Surviving Salvation

 False Church: It is pitiful to know that most people doesn’t know the reason for salvation. False pastors teach it’s all about stuffing faces. No way this is close to the truth. 

People are not fit to even grace the present of God. In fact, salvation is so serious until we need Jesus to defend us. This along should let anyone know that our best is not good enough. Especially for those that keep crossing the road. 

And in this country we have many false Christians pretending to be Christians. There is a reason I never hear anyone but myself speak on sin or call this the false Church, or pastor worshiping. 

It’s because they themselves are afraid, cowards or trapped into a vortex with sinners. That is, they themselves are worldly and do not want to hurt feelings. 

The job of a good servant is to call out sin. Not bathed in it with them. A true Christian has searched for understanding and discovered that wisdom and knowledge is achieved by those that hear and meditate to seek it. 

Such will carry the life force of the spirit mind into the unknown world to see a glimpse of what will be, what we can be and how we are transform into the stars into greater beings for God’s continuing purpose.

Only the strong and submissive will be born anew. But one must search salvation to see if this is what they want. God is not stupid and stupid, non caring people, no matter how nice and sweet, are not worthy. No building full of people that lie on God even though they think they are right are not worthy! 

Efforts to convince and wiliness to know the truth and tell it is a servants reward in the end. Though they still need Jesus!

I’ve exposed the false Church as false. When you continue to go to church instead of being the church, you are killing yourself. When the pastor is your God, you are killing yourself. Pastor worshiping is sending many to hell. Pastors have created a whole body of lying people that cannot stop lying on God.

Salvation is hard to obtain. Not as easy as you have been and still falsely told. To survive it we must transform ourselves to the written word of God.