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No! I do not agree with Obama Attacking Syria!

Should the United States attack Syria? For me I say no, but the Obama Administration, it seem, has made up their mind to attack or bomb some parts of Syria not knowing exactly where to bomb but thinks it may be here or there.

Being a Democrat does not mean I do not have a mind of my own. I have do common sense. Some may say not too much, but I have enough to know that bullying come in many forms. It always seem to be the big guy that bullies the little or weak guy while the side liners cheers them own.

In this case having the bigger gun mean you don't have to concern yourself with gun control when it seem it may be in your better behalf. In this case it is alright to killed innocent men, women and children and not be held accountable for their deaths.

This is what I see when I imagine hundreds of cruse missiles tear into the bodies of innocent men, women and children while their death become meaningless. It's not alright to gas someone to death but it's ok to blow them apart. Death is death and no one has the right to take an innocent life unless their country is in eminent threat.

I look at this invasion as a face saver. Obama made a red line statement of the use of chemical weapons and now having to save face must do what I know he do not want to do but in his inner circle he must do it to prove to others in the world he is not that soft president Republicans say he is.

While Obama say his invasion will be a miniature one I cannot get away from the fact that we are attacking another country and thereby become the one to launce the first missile upon another's soil. Yet, does not want Syria to launch any missiles toward our ships but just let us bomb and kill with out retaliation.

But what will a small bombing do without boots on the ground? Nothing! Will Syria's president be removed? No! Will the army of Syria be demolished? No! Will we get or bomb all Syria chemicals? No! So What will we achieve? Nothing! Will we scare Iran? No! It will make them more eager to get a nuclear weapon to deter us and Israel and threaten or attack them.

Another question to be asked is will the army of Syria shoot missiles at our ships? They have the right to defend their country from aggressors. Will they shoot missiles toward Israel? Will they, out of spit, release chemical weapons on their people then blame it on our military saying our missiles struck and released chemical in the sky? Can we say we did not cause such deaths if we blow up their chemical weapon storage?

There is a lot of what if's that could lead to full scale war. Such as how will the parents or husbands and wives feel toward the United States after their children, husbands and wives have been killed by us? They certainly will not like it and will turn against the United States. Friends tuned against the enemy.

I am not for our country starting a war. Some may disagree with me but there is something wrong here. I'm asking myself a question and I want you to asked the same question.

If Russia use chemical weapons on some of their people would the United States rush to attack them? The answer is No! Russia is too powerful. They have nuclear weapons and many big sophisticated weapons. Next, if China  did the same would we become so upset and filled with concern that we would rush to attack them? The answer is still no! They have nuclear weapons also.

So why wouldn't we attacked them the same as we attack lessor countries? Use of chemical weapons are the use of chemical weapons regardless. There is no winner here. You think about it!