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Using oil in Church and voodoo

I have to write about this subject call anointing with oil. I wrote about oil before but I keep running into freaky people belonging to side line Churches with run of the mill pastors and lunatic members who both can't understand scripture or just plain haven't got what Jesus Christ brought until I just continually find something to write about and against.

Once your eyes are open you see practically every thing in a new way. And it will bother you because you feel sorry for people  knowing there is not much you can do about it at the time because of how well they have been brain washed and will not listen but become confrontational.

So here go another true story showing the work if Satan.

I was stopped by a small shout from the rear, "Hi, How are you doing Bishop Ward and your's"? "Find we said", "how are you doing? "I'm doing just find praise the Lord, coming from a woman we both knew." "I been a little sick but since I retired I'm doing much better", she said. "You know before I retired the devil just stayed busy". "But I just gave it over to Jesus" she continued.

From her words and the way she spoke them I steadied myself for I knew it was on. I was about to cross into the Twilight Zone. "God is good all the time" she said." I said, yes he is". She said, "before I retire, there was this manager over me who tried to set me up to make it seem like I didn't know my job". "We both worked in the same office and I fixed him".

"What I did, she said, was I took my bottle of oil and and rub it all over every thing in that office". I rubbed down the walls, his desk, his computer even the door knob and said, "no weapon that is formed against a child of God shall prosper". "Four months later he got demoted and a couple months from that he was sent to another store".

Let me state right here that lies on God and misreading and misunderstanding scriptures is why many in the Church will go to hell. Unknowing to her she was practicing voodoo. Putting a hex she thought on this man and God was part of it.

After our good buys I said to my wife, as I was walking off, " this is pitiful". "Now God is Hexing people for others". "He's using oil instead of needles and pins as voodoo workers do". "He's helping people take revenge against others". God want heal when some one ask but he's ready to bring harm if a so-called Christian ask. ...Baloney!

How stupid this oil stuff is and how silly the use of it by some Christians to to get God to be their bounty hunter. The scripture
Isaiah 54:17 -  read:

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper".

The different here is the scripture is pertaining to this Prophet at that time. Had nothing to do with A.D. Christians. Period. Here is the rest of that verse:

"and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

Meaning: Any one saying any thing different than what God said they should be condemned. That's what we are suppose to do today. Next part: This is what the servants of the Lord are suppose to do. Next part: If One is of the Lord, then they will represent the Lord in Righteousness all the time. Period again. Now that wasn't hard to understand was it?

As we were saying our good buys and some yards away, I heard her say, "Oh thank you Jesus". There is nothing wrong with praising God except she was reliving the voodoo oil experience of this guy in her thoughts.

When you approach people so holy and sanctified with a running mouth like this person, I've found one way to shut them up. Ask them, "What have they done so great that God would want them in Heaven?  Then again, make sure you're not practicing voodoo with your oil. Just saying.......You think about it!