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Why I question white Republican's Christianity

First  of all let me make this perfectly up front and personal. What I'm about to write has to do with the "black race" and "white race".  It does not make me racist to do so. What I'm trying to do is give you the feel of what went down between whites and blacks long ago and how blacks can forgive and let live and how white Republicans and many Democrats are still possessing slave master mentality wanting to Rule and dominate others through cleansing of the raciest. Their plans has an Hitler agenda that's embedded into their DNA using God and Church as a means to super impose their will on the people.

We in this country have a problem saying what color or race one is without having someone thinking we are raciest's. It's what comes out of ones mouth and how it's delivered that make one a raciest. A raciest is acting like they are better than another simply because of their color and persona. They have become God and God has become their creation.

How can one question God when God created all the races in his image and gave them colors for beauty and distinctions. He called black, black, white, white, red,red, yellow, yellow, and brown, brown. Some make what God tinted a bad thing to mention. All of a sudden we, not me, think God should have just said, the "people", that "person" or "him" or "her".

So, if God can create love and paint his colors and name his masterpieces how he want them then who am I or you not to love what he created? Who are so called Republican Christians to say he made a mistake, to say it is up to them to correct God's mistake?

I will identify racism and you will see that deep rooted racism started completely with white American Christians. From the beginning it was the Christian church that bought, brought and stole black men, women and children from Africa. They like today lied to African Chiefs under pretense of giving these young black men good jobs and money when they got to the new world and they would send back goods and things home to their families left behind.

African Chiefs was tricked by Christians giving them jewelry and pretty trinkets and color clothing and telling them more will come to them if they sold their best men, women and children to them. When African men discovered what the white sailors's true intention were they tried to escape them but was captured and dragged upon their ships.

On board the ships Christian sailors and it's captains had the African men and women chained down to prevent them from jumping overboard to freedom. Along the long voyage to America many died. The sick and the dead was cast over board by Christians.

In the United States the work the white Christian promised the African Chiefs was not exactly the kind of work often given to workers of free will in Africa. They were now called slaves. Their ordeal of shame has begone. They was humiliated, forced and threaten to become animal like and not called a human being but an animal with collars and chains hanging from about their necks as they stood on auction blocks having their teeth and genitals and other parts of their body checked out as a good breeder or bad one while Christian bided for them.

Christian bidders paid good sums of money for black males, women and even children to work their farms under very harsh conditions without the privilege to speak up or complain without being punished heavily even beating to death, shot or hanged.

These killing and harsh living condition was conducted by Christians. However, some Christian did feel some kind of sorrow for slaves. They invented a new way to calm the threats of slaves fighting back or not wanting to work hard. What they did was use the Bible on them. Make them think they were loved by God thereby being on the same spiritual level as them. How slick this was as it is today. The use of the bible was all about money and riches for Christians and they needed slaves to make it all happen for them.

First, they convinced the blacks that the bible was the word of God. That there was a God greater than the African God. Even greater than their white masters. "Look what we got". We got it from serving Jesus and believing he is the Son of God. Wow! A God greater than their white master was good news. Blacks thought when things Got bad all they had to do was tell God and he would fix the problem. Didn't happen but their minds had already been tricked. Christian then used the same tactics Republican Christians use today.  What is it? That if you stretch the truth long enough many will start to believe it.

After Africans became believers, the first two verses of the bible told to them was" Colossians 3:22. it reads,

"Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God:"

Ephesians 6:5
Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ;

Christians would not allow slaves to read or write. Anything they wanted to know they was to ask their Christian master. This kept blacks from knowing the true bible meaning of slaves. The bible's type of slaves was assisting with chores and their master business dealings. Slaves also got ownership of their master's property when they died. This was much different from the killing, hanging and constant beatings the American slaves was enduring.

Trusting Christian masters, slaves also considered themselves Christians and believed they were to be good slaves according to the bible and serve their masters regardless of what and how they treated them for they was looking forward to the day they also would be freed by the help of the Lord they was told cared for them. God did care but not as how Christians told them.

The point I'm trying to make here is that whites have always used Christianity to do hateful things to those they do not like. Both Republican and Democratic Christians shared in killings and abusing blacks in the name of God.

Before the Klu Klux Klan Christian Church members and masters went to Church on Sunday and hanged blacks on Monday then went back to Church on Wednesday and hanged and beat blacks on Thursday then back to Church on Sunday to repeat it with Christian raping black women with no one to stop them. All that blacks could do was pray to the God these very Christians told them to trust in because Christian should love their brothers. This sound like the Christian Republican tactics today.

The KKK was started by Christians in the Conservative Democratic Party in 1865. Democrats had very little blacks in it and these blacks was threaten to be killed by the KKK if they voted for Republicans This included white voters also. The Republican Party had the majority of blacks and past laws against slavery only because free work that slaves did was undermining the same jobs whites was being paid for. So they past laws against slavery and this returned good paying jobs backs to whites where they wanted it. Republican did not favor blacks that much.

More blacks joined the Republican Party and became Republicans as the Christian Klan's grew under the Democratic Party. Christian Republicans welcome them but as time move on soon began to become more radical against blacks and did not like how fast blacks was gaining equality in the types of jobs they was taking over. Jobs like business, politics, school teachers and ect. Rights that the constitution gave blacks was challenged by Christian Republicans and they wanted to put blacks back in their place. They did not want blacks to be in control over whites. Low type jobs was ok but they didn't want them in politics. Sound familiar?

I'm omitting parts because I can't spend a life time giving all the details. Some thing you should no automatically did happen though you wasn't there........moving on.....

During the twentieth century Conservative Democrats picked up the role of fighting for freedom of blacks. This angered the more raciest Christian Democrats. But these Democrats saw that the Christian Republican Party had turned on blacks and now best serve their views of suppression of blacks votes, limiting government role in helping blacks and other minorities, smaller government, control of government, right to bare arm under the constitution, and expanding the wealth of the rich over the poor and they joined them.

Many reformed Christian Republicans left the Republican Party and became Democrats. Christian Republicans views  was very conservative. Conservative mean to keep more for your self and give out very little but make it look like you're doing more.

Democrats became liberals meaning to care about those who can't help themselves or find it hard to help themselves because of Christian Republicans conservative stand of trickle down only.

This new Conservative Christian Republican Party excited the Klu Klux Klan because it reflected all of the views they also held. Most of the Klans left the Christian Democratic Party and found a lasting home in the Christian Republican Party where it thrive and live today under the disguise of the the so-called Christian Republican protestant Church, Tea Party and more.

Though the Democratic Party had cause the big move of KKK from the Democrats Party to Republicans Party it did not move all believers in their cause to the Republican Party. Many remained for certain reasons that benefits their needs where as the Republican Party was fighting to take away.

I am not all the time 100% correct. But I believe I am 99.999% correct at this writing.  Most of the time I'm at 100%. and smoking. When I'm at 99.999% I will let you know. This writing is 99.999%.

If you are paying attention you will notice that what I am trying to get you to see is that It has always been the Christian Church that under pretence and lies on God has used God as a means to suppressed and rob the poor for the sake of self riches and glory.

Throughout history from Christians crusader attacking and killing Jews in Jerusalem to High Priests having ordinary women and men making medicine from roots to cure their families tarred and feathered, accused as witches and burned on stakes. All because lies was told on God. They said they were doing it for God like God is a common murderer.

I'm trying to show you that the Christian Republican Party is doing the exact thing. That the love they teach is between each other and can only be shared with you if you think like them. Their love does not cross party lines like Democrats. Christian Democrats want to love them but Christian Republicans will not accept their love. They rather keep the same Christian religion separate. How is this possible?

There is something wrong when the Church is divided within itself. Christianity, as I have told you, has never been preached as it should have. The "Key "is "love" and this is a teaching that has been missing for thousands of years but yet, pastors are but "sounding brasses", "talking loud and saying nothing".

How can you, both parties, Christian Republican Party mainly, tell me about the love of God when you need teaching about love and compassion yourself. Easy to say but hard to do. Think about it.