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March 3, 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher

What is the conscience of man that he or she will defy God with it?

There's a lot of talk going around by certain powers of the Church concerning themselves with man's most intimate thought. His conscience. 

Many of men's and woman have dared to equate their self immoral conscience with true conscience relating to God's word. That is, what you believe to be right based on what God said is right.  People take what they think is the thought of God and add to it because they thought  this was what God wanted them to do.  But what you believe to be right don't necessary add up to what is right. Especially when it come to Jesus.

The right choice for some is to commit murder and so on. Or, committing crimes they thought on for long periods of time. To them, what they are about to do seem right at the time, and for some, remain the right decision though still wrong even after they get caught. They followed their corrupt conscience.

We all have a conscience, but if that conscious has not been pointed in the right direction of behavior and thinking from proper teaching it can leave you looking and acting really stupid when acting on it. You find yourself raising sand over the sun not shinning as bright on Monday as it did on Tuesday. Who cares as long as it shines and we're here to see it.

Such is the case with so-called Christian Republicans. They say it is against their conscience to hand out birth control pills or contraceptives.  Yet, it is not against their conscience to take or use them.  They say it's against their Church doctrine, yet, their people are the Church and they violate this doctrine.  The Church leaders say nothing to the congregation to not use them because they know they cannot control what they do.

The Catholic Church Republican side is the main leaders in rasing this issue. But if you cannot control your people then the conscience you presume to have against contraceptives is voided. You have no followers to comply to your doctrine which make your doctrine voided.

So, if  Church leaders pursue a law to protect their conscience when they themselves violate their own doctrine then they are violators not only of their doctrine but of the very word of God they pretend to be following.

Titus read, " Unto the pure all things are pure; but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.

Here is a case where the mind and thought patterns of deserters of God are chasing butterflies claiming they are the real angels of the Lord. 

So, what is the conscience of man that he or she will defy God with it? It is the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action. To defy God is to misuse the conscience of right actions and using self immoral wrong actions to justify a dirty cause.

The political right wing dirty cause of " government violating their conscience" does not add up to salvation. That is,  no one is turned away from heaven for taking a pill or using a form of birth control. Therefore, the out cry made by the so-called Christian Republican Churches are without merit according to the doctrine of the bible.

Salvation is not based on abortion or birth control contraceptives, but on the inner man relationship with God. If one thinks going against these get one a place in heaven then they must be feeding off moon dust. You're still part of the hellish society of man that God hate and must be punished unless you conform to the entire will of God in time.

I cannot stress the relationship of God with man enough than to stress love and help toward your fellowman. A defiled conscience cannot do this. It searches for every thing bad to create a scene. Wasting time challenging small stuff while leaving the big stuff along. Like drawing people away from God rather than turning them towards God.

Attempts to make a mockery of God is the way of the defiled. To take such foolishness before a secular court show just how much real love the so-called Christian Churches care about the beauty, quietness, calmness, loving  and caring attributes of God through Jesus Christ.

In other words, it make the Church look stupid in the eyes of those who already hate or despise the Church. Even to those who are seeking, but not yet made up their minds toward which religion they should join.

Here we see that no conscience of rightness was or has been used. God is not in their kind of pursuit for religious conscience. They are! You think about it!