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August 26, 2011
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Mr. Ward
Week End Finisher

Yes! UFO's are real! How do this affect the Church and the government?

Many UFO fanatics, ufologists and theorists for many years have filled books, magazines, radios, TV's and Internet with stories and sittings of seeing strange flying objects, among other things, all over the world.

UFO's carry history, according to ufologists, all the way back to Biblical times and even father. Are they true with some of their accusations. I believe so! Yes, I do believe in UFO's and the existence of life on other worlds.

Many stories of people seeing UFO's are dismissed as illusions of seeing airplanes and their lights or just an imagination of one's mind where as they are then labeled some what dinky.

While this is true for many sittings it is not true for those who actually witness clear and precise observation of UFO's, their shapes, reactions and appearances. I believe these witnesses really saw what they said they saw.

Does our Christian Bible give evidence of UFO visitation. It certainly does. In the Christian Bible Ezekiel 1st chapter gives a perfect description of a flying machine that no scholar can deny. Ezekiel describe what he see as he focus upon what he described as "a wheel in the middle of a wheel". Undeniable something not of this earth and not so clearly explainable by this prophet as to what it really looked like. But it is clearly noted by Ezekiel that it was a hovering, very loud sounding, had wings and a great amount of fire. This can be none other than "A flying craft".

Another is the assent of Elijah 2nd chapter first verse to the 12th verse. Also undeniable that he was taken away in a flying craft.

Understand that many people back then described what they were accustom to seeing, horses, chariots, fire, flying birds. Not metal flying crafts with metal wings, gushing great amounts of fire keeping hovering craft in the sky  with some one actually sitting in it. They or Ezekiel described what they saw from their own sense of primitive understanding.

It is Ezekiel and others that caused me look at Christianity a little different than other ministers. Have I seen UFO's? I certainly have. One was a gigantic boomer ring type ship that could filled a football field back in the mid nineties. Looked to be too huge to maintain itself with such a slow speed. Sounded like very loud continuous thunder.

I've seen many bright crafts that looked like stars streak towards each other from different directions at great speeds and suddenly stop before colliding, remain for a minute then suddenly streak off in different directions.

But these will not compare by any means to what was to come. In just minutes my thoughts and beliefs in God was taken to new heights In1994. I will never forget what I saw as I step out of my car from the ending of a modest work day and a few stop offs. 

Being late put me home at a time when the stars were beginning to come out. I've always had a habit of looking toward the sky quite often always looking to see something strange. Something up there that would connect my religion with God, more sittings of UFO's or something else. I was looking for signs and wonders as the Bible put it. These things were promised to us and I got my first look at "Wonders".

There is a star formation that has always had me puzzled because it is a some what large bright star that some distant apart has a smaller star directly in line with it. I became interest in it because I saw it moved. Telling others about it was like telling them the sky was falling.

After years of watching it, this time I was in for a surprise. While stepping from my truck I caught a bright light from the smaller star's end that caused me to freeze and take notice. The light turned into a straight parallel perfect line like the brightness of lightning while slowly connect to the larger star. Then from each star another bright lines running horizontally (upward) until another parallel bright line equaling the first parallel bright line come into view.

The view was a gigantic hollow rectangle.  Looking at it would be greater than a football field. Knowing that we cannot see Nasa space ships, just seeing this would probably make each star thousands of milles from each other.

Then the entire rectangle moved a small distant across the sky. Changed angles rolled backward until all the visible bright lines faded and left the two stars visible only. This could only have been a craft with intellengence controlling the formation of the stars. See lost books of Moses.

The excitement from this was over whelming and gave me a new renewing belief that not only is there a God but intelligence life, a government of followers working the universe with powers and technology far beyond our own. I received conformation that all is real with Christanity.

Suddenly, the Bible I've been studying and conclusions I've had was true. Some things I was taught from others was false. False prophets. You see, "I was blind but now I see". Many will never see because they want proof. Blessed is he that believe but do not see.

Many do not believe in UFO's no more than they believe in God. They will call you liars. I don't care. When ever I think I'm getting off the path of righteousness I have something to remind me that there is a God. To remember what I've seen, believe, stay strong, committed, giving, loving, caring, watchful and a warrior. What do you have?

Yes there are UFO's, a government of God. Yes there is a Hell also!

Think about it!

Salvation for Christian conservatives. And for non-Christians alike.

Bishop Ward