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Demonism in the undenominational Holiness Churches

As you know by now I have launched a campaign to reform Christianity. Why? Because for nearly 2000 years the Church has lost it's way from which that God has intended it to be. This has been going on since the six and one half rotten Churches of Asia. This is in Revelation.

If you have taken the time to read my articles on the Church you should by now be seeing what I see. Lies, playing and pretending. When you know better you eyes of understanding become acute and you can see what I see happening in the Church and none of it make sense when you compare it with the true word of God.

When I look at the false Church it make me sick to my stomach to see people go to Church and never change. Never knowing why they go to Church. Doesn't even know what they are going to Heaven for.

What is the Church doing that make it satisfactory to God. Is it having programs? Maybe it's having ridiculous and backward meetings and congratulatory services that for thousands of years, in the new world we live in, has change not one bit from the time of Revelation to now. Churches are still doing the same exact things. Using the Church as a mean to whore, fornicate, lie, pretend and steal or get rich through lying.

About 99% of all Churches celebrate pagan holidays.99% steal and rob from the people using clever lies about Jesus and what he will do for you when you dig deep into your pockets to supposedly "giving to God". Yea right! The only one that get the most out of giving is the pastors and their well oiled family and friends spread throughout the Church in money paying position and position's of power.

The same warning God gave in Revelation is the same warning that still apply today. Get your act together! Yet, we see every where God's word being challenged daily by the world and mostly by Americans. There is no reason why people should say God love filth or he wouldn't have made them that way. Or, God loves those that do filthy things, if you get my drift among other things.

Even Church people who are as much a coward as the "lion" on the "Yellow Brick Road" does nothing but ignore the world they was told to help fix. Yet, these worthless pastors find it easier to rob and tell lies inside the Church building than getting involve in affairs outside the church that affect their members lives. This is a Shepherds in all things!

I recently was called to preach a morning service. Here is how I feel when I sit in a service I am not speaking in or waiting through praises before I speak. The stuff that go on and said. I can't stand it! I couldn't wait to speak to plant some knowledge of the true God in them. I want them to return to their first love of understanding who God and Jesus is. That he is not filled with demonic habits of stupidisum. But is Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings. Some one to fear then loved. (stupidisum may not be a word but sound good).

As I sat I heard one lie behind the other. When your eyes are open you have no choice but to see sin. And I was in the midst of it. The first lie was when the pastor told one member God told her to tell him he was going to come into some money or something. As I points out constantly, there are no prophets of today. God dealt with prophets that brought new information about the coming of Jesus.

Then Jesus prophesied of God, his death, his return and even his second return which he said at that time every eye shall see him. This I believe will happen through media coverage. But he is not here sneaking around in an invisible spirit as Church people say. Make no sense.

Jesus is gone and will not return in any weird manner in a cloak of deception. He is only here in the written word. You must know the word of God. Absent of the word is absent of the spirit. The spirit is the word and the word is God and is his spirit.

Just as my father gave me advice on how to behave in public. His spirit words in me come to mind when I come up against bad advise. I know how to handle it because I remember his advice.The word and God the Father is the same. God is not with us but his word is. We act upon the word until Jesus return and then beyond.

The second lie was, "I know God will hear your prayers and heal you". A great trick of the devil. All Churches use this phrase. It sound good, yet, is not true. They know it's not true, but they hate to admit it. Some how people feel they need to believe a lie to believe in God. This is how the Churches keep their money flowing. But the truth is that there are too many doctor offices, hospitals, sick Church people and oh yes! Funerals that take place all the time.

According to the Census Bureau there are approximately 2 million funerals in America per year so that's about 5,479 funerals that take place per day. All mostly taken place in a Church. Why aren't they being healed as the pastor or loud members say?

In this pastor's Church was a member with a throat problems and had tubes in her body that belonged to her Church that's been sick for months. Even the pastor had love ones that became sick and all died. Yet, she bellowed out what God will do. How he will heal you as though God is now with each individual not letting them be sick or die. Yet, could not heal her.

Jesus is not here. If you are sick go to the doctor. Watch pastors! They go to doctors just like we do. however, slick minister's go out of town to see their doctors in privacy. Away from their members eyes. I wonder why?

Back to the story. There was more lies told but I must end this. I have to focus on the demonic's of the Holiness Church inwhich this Church was also an Holiness Church. You can imagine what I said when my time came. I intended to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. I can't help any one get to heaven by telling lies.

Next, I intend to show you how something got to be wrong with what Holiness Church pastors teach. Their members turn out to be possessed little demons that is down right loonie.

First of all, I mention to a lady from one of these Churches and mention, "nothing is wrong with buying a lottery ticket." She went off and said this was gambling and was a sin." I said, it might be gambling but it is not hurting or disgracing God and is not a sin." "I said let me explain!

She became loud. This is the first sign of Holiness teaching and demonic behaviors. The next is waving her hands and looking all around to see who's listening. She became rude and began walking off saying, "I don't want to talk to you no more." I'm through, I'm going". "You can't tell me nothing," This person however, that feel buying a lottery ticket was so bad didn't see anything wrong with her fornicating. A known sin that God speak of as sinful. Hypocrite!

Many things I've notice when speaking against Holiness so called people is this..... They are unrestrained, loud, look as if they want to kill you, glassy buck eyed, sneaky smile, embarrassing, don't want to hear any objection against what they say, think they can heal even though they haven't healed any one, love to shout and say it's the Lord, holler and scream like demons in the Bible, run all around the Church looking and acting foolish, falling out on the floor under demonic spirits and lastly, doesn't know scripture. This is nothing but the possession of demons.

Where is the real Church? It's been lost for nearly 2000 years. It must be returned to a LOVE institution! This is God's intention. But look around. No change. It must be reformed or most generations will go to hell.You think about it!