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Pt. 1 -Why Christianity is almost Dead-Whose the Blame-Devils, being Saved?

First of all, let me give you a look into your own mind eye if you have the inner spirit of discernment. And no! There is no such thing as God giving any one the ability to deal with dead or ghostly spirits or any way of talking with devils and entities.

Its just that we have people that has the ability and talent like all of us that’s pretty good in different thins. But to pretend they have something from God or God gave them a special ability to play with the unknown because they are much better in keeping his ordinance than any one else is simply a lie.

The person that say it, is a liar. And no liar shall enter the Kingdom of God. No Child of God is given no less attention than the other. Especially when the Christian Church, as a whole, has done absolutely nothing.

Next, there are hypocrites in false Christian churches that’s pretending to know how to discern spirits. These are just plain fools playing in the devil’s territory wanting invisible power that’s not there, while trying to removed demons they no nothing of. Demons that come in many forms that I will explain later on that may be demons that may easily be dwelling in them.

Discernment mean only to be able to tell the different between who truly has the word of God in them and living on it and who‘s not. In other word knowing people by their actions and character and determining whether they are a Christians or not. Living what they preach in other words.

Then again, I could say discernment is knowing whether or not one is saved but I will be wrong saying it.  This word “SAVED” has been thrown around so loosely that true meaning of it has been lost because of false pastors and or teachers and members using it through their own breath and not on facts. Pastors has distorted the word of God like, forever. Teaching twisted lies to innocence people.

But scripture tell us that it is not up to us to determine who is saved or to insist that we or any one else should indicate having such a power to know what God will do or how he will render judgment when we stand before him.

Only God has the power to save any one. To know in advance is only up to God to know and then this decision is made after death, not before.  Some one being so perfect that they demand a before hand “caught up“ will not happen nor has it happen in our time since the risen of Christ.

No such persons has ever rated such high standards of being saved from further suffering on earth since Moses, Elijah and maybe a few more in the “Days of Ancient.” There may be more we no nothing of, but Christ is the only one in our time to achieve such a high glory with the highest of honors to be caught up into Heaven and now sit beside the Father on his Throne.

Such an ordinary person today would be world renown if they were saved in our time. In fact, all Christians would be, well-----, PERFECT! Why? Because they would be doing, now, what the two men that God will send near the end will do, and therefore, will have no need to send these perfect ones. Cause “We got this!” “Wrong!”

So, if we are saved now we should be bursting in pure power. There should be mighty works of curing all, helping all, healing all manner of sickness and preventing death making all a thing of the past. There would be no more wars, sorrow, pain or hunger. We would be perfect on earth. …… But we know we are not perfect nor are we saved.

Here is the verses that pastors has twisted. Read it for yourself. This time with your eyes and mind wide open and get the true meaning of it. Read it!

Roman 10:13, “ "For whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

But we are not saved. Matthew 24:13, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

R-10:13 is referring to those that endure to the end. Calling on the Lord mean no more than accepting the word of God and believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, asking for forgiveness, then go forward living the word of God and enduring all that befall you good or bad to the end and then you shall be saved if God want you to be.

Confessing your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior as you have be deceived in believing will not guarantee you life after death. You must be a doer of the word for the rest of your life, to the end, then this is up to the Judge, God as stated before!

We are just children of God or Christians only if your heart’s character and attitude is that which is pleasing or in line with the word of God.

So, to say you are a Christian or a child of God and you are saved because your pastor said so is a lie. For you to continue saying it make you a liar also. Be careful about lying. If you lie about one thing you can be assured you are lying about a lot other things you are doing or saying.

Are you actually living by the word of God or are you still foolish, stupid, ignorance, hateful, liars, untrustworthy, nasty and filthy, shacks up, love those things not of god or try to love both equally? 

Is the behavior of God not in your talk and actions? Are you disrespecting God with false habits (sinners praying over food etc.), caring nothing about the poor, can’t tell the different between God’s stuff and the Devil’s stuff (discernment), run toward violence and etc,? If so,  then you, not only are not a Christian but will not be saved in the end if you keep up your shenanigan.

What I just told you is real discernment of the spirit. Is this you? Did I hit home where it should hurt? You know how to discern also. You don’t have to be a Christian looking at others that say they are Christians. You can look into your self and those around you and determine if you think you or they are living a Godly life. Crossing all the T’s so to speak.

Most people that call themselves Christians will not share in salvation no matter what ‘they say.”  A call of love for God must be present along with understanding for conscious sake that brothers and sisters are bound together in Christ Jesus.

As I see it, Christianity is dead for the most part because of it’s lack of influence on people. The way it is and has been taught has done nothing to change most. Yet, most claim it and even would, for a moment, die for it, give their time and efforts while being a low down scumbag. 

They are false witnesses, unaware they are false, but believing and thinking they are not. These love pointing finger at someone else though in the same position because they accept lies with question. Blinded by their pastors.

Take a look around you. I would say look at the world and you can see all you need to see right here in the United States. You see how the Devil has split the Church centuries ago. The Devil lived in the very people that brought us Christianity.

Satan had long corrupted the Islamic religion from the very start and made them a conquering religion through force and violence. He could control Islam and all other religions but Satan couldn’t stop Jesus, nor could he stop the expansion of Christianity.

Why?  Because it gave the poor and all those willing to hear and accept the word of God, hope and strength through the power of Christ that brought peace and love toward men thus given them equality and freedom. Christianity was a religion that fought back Satan and denied him a foot hold. The word of God slashed Satan’s lies. It was too strong.

Yet, Islam, he knew, was already a false religion at odds against Christianity would be the perfect religion to break down Christianity. He would make Islam their burden. To bring terror through force upon them to break the hold of Jesus on them. To force Christians to convert or die. To break Christianity no matter what it took.

But the steadfastness of Christianity was growing too great. Though being murdered and abused by Islam, Christianity became even more stronger and grew exceedingly.

So the Devil needed another plan. He left a conquering seed in Islam and came up with a better plan.. Let Islam continue to terrorize them, but to really bust Christianity he decided to divide and conquer. To do this he has to get on the inside of the peoples.

Satan Gathered his own ministers, priests and pastors and planted them in the midst  of Christians. They are to teach a different kind of religion and worshipping. To mingle the word of God with new plans and ideals. Use scripture, but confuse it and twist it when ever and where ever they can….. Such is the scriptures above.

Many denominations was born that quickly split the Church almost instantly during the days or Revelation and the seven Churches. Money, greed. lust and power crept in along with new adaptations of the gospel making it pleasing to all comers and soon adaptable to gay life style and entertainers. It is happening right now!!!

These denominations accomplished greater results than Islam ever could. Satan is proud of his ministers but continued with Islam to slay and terrorize them around the world. To break down their resistance, thus, having some drawn into their religion from Christianity because of  bad pastors and members or followers.

Through time, the Devil has accomplished his agenda. Denominations split and disengaged so0called Christians from each other and the true gospel of God suffer. This split has satisfied the plans of the Devil to confuse, separate, destroy and conquer the Christianity.

Most pastors have become his Generals. Under Satan‘s authority, discrimination of hate of fellow Christians have flourished through out centuries right up to today.

We see what bad ministering have produced. Rather than build Christianity up, they’ve torn it down and continue making it worst and worst as time passes. So say the Bible.

I asked from the beginning, who is the blame for such failure? For races being picked on because of their color. For different denominational brake ups and spreading of lies and senseless tales of unbelievable folk lure that infest the hearts and minds of those they said the Lord left them in charge of?. ……None other than Satan’s pastors of light planted in the very midst of all of us. Behind the pulpit. Teaching the same people over and over and over. None of them able to come to the understanding of the truth because it has never been taught to them.

Satan see’s to it. Blind leading the blind. Yet, Satan’s ministers need people to keep them wealthy and in power to continue to corrupt. It has and still is working.

I look at and even listen to how people talk and how they use ridiculous phrases taught to them, that when I hear it, it make me disgusted and sorrowful for the individuals that say such stupid remarks and sayings that has no place in the written word of God.

For example: “Turn it over to Jesus,’ “The Lord is going to fix it.” And on and on.

Lies has kept the Christian Church broken. So broken that it’s divisions has separated and cause divisions between all the different type denominations.  Each saying they are better that the other. Confusion so thick that, no way God could be in the midst of any of them.

White Christians of the Republican Party hating black Christians of the Democratic Party. White Christians of the Republican Parties despising other white Christians of the Democratic Party.

And guess what? They all claim and act like God is so confused that he’s operating in each one of them. How Stupid. God is not in the midst of any of confusion.  Pastors should stop telling their flock he is.  He’s not! Another lie!

Here we are in the United States, a country of so-called mass Christians, but can’t find a way to live together. Many white people that call themselves Christians can’t stop hating despite decades and centuries of studying and attempting to teach the word of God.

We are living in a time where Christ’s religion that is suppose to be the candle light of the world has become just another world religion with no effectiveness in it at all. But it could be. It must be restored to it’s true glory of saving lives.

With Islam terrorizing and killing on one side and total Sodom and Gomorrah going on in the inside of good old USA Christians, it ‘s true to say, yes! Christianity is almost gone in the United States and around the world. But there is hope for mankind…. Christianity! Not in any other religion.

Yes, indeed there is only a few witnesses that’s  keeping the light on or causing God to hold back his terror to come.  I know I am of that few. I cannot say, even with what I’m doing that it is enough to consider my self to be saved in the end. But I can keep discerning the spirit in men and expose them where I can.  No! I can’t claim saved, but I can claim HOPE! Yes, Hope! That’s all we can claim right now.

You can claim hope also, if you open your eyes and call out Satan’s ministers where you find them. How can you know them? Study my ministry and the truth will show you and them up. Then fix yourself and separate from them or die with them.

There is a price to pay to join the world. You will come back alive after death at an appointed time and you will give an account of all that you have done in your life. You can be sure of it. …

I mention earlier about demons. I’ll put like this. If you are not living for God and his words or believe in Christ, then there is only one entity left. The Devil. Now…Think about it! Also read Pt.2 - "Death, saved, Caught Up."