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Weekend Finisher

Who are more powerful, the Pope or God?

Some may see this as just talking or a person who need to get a life. I do have a life but as a minister I have an obligation to God to reach out to folks and try my best to reason with them. It seem that most of the fundamental Christians are afraid to challenge what they see as the biggest threat to Jesus's kingdom. The Pope and the Vatican!

Yes, this is a Church but a Church does not have to represent God just as sinners that no of God does not represent him. A Church can be what ever one want it to be. The Church of Scientology or the Church of Satan for example. Saying the Catholic Church represent the main stream Protestants Churches is like Satan saying he now sit as King of the world of the elect. Not! But he can be if you, in your thoughts and actions, let him be.

The Vatican elected another Pope name Pope Francis March, this month, who now sit in this God like position to rule the world. This Pope already has caused millions to bow and cheer for his appointment claming him as the "Humble". All of the main stream media say he is the one that will look out for the protection of children and poor people all over the world. ("Suffer little children to come unto me.") (the Pope is an imposter of Jesus).

This Pope is even filled with tricks and  false habits to fools the eyes of those who really know who is by pretending to be like the lowest. Riding on the same white horse (Rev.) or I mean, the bus as his Cardinals. Staying in cheap hotels. Cooking his own food and such.

This is something which has been in the works for decades and soon will come to a head. Will this be the last Pope? He is young enough to be just that. He is smart enough to be just that. He's taken on a nature that's almost fooling the very elect. Is he the Prophet? Might be. Might not be. But could be.

The media are claiming this Hispanic Pope will equal God. Though I'm the only one that has the nerve to mention God, the media seem to put the Pope on the same level as God. No mentioning of Jesus. No praying to Jesus. No training young children in the name of Jesus but in the name of the Pope.

The crowd that stood outside waiting for the new Pope to be named was not looking to Jesus to lead them in the word of God but was looking toward being lead to God through the Pope. Jesus is just a second fiddler to them. A name but small in heart.

It's so sad that millions upon millions of today's practicing Catholics will go to hell. They are those that will be used in the end to hunt and kill the righteous through Jesus that stand against them and their rise to crowning the Antichrist and keeping him in power.

Truly the true Church has been given a heads up as to how changing events will usher in other events then another and another until BAM!!!!. Yea, you guessed it. The last leg of unfolding seven years of so-called peace from war before the big break-up middle way.

I'm talking the Beast (ruler) and the Prophet (great religious ruling Church and leader). The fear of the Catholic Church (1,200,000,000 billion) that's growing by leaps and bounds over Protestant Churches (600,000,000). The Catholic Pope and Church command the attention of  governments and rule over all religions.

My desire is to show those that doesn't think in simple reality. This is the hardest thing to do but it must be told and the dust must fall where it may.

I've said it once and now ask the question again. Will you think on the Pope in all his garb and long robes with his crown upon his head commanding attention from billions that fall at his feet?   Who made the Pope king over earth? It's not written in our Holy Bible. Again, when the pope stand before Jesus, and I guess he intend to by pass him straight to God, but in any case, who will bow to who first?

Picture the Pope in full dress in robe and crown and staff in hand face to face with Jesus. Now picture Jesus with crown on his head standing as a King of Kings. Now listen! With all this power standing face to face who will have to bow first? Will this powerful Pope let the people see that if he bow first that he really never was in control of earth. That he was always an imposter.

But lets look at something else. Who will the Catholic followers honor in Heaven? If Jesus say something will the followers of the Pope look for him to repeat it to them. That they will ignore Jesus and reference the Pope as though Heaven will be rule by the Pope along with God and Jesus left out?

The Pope is use to gold and silver and all kinds of precious metals all around him. Will he think to replace Jesus as sitting on the right hand of God? That he deserves to live a kingship life as God's side kick some where in Heaven. How can some one with this much earthly power expect to be just another soul?

What about the Catholic followers. They live not to see God but Mary, the mother of Jesus, who they still confuse as not having a child but having a child or having a child name Jesus but being a virgin at the same time or virgin birth  or, "wait a minute" "I'm losing it" and completely "bum-fundled" as to how one's mental state could concede such a thing with out the use of induced drugs.

The first person they want to see is not God, not Jesus but Mary. For WHAT!!!!!! To convince Jesus into obeying her as his mother into letting them become saved no matter what God say about it.

After duplicating the Kingdom of Heaven and King over earth, at which Throne will the Pope and his followers stand before God? Certainly not the first but the Second Throne Judgement where Satan and his followers will also be judged as hypocrites, liars, fools and murderers. Murderers because the Pope and Satan have caused the death of trillions into following them and not God through Jesus only.

Satan is a liar and a thief. He is a general of many maneuvers. He employ others to do his bidding by allowing them to reach their goals if he see a way that he can best Jesus. He is confusion and has trillions of people believing in him. . Satan cannot be a substitute king with out subjects. Subjects that will kill for him.

Yes, this day will come when the righteous will be defending their lives from the Catholic Church. Running in hiding. Caught, locked up and even killed if they do not take the mark of the Beast. They will have much power over all. Until!

This will take place but some can be saved out of it regardless of persecution. But the Protestant Churches must spend time speaking and talking less about small talk like gays and abortion and face the fact that things are changing and the people need to know what's going on. They need to know that the Bible has begun to fulfil itself. They need to be told the truth regardless of media.

When we look how long Popes stay in office, this might be the last one sitting as God pretending he is God. Or is that posing as Jesus "the humble". Just saying.

Protestants! God doesn't want nor like cowards. That who you are. Cowards hiding behind the bible stealing money instead of feeding the sheep's. You think about it!

Praise be to the True God