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The "Bible" TV series showing Satan as hideous... Another lie

In the third installment of the series "The Bible," the writers depicted Satan as a hideous being draped in a red cloak with head covering giving a dark red like shinny waxy hideous look to his face. This immediately started me to think that once again there is much of nothing some so-called Christians wouldn't do to add just a little bit of lies into their story. In this case showing Satan as looking hideous.

According to the Bible This is not true . Satan is a fallen angel of the highest order, created in perfection in all his ways.  Paul writes that Satan transforms himself into “an angel of light”.  Satan is a beautiful angle. 2 Corinthians 11:14.

There are many pictures of Satan having these hideous type faces but it is only the imagination of the artist. In the last days Satan could not take over and rule over earth as the "Beast  along with the false prophet"  if he scared every body with his demonic look no one, not even Israel will be that stupid to follow someone so hideous looking.

Once again I've pointed out one more lie the unlearned pastors tell followers. Now this movie has millions believing, at least, at this point in the series, that Satan is hideous. Before the end of the story they will have to show where he is beautiful in nature, smart and believable. If they do, then they would have certainly lied when they showed Jesus and hideous Satan in the wilderness.

This is a nice Bible series but does not save. It is what every one already knows and will do nothing towards changing the heart of people into loving each other. This has to be done by the Republican so-called Christians Party and all others that fit the profile of disliking others to learn to love and honor those less fortunate for God's sake.

Bible stories and not the whole word of God has produced the typed of peopled we have today. People that when these series are over with it would not have changed a heart at all. Christanity is not that easy. You can't watch and be saved. You must me taught! Then again, watch, learn, seek more, believe, trust, obey, act and live it.

Remember, the Bible say to try the spirit. Meaning, trust no one until you no the truth. An empty mind can't defend any thing.You think about it!