Prediction- The anti-Christ and the beast:

The Anti-Christ and the Beast: Natural Prediction comes true. Go to and read the entire site from 2007 to present where I told and warned you this was the false Church. False Pastors and followers. 

Now look as Evilgelicals false Church rally around Trump their god. Look at how worthless liars play with God by pretending to have power in a visual pandemic. This along shows the grip Satan has over false pastors and their followers. 

Read how I told you EVILGELICALS carry the mark of the beast in their genes. Read how they are the very hate groups spreading around the world today. How back then I called them terrorist group aim in destroying and causing chaos over the world. 

Now take a look at today. Trump is these demon possessed Cult Church’s God who’s willing to die for him. For a lie! He is, if not, the beginning of WOES! 

Franking Graham his beast, false Prophet, is before him. Breaking down your mental concepts to not think and reason truth. For he paved the path for Trump’s (Satan) rise to power! 

Yes! Begin to fear! What is, will be, and Evilgelicals are the worst TERRORIST GROUP on earth. Right now their reach is QANON spreading hate like a California wild fire over the world. 

Please, cut out the false Church lies and become the true Church! Become True Spiritual Warriors who must go against Satan and his army (Evilgelicals). 

False peace for Israel and Trump can lead to world wars while you sit and play Tik Tok. 

Speak out against Trump’s Evilgelicals! For the mark they carry, meaning their loyalty, Brain, heart, has no love for Truth. But loyalty to Satan! 

They are not the TRUE CHURCH! They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are death (COVID-19) and destruction (the destroyer) (Trump!). 

“He that can hear, let them hear,” say the Lord! Now I warn you to “WAKE UP!” VOTE for Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris for President or face the HORRIBLE CONSEQUENCES!