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Tea Party is racist against monorities and poor people and want to divide the country......

(pparty)This may be refuted by tea partiers but what you see is what you get. As I followed their exploits, that is there rallies, I did not see the large black followers nor Spanish followers. Only about 2 or three from what I could see from TV. They were all mostly hostile white people with plenty of money.

Then I took a look at the Democratic party movement and see the whole make up of the United States. All races all colors all having respect for each other and even for those of the Republican party.

The Tea Party managed to put together some of the worst our country has to offer. Most  are indeed racist hiding behind unemployment issues, big government, health care and others issues when their big concern is having a black president. This is very clear by the types of people that shows up with racist signs.

One can just look at their rallies and see the hate sign directed at Obama. Guess what? When they make fun of Obama they are also marking minorities every where.

They don't really care about the issues as they say they does. They just want to be in charge and keep poor people from gaining what they have. They want to keep us poor.  Both poor whites and minorities.

They   don't care about the country as much as milking it dry again with the help of their rich friends whom they say they are against. Especially there friends the banks, Freddie Mae's and other holding lots of money. Money only they can get and not us poor people.

Let me open your eyes as how they just made fools out of their followers and poor supporters this last election. They played 4 cards. The same cards they intend to play in 2012. It's unemployment, big government, over spending and of course health care.

When you're wealthy and have a really good job these things I've mention doesn't affect you. Only poor people. When they complain about job loss their bank accounts are loaded. They can afford health care. They just don't want to pay their part to help the poor.

Here's something else most of us didn't pay attention too. While we worked they marched and campaign all around the country in crowds of  thousands. They rode airplanes, buses and trains to get to their rallies and stayed in expensive motels while paying millions to the Tea party movement.

Now what was us poor people doing while they ran around the country shouting "we need jobs, stop the spending, big government and repeal health care? We were on the job working. You see, real poor people can't just take off from work to do rallies or we'll get fired. 

Now If you are unemployed like you say you are, then why aren't you out looking for jobs? if you can't find a job then you are either wealthy or using government unemployment money to rally off of. Which is it?

Tea Party! You may have the rest of the country fooled but we the poor people got our eyes on you. And what we see ain't good for the country. 2012 will be a year to remember!

  Poor people get ready to vote Democratic in
                              2012, Nov. 6

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Our quest is very serious. You got to get out and vote just as strong as you did in 2008 presidential election. If the Republicans get back in office we've had it!

Tea party thoughts!
Cut out healthcare poor people don't need it!

Take their government away and poor people will suffer! That's what we want! You betcha!

We can afford health care, so why do we care if poor people get sick!

We really don't care what happens to the deficit! We just love making every body else's life miserable!

We make war and let poor people fight it! Wait until we git our republican president!

We make recessions! let's do it again in 2013!

We love twisting the truth! If we repeat it long enough you'll believe us. Dag nabbit,  gotcha a'gin!

Bring back rising high gas cost like we had under president Bush! That'll slow poor people down!

                            Consider this:

Who mainly get hurt economically? Poor people!
Who is healthcare for? Poor people!
Who was the stimulus for? Poor people!
Who was the banks bail out for? Poor people!
who was the rising cost in national debts helping? Poor people!

What party make up the most Poor People? Democrats!
What party ignored the country when it needed it most? Republicans!
What party wrecked our economy? Republicans!
What party is subject to keep our young men in war? Republicans!
What party is more likely to start another war! Republicans!
Who benefit from cutting poor people programs! Republicans!
Who loses when programs are cut? Poor people!
The PParty Movement
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Dec. 3, 2010

Republican  did not help get the car out of the ditch!

Poor Party Speaks!