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Why most Religious people in America will go to hell if not reformed
They will be lead by most pastors

Christianity and all religions are doing nothing toward making the world a better place to live in. Nations against nations are the same as was during the bible days when it was first said in Matthew 24:7, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."

Nothing has changed as for nations against each other just silent as a whole. But within they are like raven wolves at the throats of each other each bound by a code or creed of religion that none seem to follow or know how to. So, what do they do? They twist, change and add to it thus creating a system of habits that perpetuate dreamed up ideals religious leaders feel should dictate the lives of individuals in their own organizational structure.

Since I prefer Christianity and the structure in which the New Testament bible and the King James Version of it and since 180 million  Americans are claiming  to be Christians, yet, having none of the characters of Christ nor know how to respect the authority of God and because their leaders and teachers doesn't know nor do they respect God or know how to discharge the true word of God thus creating imperfect people thinking they're thriving for perfection is why I focus on reforming Christianity to write the wrong. Whew!

It is because of pastors lies that I find myself having to make the statement that, "most Religious people claiming Christianity in America and around the world, speaking as if they are Christians, will go to hell for lying to the people and the people accepting the lies accept being blinded of the truth by them.

We live in a society where every one can become what ever they want to be, some time. But in Christianity any one can become a minister or pastor or a regular loud mouth. Most ministers have one goal in mine. No! It is not imparting love between fellowmen but pride, power and money and in many cases, women and Mister Big Stuff!

But lets get to why most will go to hell. First of all the bible it self say, "many will say Lord Lord, but I don't know them and few will be chosen ," (maybe not in this order). This is not me saying this but Christ himself. So, even he, at that time, saw into the now and future and saw that man and women is all talk and no bark. That just like the days of Noah and the Ark only a few over time will stay faithful to the end and for the cause to see what God has in store for us.

If most of you would take the time and look into your own heart you no there' something wrong with the way the Church has turned out. You can feel it and you can see it. You have thoughts about whether Christianity was even real or worth continuing because of things you were told would happen that did not occur or people you became shocked at what you saw. Maybe it was serious sickness involving life and death or job, home and more, yet, you are still in the same place after years of hoping and more.

Yet, out of not wanting to think this way or go against what you're been taught by your pastors, you slap your self for thinking this way because you thought you was going against God.

So, you continue to pretend knowing you are pretending while keeping your cool not wanting other pretenders knowing you don't believe what they pretend to believe and Jack and Jill fell down the hill.

But now you are learning that your doubts are correct. You have not been taught the true meaning of Salvation or how to claim it. You are not going against God or Christ but is beginning to realize that your spirit has been chastising you and trying to get you to realize the different between a horse and a cow. That though a horse has four legs and ears like a cow it cannot give cow milk no matter what any one say.

Yet, many will say all things are possible if you believe but thousands of years has passed and still the horse haven't given cow milk. But this doesn't stop those who believe, you must not doubt and have faith. that the horse will soon give cow milk.

So many follow the rituals of the pastor that told you God would do anything if you only believe. Thousands of years has passed and every one is not rich and wealthy nor does every one stay in a castle or drive a hundred thousand dollar car or every one that believe get a yacht and has it waiting at the dock of every river opening or local creek because you ask for it.

Just think about it. If God would do such foolishness and give to every child of God as pastors say he does? Lets see! No one would ever get sick or die because no one want to die and if we had anything to do with the chose of living or dying we would chose living every time.

So, what this would mean if no one died that it would cause the world to become over populated and finally thrown off it's axis colliding into asteroids and finally exploding causing billions of people to be scattered and floating through out the universe bouncing off meteors and meteorites forever because no one would still want to die. People would still be calling on the Lord to save them.

So sickness and death is a must. A must that must be no matter who you are. Why? Because no one has the favor of God to control life and death. God does not answer prayers at this time and there is no need for him to do so since he left things in our hands to take care of what he created and gave us to build and multiply. He didn't say he was going to build us a house or bring us a fish to eat. He said to us GO!

Maybe in the very distance future such a thing might occur but has not for thousands of years. I wish or would he did give is what we ask for. There is a lot of things I want and want to do but just doesn't have the money to make it so. It would be nice for God to just give it to me. You know I'm telling the truth. But it doesn't work the way the pastor say it does. They lie!

What if every one were able to get everything the pastor say God would give them? Well, we would have no country or working world because there would be no one to do the work or build the lavish homes or cars and all the other things we want in life. If God gave like the pastor say he would there would be no one to build up earth. Every one would have been created rich from the start and that would have taken us no where and done nothing for God's glory. Even God would have failed.

So, the poor is needed as well as the rich and wealthy working together to make God's dream of a world where every one looks out for their neighbor in love thus causing God to smile on man and increase our life on earth as he (God) enjoy what man has created with what he gave us to work with.

But the love has never been achieved. Where we should be by now has led to failure. The way we are going we will never get there.  

Rather than focusing on salvation through love the Church of today and yesteryear focused on wheeling and dealing. Using the bible to sit on thrones of earthly kingship. Rather they teach the ways of Christ they invent ideals to tickle the ears as well as the eyes.

Church goers are created in the image of their foolish pastors doing foolish things not of God but things coming from their own imagination. Each day thanking God for things that God wouldn't do even if he had the time.

Things like one young man who happen to be an alcoholic stated God help get him his disability and finally sent him his check. Another said God blessed them with a career in soul music. Another stated, God helped them pass their school tests. Then another  thank God for the money to buy drugs. This sinful violating the name of God is taught in Church and any one and every one blaspheme the name of God.

Other things that foolish want to be Christians does is make up silly Jesus shows, like having a modeling pageant where the Church is used as a modeling location while the so-called faithful dress in that best decorative clothes then walk the isle showing the on lookers how good they can strut their stuff. They call this modeling for God. Every thing silly has a name relating to God as the one it is dedicated to. Pitiful!

In some Churches the members call their pastor "daddy" and his wife "mama". Churches hold raffles and collect money for members children to become King and Queen. Give pastor's appreciation for doing nothing over the years. Holding remembrances for dead parents that's been dead for years.

Even holding fake prayer meeting that never produce anything except make the pastor seem like he's in touch with God but never giving results. Wearing expensive garbs and saying God want them to look good. They say If they don't have expensive things then they cannot show you what God will do for you. Yet, they never tell the members that they are the god's taking care of them.

Foolish members never stop to think how it would be possible for every member in a particular Church to be rich or wealthy. Something to think about when the pastor tell every one God want you to be rich. Think about this? If you, as a member is rich then your pastor have to be a billionaire. Hummmm!

I can't leave out pretending to speak in tongues and screaming and hollering. It is a fact that the Church has less respect for God than a night club. Night clubs will not mix God into their gathering because they no what they are doing. Yet, the Church will include night club acts into their services.

While the Church does all the creepy and weird stuff, night clubs will not put up with people screaming and hollering and crying. Such acts will immediately lead the bouncers to throw them out, call the police or call for medical help that would lead to mental restraining.
Again, you know I'm telling the truth.

What I'm trying to get across is that if those and you in Christianity do not get into the bible and teach what Christ taught and what his biblical disciples taught, many will find themselves being hell bait. This religion we're being taught is not the love of man and woman and does not show or point the way toward salvation.

Salvation is not a show. Salvation is not mentioning God's name every time you open your mouth just because you can. It's a heavenly way life style. It's training preparation for what is to come.

Just because one has the gall to use God's name in every situation doesn't make one a Christian. Quoting scriptures and writing phrases about Jesus on Tweeter and Facebook doesn't make you a Christian.

You can only be a Christian when you yourself has true love for all those around you and you know how to teach the word of God to them rightly without lying to them or giving them false hope with out proof. Teaching them how to love themselves and then love all others and knowing how to administer and handle life many problems that affect those in your charge and surroundings is this indication.

God just want a people he can use to finish his creative process through out the universe. A people capable of a spiritual gene to lay the frame work to create other humans that will continue the process of thousand of years of cleansing to produce another family of saints through separation in which the process continues over again and again.

It's about God and what he wants. Foolish players, con artists, pretenders and Satan false pastors and others who follow after them will meet the same fate and will face the fire that will never quince. How long you will be punished in that fire is not known. But you must give an account of what you did against God.

Like prison, you must pay. You must suffer. It will not be fair for those in hell at this very moment that's been there for millions of years to pay a price of suffering and you only spend one moment of grief and death. It want work this way.

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