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May 12 2011
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Mr. Ward
God, country, Republicans and Islam.
My Weekly View of things has cause me to question an issue that many Americans can agree with. Especially, those in the Christian realm of higher understanding.

What I'm speaking of is the issue of why does our government try so hard to make countries like Lydia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and other Islamic countries like us so much to the degree that we are willing to sacrifice our men's and women's lives to do it.

Many Republicans who has absolutely nothing to talk about and nothing to run for president off of that they are taking up any kind of issue available to to point fingers at Obama.

Now they want him to intervene in Syria because their government is treating these western loving people with such disrespect and concern that Obama should call for their leader, Al- Assard, to step down, because these fun loving folks just want to live in peace and comfort with the west and Israel. Yea! Right!

This is one of the most mixed up country and government I know that keep playing with a grizzly bear with a strawberry in hand thinking this grizzly bear will forget that man is his enemy and will not tear his head, hands and arms off if he get the chance.

Even worst is when man give the grizzly new and improved knives, nail sharpeners and weight equipment to build the bear up even more so that when he closes his door at night to sleep, the grizzly has no problem breaking in and tearing the man apart.

In this case, why is the United States giving a hand to aid our destruction to those who no matter what you do for them, you are still the enemy. Many will say not all Syrians is this way. I agree. But most are and that's enough for me not to give them the help to attack me later on.

I have no problem with Muslims in this country because this is their home. They are Americans who live under the same threat as we.

But here is the problem we have. Muslims in other nations are not westerners and do not want to be. They are not Christians or any other religion and do not want to be. So, from this comes an everlasting division of no peace between us.

From this we know that when the last great war break out, ( you know, the one before Jesus comes and make things right) it will not just be against Far Eastern nations like China etc, and Russia and a few rouge countries, but  these eastern Islamic nations will join with them against us, but mainly against Israel. We are drawn in to help Israel just to make thing fair. But also knowing these armies want annihilate us from the earth.

Foreknowledge and warning of this from Biblical facts, so why would we keep involving ourselves in their survival. I am not aware of any help Muslims nations give to any other nations when they are in peril. It's like they don't care. It's like, if you're not Muslim, you're nothing.

We need to try to get along with every country. But not at the expense of cutting our own throats. Republicans think they can make Israel's and our enemies like us by crying for their democracy. But it want work. Next, the Republicans will want to give them advanced weapons to use on us later on.

Who are the Republicans for. Them or the Good old US of A. I say them!

Think about it!
God bless!