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Is Mental Disorders Causing Pastors and Flocks to Lie

 I get more and more torn, as time goes by, hearing about people passing off the face of earth daily thinking the hope they had has been achieved in death.

Yes, I’m shamefully embarrassed before the gospel of God that so many pastors and people have used his name to grow wicked people through out centuries into believing in lies and twisted scriptures.

To constantly see so many so-called Christian people living in hypocrisy, pretending to serve God having no will or self sustaining inner consciousness to fight back worldly desires or eyes even to see, believing they represent God through Jesus Christ. For this, Father God, I apologize!! “For they know not what they do.” Yet, not knowing is not a pass to a free pay day. 

The bible speak of pretender but it is intentionally over looked and not adhered to. It read in 2 Timothy 3:5, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

This and other scriptures have never been defined in a correct manner. We know that all people that enter the doors of the church claim a form of godliness or they wouldn’t go in the first place. 

But through ignorance they think this give them the connection they need regardless of how wicked they are to claim Christianity. “Blind and cannot see!”

Yet, nearly 300 millions Americans, not all, but most, deny the power of God. What is this power? It’s having enough of the word of God in you to live your life according to the word of God.

 It’s not living like hell! It’s Hollywood, satanic music. It’s worldly and demeaning character and attitudes toward the word of God. 

It’s studying and hearing the correct way to serve God through clear instruction of the gospel but intentionally denying it for the love of the world that offer much more pleasure and joy for them or you. They know right from wrong but refuse to turn away. It doesn’t take much to do right no more than it take to do wrong. 

There is no excuse for not doing right. Most of us live by the law of man and like it. Even the natural law of man can mole and make decent people. How much more can the word of God, if it is properly taught, do the same. 

So called Christians and especially these in the United Stated have nothing to stand on when standing before God. Can you say, “this is what I’ve done and brought to you?” 

What is this you clam? Can you claim you was a fighter, like Paul? What great issues did you fight and win for God? Certainly not gay rights where nothing was done and is hardly talked against any more. 

A little noise made now behind locked doors acting like you’re bad just preaching and whooping it up like every thing is just find. Victory lost! Let’s give this one to Satan. 

Pastors and church people really got some nerve. There should not be a Day when they stand before their flock, so to speak, that speaking out against gays should not be in their message.

The power of Gay right is just getting started. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Pay close attention to your TV’s and see the discuss that‘s getting worse while the church remain silent as usual, while jumping up and down acting like clowns thinking they are doing the will of God. Yea right!

What can most say? Can they say they were believers in the word of God after letting the word of the world overtake them. The world that molded them into what the world wanted them to be and they folded to it.

Agreeing to bad laws from crying breaths for sinful behaviors that challenge the very foundation of creation, while ignoring the righteousness of it all.

How can you teach and train someone when most you have been taught has been twisted and wrong? When you spent your whole life defending lies and hypocrisy that you was taught and now passing down to innocence.

Satan smiling and thankful for ignorance as he believe he’s sticking it to God and very well seem to be achieving his mission. I’ll come back to this later!!!

The United States and the world are at the point of no return. It may sound ridiculous to those without eyes but the fact is that the world has overtaken all religions and this include the United States especially since it is here the rest of the world copy. 

Churches know or should know that there are nothing they, as a whole, can do to correct corruption where new laws now dominate, nor can they stop the further erosion of people as we move forward toward traumatic events that will impacts every life on earth.

I often mention, to prove my points, that all one has to do is admit to themselves that the sinful world the pastors of churches in United States speak against is truly the church itself. Sort of like, “a house against itself cannot stand.” In this case, no one is against the other, but is one. So both stand together!

We must admit to our selves that 60-75% or higher of people in the United States claim to be Christians and therefore know of Jesus Christ and how to live for him. But with that percentage those in Christian churches are those worldly ones. 

Look around you and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Yet, in the midst there are a few worthy one’s but not many. You see what I mean even further alone.

Why aren’t there more? What has happen to cause so many people or a whole nation to become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and getting worse? And why have they lost all understanding of righteousness , yet, constantly try to return to God for a few moment of repentance while a pastor engage them with bible stories and worldly look alike programs and gimmicks? 


To answer the why is to put the entire blame on pastors having behavior disorders which they past down through what I call, an “inherited mental disorder of fanatical liars.” Thereby, engulfing all that surround them causing the same effectual disorder to spread throughout people they prey upon like Aids. 

Thus, Leaving them unable to think and serve God individually without constantly needing help from them to tell them over and over how to serve GOD. In other words, developing people that “can’t stand alone.” Meaning they are no good to God!! Especially if they are liars walking around sound and making statements that can never come true.

There are nearly 200 million claimed Christian in the US along and none of them can and care less about spreading the word of God. They have been bamboozled into taken their children to a pastor or going to a church to be taught as though they, the so called Christian, remain dumb and unable to teach their own children what they should know about Jesus and the word of God.

Why haven’t Christianity done some of the job it’s supposed to have been doing? Where is the results? Why do we have chaos all over the world with religion right smack dab in the center unable to solve any of it? People are just as messed up in the head as some of those during bible days, and in fact, worse!

The United States, a country than pride itself in making bibles and sending them around the world is the worst offenders of the very bible they try to give others. We are divided by our churches. Each denomination claiming they are better than their brother and sisters, …uh, … I mean, the other type named churches. Political parties despise each other as people, and as Christians. These are called hypocrites.

No way is most people in this country and no where else in the world living by the word of God? Where is it happening? What church will come forth or stand before God and say, “we fought a good fight.” God will say, ‘What fight.” If you fought a fight, you certainly didn’t win one.” “ Now let’s go down the list.” Wait! “you told people that I was healing and healed you,” Why would I heal you and no one else.” “You was a liar!”


It is a fact that the losing grounds is the blame of crooked pastors going back nearly 2000 years creating and designing tricks of the devil to perpetuate their plans together to overthrow and make the coming of the antichrist a smooth one.

The same mental disorder that church developed, like screaming, whooping and hollering, crying for no reason, jumping up and down and spinning all around then falling to the floor, scheming to take member’s money, weird Sunday morning sermons with titles that clearly showed the pastor struggled to come up with it, and less not forget the worse mental disorder there is, speaking in false tongues. These people have worst behavior than those found in mental institutions. If such behaviors like this were displayed in mental institutions the people would be sedated and or put in constraints. Yet, in churches they are allowed to act this way.

We have pathological liars by the millions all around the world and right under our noses, but because of blindness many fail to see what God has always wanted us to see, is “truth!” I’m trying to give you that truth.

The denial of truth and love of a lie is “like a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (Shakespeare).” But seem like something to a fool. The gospel should be better.


For example, some of the worst behavior and signs of mental disorder is seen in local churches but mostly on TV shows where Satan has taken his cause to the big screen to exploit the word of God by the masses.  

Here we see how Christian are not suppose to act and behave, yet, rich pastors that Satan has chosen to represent him has taken center stage in displaying the actions of their master while hiding behind the word of God.

Pastors and their weird kids saying and doing bad things that suppose to give portrayals of what saints of God should look and sound like to others. Yet, pitiful!

Satan is taking over night time slots with shows like “The Preacher’s of Detroit“, “The Preacher’s Daughters, “ “Thicker than Water,” and of course Sunday morning ministries.

All of these lead people down paths of mental lies and beliefs, thinking they can get things just by believing in Jesus or God. Having them think that the only reason they doesn’t have is because they do not give enough and often enough, or don’t pray and believe hard enough. 

No such truth in none of what they say. A person get by the sweat of their brow. By seeking and going to work. Wanting a better life. Doing this and they truly will find and receive a pay check to purchase the things needed to better their lives. It truly will be given unto you. You earned it.

People can learn a trade or start a business and should stop believing 200 millions so called Christians can or should be rich. Jesus was poor and so was the disciples that went around with him. People gave to their treasure.

Understand that nothing from nothing leave nothing. You put nothing in, you get nothing out. God is not in the business nor ever been in the business of giving to any one that would not work unless they are sick and shut in and unable to word because of certain situations preventing them from working. So why would a pastor, minister or member say he will give to them? Liars! Do it look like billions of Christians over the world is living in luxury? Such thinking is back to a disturbing behavior of the mind.

Back to TV pastors…

Now, if you take a look at some of their children you’ll see they are worst than those they pretend to be better than. Especially with the pastor’s daughters. Ridiculous and so is their pastors.

These pastors act worst than men in the secular world and so do their wives. They seem to lie every time they open their mouths when speaking about Jesus or trying to make statements based on some scripture they twist.

Take Ben Tankard, for example of “Thicker than Water.“ He states that he was poor and God made him rich. This is a lie. God don’t make people rich because you are a Christian. He doesn’t make people rich at all. He has nothing to do with the lives of people down here on earth. It’s not time. (Read more on my website).

As for as being poor, nearly everybody has been poor from one time or the other and most are to this very day. If you do not have the basic necessities and can’t afford to do any better, you are poor. Sometime we can afford the necessities but dare not branch out to get any more because we have to balance what we have toward the end of the month. This is also poor.

Being retired on a small income, receiving disability and Social Security is also poor. Being in a nursing home is poor. Nearly half the people that watch their shows are in the poor category. 

The middle class, even though they can do better, often find themselves feeling poor, not being able get what they want or struggle to hold on to what they have.

Millions are now on Obamacare because they could not afford most insurances. They are what I call the poor and poor middle class. Middle class is just a step above poor. It how you look at it. If you do not want to be in this class, then you must be well off.

The bible state, “the poor will always be with us.” Again, Ben tankard should know that Jesus was poor and so was his disciples. In fact, Jesus was born poor. So where is he getting that being poor is so pitiful. It is poor people that’s keeping our country protected called the military. Keeping our bottom running in this country. Working the fast food stores and restaurants.

He also stated God gave him the gift to play piano without knowing how to read notes. That’s a lie also. Nearly everyone that play at country and small churches can’t read a lick of music. I play piano and even made CD’s and I can’t read music. Most instrument player for groups can’t read music. It has nothing to do with us being so great with God that he would take the time to teach us instant music. He could care less. We just wanted to play.

All anyone has to do is have a desire to want to do what ever they want to do and go for it. If you want to play a piano, get one and start banging on it or any thing else. Sooner or later tunes will follow. Just don’t be tone death.

God is not giving anyone gifts. For what? To play basketball, be a champion boxer, , race driver or maybe a gamble, hit man, schemer or hacker. All of these if asked would say this is my gift. But they all are wrong. 

The only gift that is worth it all is Jesus and the word of God. This is a true gift that cannot be duplicated. All others can.

It’s amazing that church people can always claim God is doing this or that until it come to actual healing those in hospitals and sick people across the world. Then God flees. Lies on him will never stop, it seems. But it’s a good hustle.

When I see and hear people like this acting like God is in them, guiding them to behave in manner that cause him to be disgrace I can only come to the conclusion that these people are suffering from a mental behavioral syndrome where they have become pathological liars and cannot stop. Confused because they never knew the truth and can’t change for the sake of possibly losing what they have build up.

There are pastors that I have come to my website and studied what is there. They learn, but for the love of money and power will not and cannot tell the people that God is not going to heal them. Just take care of your self like you are suppose to, and thank God thing are not as worst as they could be. If any of you are sick, seek a physician.

That God is not going to give them anything. To show God that they know how to work and build and multiply. Stop begging for something you will never get out of the air.

That God is not riding in their cars or sitting beside their besides when they fall asleep. God has a government to run and is not a babysitter. 

They dare not tell them that sometime in their life they need to accept Jesus and stop learning and learning and never coming to the understanding of the truth. That they should be teaching others rather than sitting in rows of wooden seats doing absolutely nothing to claim a right to live in the new Kingdom to come, except stare down the minister.

But the pastor dare not tell the truth. There is too much to lose. A congregation of money, oh, I mean members and power. They want you ignorance. They want you blind. They want you believing in the impossible, something that has never happen since bible days.

As I end, I remind you again to take a look at people around you. Now that you no the truth you should be able to tell when something sound right and looks right. You should be able to feel it in you heart and mind.

If you are engaging in lies and cannot be convinced with the truth or If you still believe in your false tongues, hollering, jumping, running, believing God is healing and answering your prayers, believing God is giving things to you because of who you are, pretending God is going places with you or teaching you special skills and he’s looking down on you and so on, then you truly have a mental disorder. Delusional! A disorder of being totally confused. Self medicated by way of Satan.

God’s people should be able to tell the difference between right and wrong. Why can’t they? Why can’t people see that the today’s worshiping church is the world and the world is the worshiping church? Why can’t you see that all that the worshiping churches have done mostly is graduate secular movie stars, hip hop, rock and soul music mongrels. Think! 

All come from the Church. And guess who buys their music and Idolize them. The young ones and those in Church. You know I’m right. You may be one of them. It’s a revolving cycle that has to be broken. Who is the Christian church? I just don’t know, but it ain’t what I see.

Isn’t the dances in churches the same as it is in the world. Yes! Don’t the music in churches carry the same rhythms as the world? Yes! Doesn’t secular stars give their start to the churches? Yes! Doesn’t they praise God alone with their churches, as you see on TV in no matter what they do? Yes!

The bible say to “turn away from them.” Then why are we still part of them?

The bible say to separate your self from the world. To renew our minds.

Roman 12:2, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

I end with these key words and phrase,,,,, (1) “ PROVE IT” (can you prove what you are doing or saying)? (2) Is it "GOOD" (are you really living according to the word of God)? and finally. (3) "ACCEPTABLE.” Is it REALLY THE WILL OF GOD. Is God really telling you to do these things? …. No, no, no! Be careful. Liars will not enter end. All is not lost. But minds must be renewed. Now think about it!

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