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Weekend Finisher
The Church and Hate

The bad news keep getting bad as we find out that the Republican's hate in this country has risen 70% since the year 2000. The study show that all around the country hate groups have formed and growing and has increased even larger since Obama became President. This is a study that came out April 2 and aired on MSNBC.

Accordingly, since hate is directed toward Obama in this country and coming from the Republicans and we know that the majority of Democrats voted for a black man, it is easier to see that 70% of hate come from Republicans. But not just republicans but Republican so-called Christians. All of them, and yes, your favorite Republican ministers and pastors.

I am always trying to get you to see that the god the so-called Christian conservative pastors, their Churches and their boasting of loving through the true Jesus and God are just lies. How can this much hate be of a True God? How can the stuff they pretend to preach is of a true God? Even better than this, why haven't their preaching caught on and how long will they preach before they realize it's about love and not hate.

This does not mean the Democrats or the other scattered groups are much better. It seem that time has been so long passed that every one has forgotten the slaughter perpetuated through millions of innocence lives to get us at this place while praying for help from a loving God but living like hell in a make believe wanna be life style that one knows is empty of God's true people of Obedience by creating a people of thieves and want and thieves and want to master races with no intention of obeying God but thinking they can benefit him while getting rich and wealthy from lies told the poor to give and believe, believe and give and fill my pocket full of your sweat and tears while a few sleep peaceful and the rest go to bed hungry in thoughts of where am I believing in a lie to ask God rather than work for God not knowing that God only want us to transcend hate and violence into Love which has never been completed or preached for God's purpose so look where we are.

Still being taken in by the false preachers for thousands of years never seeing but a tenth of it's affect on mankind because the hate still live in the gospel carriers while I ask my self how long will God let this continue while the poor still suffer now at the hands of the Church.

The Republican Church. The Democratic Church. All those which call themselves Christians? When will you become one to help save one to teach one to love one to bring the world to avloving point the best we can with out lies but truth that God is super love and no more. This is peace on earth good will between men.

As parties we fight and battle each other as enemies. We go to Church and battle each other as enemies. Yet, we are no more closer as brothers and sisters as lions and rats. People need to learn that you are not receiving the true religion of God through Jesus. If you were, would things be this way? Would Church people be this way? Would the world be this way after Christ has been gone for thousands of years?

What different has the Church made? What could it have done to make the world better? What can it do now? Much of nothing. Now we wait for the final word. Now we wait. We wait. We cannot change things because they are out of control. We wait! The few must hold on and wait. Wait for who?

I just said a mouth full. I almost need some body to translate it for me but I got this. And you got it too. Now think about it!