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Torture, Sword, God and US policy

I get tired hearing many people state how bad torture is. I can't see how some in this country can see torturing enemy combatants  and leaving them alive to enjoy their families is worst than murderous terrorists that cut Americans and others heads off. Even blowing the back of their own people's heads off with pistols while pushing them into mass graves.

At least those that are tortured can live again and meet their families. But our families are left with dead sons and daughters. They can't walk and laugh with their love one again ever. I think the parents of these killed would have rather had their family members tortured than murdered.

During ancient time, God commanded Israel to fight. They fought with swords and yes, tortured and chopped off heads as this was the way. King David as a younger man called by God didn't just slay Goliath with a sling shot but cut his head off afterward. Then went on to become a King and warrior. Goliath was already dead. Cutting his head off, poor thing, was just plain brutality. But he had to send a message.

Killing and torturing with knives and swords continued with Roman armies, Japan, China, Vikings and others right into the Civil War where solider's from the North and South tortured and brutally killed each other. Then we had world war 1 and 11 where armies tortured tortured members of other armies around the world.

Our rifles was equipped with long pointed bayonets to stick and thrust the enemy through. Even our today's army, when I was in service, used pointed bayonets on our rifles in the sixties and was shown how to kill with it. We were told to burn these words into our memory when facing the enemy, to "kill, kill, kill without mercy."

With the coming of guns, men became more and more cowardice. They could stand long distances and hide behind buildings and rocks too scared to face the enemy hand to hand and face to face. And especially, not fight hand to hand with a knife because this brought one to close. They might just get beat to death. Hurray for the gun!

Through cowardice most Americans sit behind the protection of guns and mighty weapons of murder that literally torture others. Weapons capable of mass death and mass destruction, mingling of bodies in the worst way. But simple torture that leaves men alive is a no, no.

It's easy to say you don't like torture but wait until threaten and you're willing to launch heavy weapons on innocence men, women and children with know care at all for the sake of protecting America. But non torturers will say it's alright to use torture in mass destruction this way because we think this kind of death is moral and doesn't hurt their suffering feelings.

Yet, this kind of death that leaves families broken and young men deformed and dead is ok. Just don't give the enemy an intimate or pour water over their faces or not let them eat or even sleep and right off the bat America has committed the greatest degree of shame and disgrace in the eyes of the world, they say. This kind of torture of not killing, is worst than anything a mass weapon of mass destruction can ever do. This is messed up.

How ridiculous can one be to think it's ok to let the enemy live to kill again when they vow to do so, not having any pity shown to American families when their lives are taken by them.

Any one who think torture is not sometime necessary in a war has never been in a war, or face to face with your killer or kidnapper that has knowledge of your son or daughter but want tell. You don't know for sure if they do know, but they all hung together.

If you had them cornered and had a knife when this happen,are you saying you will throw your knives down and give up on your love ones because you rather let them die than make a mark on the enemy smooth skin. You're a Liar!

You know you would do what was necessary to get any information from them, even carving them with your knife if It meant making that someone tell what they did or tell where your son or daughter is. The mother or father or even a relative that say they will not torture that person is a liar. And any person that say they will not is a sorry and worthless parent.

These are people that will not strap on a gun and willingly fight those that are trying to destroy the nation. It will be left to others while they crawl up in some stove pipe somewhere waiting for it all to be over so they can come and say look "what we done."

War is hell and the strong survive. We didn't get where we are buy being soft. Remember, we dropped the only atomic bomb in history on innocence men women and children in Japan. This was torture but it brought peace.

Now lets move on a little further. I don't hear the non torturers raising sand about 42 millions children and families going hungry here in the United Stated. It seem people rather see our own families tortured than terrorists.

Do you not think this is not torture when you deny these families food? Do you not think that when families in the United States still live below the poverty line, living in rotten buildings and having to sleep on our streets, under paper boxed and under bridges? Isn't this torture?

When you deny medical help to those that can't afford a good doctor and forced them to live with their pain in suffering and disgrace? Is this not torture?

When workers are denied a decent wage and force to watch the rich and wealth enjoy all the comfort and enjoyment of living good while getting everything they want and you having to settle for what is left. is this not torture?

Poor people smiles are happy but it's just that we have adjusted to being poor and having to settle for lesser things. We're been living like this for so long that anything we gain that's a step above what we had is good. Still, most "wish it would rain so they can go out side into it so the rain would hide the teardrop they shed." Do you not think this is not torture?

The families that watch their sons head chopped off. Do you not think this was not torture for them in the worst way to watch such a thing?

Before we start to worry about people that is out to destroy us we better learn to take care and stop torturing them that will be called on to defend this country when needed.

Yes, torture works! And should be used where ever and when ever necessary for the protection of our nation. Politicians lie as though they want it to end it. The fact is, it will never never end. You just want know about it. The US policy will be, "do it off the record." "But do it!

So stop fooling yourselves. It's all just people mouthing off. The Church didn't get this far without killing. Our military is mostly Christians. Christian serve, fought, fight and died to stay free and keep free this country. This will not stop! Christians will continue to kill, torture and make war.

Even when Jesus come, he will fight and torture man. Even after death the dammed will be tortured in hell. Now tell God "you don't like that." "You think it's wrong." "That He better stop it or you will bring charges against Him for not representing Heaven properly to the rest of the world."   I like to see what he do to you!  Maybe he'll call an angel and have him shove a foot........!!!!  Democrats, you'll wrong on this on. You think about it!

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