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Weekend Finisher

Does Walking Around a House Seven Times bless it?

Recently I was invited to a house warming. You know, when one move into a new house. For some reason the occupants believe that their home and land  will be blessed if they get a pastor or regular minister to do a blessing or cleansing. This is done by walking around a house seven times while praying. I heard of people doing this but never up close and personal.

This idea of seven times came from the bible where incidents relating to the number seven appeared in the bible quite often. Some one made note of this and it took off like superman, only wobbling and twisting never being able to get straight.

I'm not going to spend time on explaining places where seven is mention. I see no salvation in it except trying to show how smart I am about the subject. However, I no very little about it and knowing all the places just don't raze my berry. Some things are not worth spending time on.

But there is a seven I do want to talk about and it's found in Joshua 6:1-6.You can read it for yourself but it speak of God telling the Israelites to walk around the walls of Jericho six days and on the seventh day to walk around Jericho seven times and the priest's was to blow the ram's horns and the walls will come tumbling down. They did and the wall fell giving them victory over their enemy.

This is totally different than one trying to bless a house. Yet, many undenominational Church pastors took this to be a thing to bless new homes and land of their congregation.  What blessings there're looking for God to perform is unknown and right out there with flying monkeys and striped elephants.

But weak pastors wanting power over the people lie on God to fool the ignorance into believing this is to be done because this type of blessing bring the house and land so called "good luck (pagan)."  Many in the so-called Holiness Churches believe such foolishness with out question or thought. Even some in other Churches believe the same.

Any way, this was done at a house I attended recently unaware what was to happen. It started inside with women pastors draped in Jewish head covering praying and pretending to speak in false demonic tongues followed with wolf hollering, it sounded like.

I was outside when this started and thought some one had fell ill. But moments later these pastors from a local  holiness Church came out of the house followed by occupants and friend's of whom was secular attempting to pray.

Even if such a doing was possible for us nothing could come of it because of the life styles of those needing prayer and salvation themselves trying to do the impossible. This would be like a horse and carry cart expecting to win a race in the Indi 500 against high powered fast moving cars. It just want work nor add up to be sensible to try. But yet these tried'.

I thought of all the people that go to Church on regular bases with no intention to truly serving God. They learn just enough of the word to pretend with others attempting to make one think they are Christians. Yet, not releasing their old ways and life styles they still like getting down..... doing my thang....let it all hang Now let get together and praise God, he don't know no better.

Back to our message

Outside, as they started there journey in a partially dismal rain storm, I was asked if I was going to walk around the house with them in the rain. "No!, I said," "It might seem strange that another minister standing around will not march with them but no matter how they feel I will feel much stupider knowing I am a part of something I know is misguided and twisted not having any thing to do with the Lord except to make him look ridiculous in the eyes of on lookers.'

We, as Christians that knows, have a responsibility to stand fast on the word or God. Not to be easily swayed by every burst of wind that blows. Every thing that look good ain't good for you. Some things that's told to you is not necessarily true. Yet, some Church people will let the Jim Jones' lead them to the slaughter willingly with out question.

Walking around a house and on land to bless it is foolishness. It can't be done. History and over thousands of years have proved it. If You could bless a house nothing ever would go wrong with it. The land would be so healthy that it would grow any thing including  gold, and silver. May be even an oil well. How about having your own snow appear on your land in the summer time. Then you can really chill while your unblessed neighbors look on in envy because their property is not blessed.

Stop! Hold on! Enough is enough! You can't bless a house and you can't bless land.

But Wait a minute! I just thought of something. Maybe there is a way to bless your house and land. What was I thinking of? Instead of trying to pray for it why not pay for it.

That it! You want your house blessed? Pay the bills when due. The light bill, the rent or owner payments, keep food on your table and clothes on your family back, pay the car note and insurance. What about the land? pay your taxes, keep your yard cleaned, plant beautiful flowers, keep the lawn cut and trim the trees. To do all this and make sure you're really blessed. Go to Work! Get a Job then all will be blessed.


You, I and the whole earth have already been blessed from creation. Genesis 9:7 reads, And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.  What a blessing!

This sound like to me that homes, land, food and every thing else we do to save and beautify the earth, not sinful, have already been blessed by God. Now who's right? What you gonna do?
You think about it!