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Reformation ......The Most Righteous and Filthy Rags

In reforming Christianity we first must understand that the way Christianity has been presented to us is strongly flawed. Why? Because many have been misled in thinking that very little they have to do outside of saying they are a Christian do they have to maintain.

Note: The term man mean both man and women.....

Today's Christianity has taken man far away from the intended behavior God set in motion for man to follow. Man has taken the word of God as the word of God but not as the guiding force of his or her lives. For they see other greater things in life that whole greater promises and enjoyment than that they see "hampering" them call the word of God. Man want it all but really do not fully want God as the one advisor.

Man and woman walks around in this generation as though God has finally been reduced to a level in which he ,God, will forget and forgive any kind of rebelliousness one does against him because he, God, is no longer the powerful strong arm God of destruction of ancient times.

That he, God, does not have the heart to punish this new generation on judgement day because, we the people, are much different and smarter than those that lived in the past or during ancient Bible days. That things have changed for the better and things that God would ordinarily call sin has been accepted by God as now being ok because we changed certains sins a little bit here and there for it to be acceptable. And because we see it now differently than God and he should accept this as the new norm of thing.

Pastors have joined into this kind of thinking and no longer preach the love of God but deliver sermons of tickling ears, so to speak, to appease the people without having to scowl them or hurt their feeling because of the way money and materialistic things has taken over their main concern for ministering.

Yet, pastors have found new ways that are constantly being invented to keep those who believe they are Christians following them. They do this by actually telling the people they are saved simply because they attend Church, pay good money and know a little about the Lord. This has been feed so much to them that folks, even ungodly ones, believe they are Christians.

Such foolish teachings has led many to turn toward worldly behavior having no conscious of the bad they do. They have believed the minister and have taken on a bogg like behavior (one mind by the pastor) with only small cracks left beneath windows and doors to force in true messages of light so that sight may be regained from a flicker of a new fire promising a glimmer of hope through rebirth of the mine and soul.

Many Church goers think they have risen above others with their pretending nature of outward speaking in loud tones of "listen to me" pride and uppity behavior. A behavior that caused them to shy away from sharing their heart with little people. Deep pride that cause separation between the rich and the poor.

In our society today, which is the Church, many have taken on the role as ministers, pastors and teachers of the bible but has only filled society with people of little trust. Trained sinners in every sinful nature have become off springs of the Church spreading poison religion to the masses and around the world with no clue of unrighteousness in their actions.

Large and monumental building serving as tabernacles for the righteous are built to draw crowds of millions because of it's look and great mass of beauty. Inside, they no nothing about heaven but believe if they keep it clean, conduct bible classes, meet on Wednesday nights, put on many programs, take their kind of Gospel to other countries, give to certain organizations, hold Church regularly, pass out bibles and other things that this will secure them a place in heaven. All with true worshiping.

False preaching has engulfed the Church with lies and false promises. Many actually believe they are the chosen because they have  become famous speakers and great workers of the Church and that they are better than the rest of us. But God said this through Isaiah.

Isaiah 64:6, But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

There is no different in the Church and the world. The world is the Church and the Church is the world. The Church has adopted every thing in the world and brought it into the Church. Until we actually become covered in the blood of the lamb we are unclean and will continually find ourselves agreeing with the wrong of the world. The more we love and enjoy the world the more we fade away from God into what you see today and to come.

1 Peter 4:18, And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

I'm glad to be including this scripture because many think they are pleasing God. However this scripture show that one must be a whole lot better that what you are now seeing and hearing today.

It say that the righteous is barely saved. Do you know how hard it is to go to heaven? If it's hard for a righteousness man to be saved what do you think about sinners. Sinners are the pretending one's in Church while ungodly one's are those that can care less. The Church today are filled with pretending sinners. Most don't even no what heaven hold or what good they would be to God if they was to make it there.

God can't used cowards, loud mouths, liars, stupid, racists, theives, haters, fornicators, adulturers, false teachers, liars on God (read front page "Church saying not of God" and "Into the mind of God" and many other messages until you find who you are and how to show yourself approved by God on that special day.

Because of false teaching there is a need for people to be taught again. If not, very, very few people will find themselves part of God's congregation. The Church must be reformed to regain back what nearely two thousands years has taken. Life!  Pastors have been lying to you like forever.

What do God want then to teach? Love! Love over cometh every thing. Try living by it for a change.  You think about it!