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June 3 2011
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Mr. Ward
Temporary hiring agencies and potential employers may be the reason for high unemployment.

Temporaries hiring agencies all across America have taken away most job seekers advantage to secure a permanent job.

Temporary agencies work as an intermediary to provide an outlet for job seeker and potential employer to come together. Many are geared toward a specific profession, such as health care, general labor or office work. Companies pay the agency to find them temporary employees to fill a specific need. The agency saves them the time of screening, hiring and firing job candidates.

Temporary agencies hire the employee themselves. The job seeker reports to and receives payment from the agency, not the company they do the job for.

Temporary workers are not usually given benefits. Employers do not have to worry about offering benefits and paying employee taxes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.1 wage and salary jobs were provided by employment services in 2008. They provided work to 74 percent of industry workers.

Contracting temp agencies an employer gains access to a pool of workers who receive the same rate of pay no matter what job they are doing.

Temps who have been working at the same site for over a year, will still get the same pay, without benefits or job stability. Now days the longest some workers can work is one year. Then other temps are replaced by new temps no matter how good they are. Ofttimes workers pass each other on the way off a job as they are leaving.

No way unemployment can go down and stay down! It keep rotating and repeating itself.

For the entire time temps are employed, the temping agency has been charging for that worker’s services. Often the temping agency can collect between $20-25 an hour, and give only $10-12 to the worker.

Employers through these agencies will never permanently hire most new employees because of this hiring system. Old workers are retained, but raises are limited to them. Once they retire, if not a way found to fire them, more temps are hired. This sucks!

As for as temps are concern they are being used to save employers more money to buy million dollars homes, yachts and more at temps expense.

Many Republicans running for president are aware that Temps agencies and employer collusion are responsible for high unemployment because of their greediness. It is not Obama nor is it Republican fault. Yet, they need something to talk about.

. Hiring special skill people in special skilled jobs won't do it. The high school graduate, must be giving a fair opportunity to work also. Besides we all know that special skill is just another way of keeping non graduates out who can do the same job with little training. It's called "OJT", "on the job training"

Temping agencies are presenting blocks to the growth of meaningful long-term employment opportunities. At the rate they are growing, unemployment will never come down but keep going up. The government must realize this and begin an effort to close these businesses down.

Free Enterprise should no exist to the point that it bring down our nation and it's economy from within. Terrorism can exist in many forms. We are being terrorized by Temps agencies and employing businesses.

We, the poor people, have discovered the reason for high unemployment. Now what will the government do about it. This is the only way to stop it.  "Shut them down" and "do it now"! "It's the only way".

I'm asking all the people to get involve and you will see that I am right.

Think about it!
God bless!