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May 12 2011
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Mr. Ward
Donald Trump the cursing conservative Christian poster boy.....

has finally had the nerve to come out of his hole after the beat down he received at the hands of speakers at the Democratic Correspondent gala.

He went in hiding after he fail to prove Obama was not an American born citizen after weeks of cranking up racist birthers to energize his possible run for President.

He was made to look like a fool but he did not lose the Christian support of the conservative party as he cursed and fowl mouth Obama and China policies weeks ago.

Conservative Christians support for this nasty mouth guy make me question what bible Christian conservatives are reading. We may support people we don't know about, but we don't intentionally follow Satan no matter how much good he say he will bring to us. Especially when he is spitting out filth we can hear.  He is bad for our nation and our children by having no respect for either.

Yesterday he appeared again with a notice that he is still thinking of running for president as the notice came of Newt Gingrich announcement that he is officially in the 2012 race for president.

Already, Donald Trump is looking to regain his fallen birthers. The birthers, who though is silent, is not satisfied that they have been made a fool of and plan to continue hating on Obama no matter the good or bad.

My pitch to the conservative Christians are to practice what you preach and not preach what you practice.

To Donald Trump! Invest your money in what you made your fortunes off of. sin city Casinos and hotels!

Think about it?
God bless!