until December 25th again.

Pastors were at full force in their lying, not just about Christ but in many other ways. I attended a funeral where this pastor with a sudden voice change did the eulogy. He replied to the family of the deceased that "God was comforting them in the time of their need." That in times of trouble all you have to do is call on Jesus." " That he will answer prayers."

I heard many in the Church say amen while bowing their heads up and down in agreement. Some grieving family members was even agreeing also. As I listen in dismay I wondered what kind of minister would say such a thing when family members love one lay dead in front of them.

If this was so and that easy, then why wouldn't the deceased had asked for an healing before they died. Why didn't the close relatives that now say all one has to do is call on Jesus call on Jesus to heal the decease before they died.

Time and time again I have taught that the time for healing coming straight from God or Christ has passed over 2000 years ago. This is a proven fact when all one has to do is just look back on a murdering history of the church and the world then look around at all the grave yards, doctor offices, hospitals and other institutions to see that man's lack of Godly obedience contribute to his fall from grace. Like Satan and his followers.

May be some where in the distant future such a thing as God healing people may take place. For what reasons I do not know.   But not in our time. Why? For what? To prove his word again? Man haven't did or is doing anything that warrant Jesus to take a particular interest in him right now. Why? Maybe when the two witnesses come in the end of days we may see some miracles but I doubt even this will consist of healing. I wonder what pastors have to say about this.

Most people, whether in different parts of the world, live their own type of life styles and yet, come to the same end believing in the same concepts of some one or a God or gods intervening in their personal lives making it better for them yet, never happening.

I am yet to hear pastors preach on love and stick with this subject. Love should be the main topic of nearly every sermon until every one realize how to use it, no what it is, what it's made of, how it's distributed toward others and that love is the very essence of God and this is primarily what God sent Jesus down here to teach all men.

The reason why we hurt, struggle, steal, kill, disrespect, hate, rape, fornicate, commit adultery, thinking you're better than some one else, prideful, lustful, etc. is because pastors never have have taught the true word of God. Loving their fellowmen!

Folks enter new years after years with the same twisted mindsets from the past year still part of their lives. Making resolutions to be better peoples on your own with out spiritual guidance is fruitless. Guidance is what most haven't gotten from their pastors. Only self and family love which is just a drop in the bucket to the kind of love that we all should be sharing through the word of God.

Absent of the love of God and there's no place in heaven for you. When pastors lies, even when they don't know any better, they are still unworthy to enter heaven even though they speak right on other things. Liars can't be trusted.

Therefore, if you you have a pastor that speak of things that never happen, tell of miracles or what God will do for you now, then you have a sorry lying minister.  How do I know? Because God has already done for us. You can make your way through what he has already done. God will not do anything for you when you should be doing it yourself.

So start thinking you want to go to heaven. That the way pastors are teaching you won't get you there. That you will hear and meditate on all they say. Question them. Then realize that fast talking, dressing nice, scheming, saying thing without facts to back it up will your task to root out bad preachers and return the people back to the main core of what Christianity is about. Building loving altitudes and character in that seek to follow Christ. Now think about that.

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Bishop, B E Ward

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