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Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher

Sunday, a time to return to God, a time to play Church

What a great day to be alive. To be amongst the living. To be in a world that Gods created and
decorated with the beauty of  flowers, grasses, trees, mountains and valleys, hills and streams,
oceans and rivers and races of colors, tongues and textures. ----- What a God to sit in glory and
declare to the cosmos that He and his Son has created the best of the best when they created man.

How proud God must be to think that out of all the many worlds created by him, this world call
earth would be his shinning example to all others. He cared so much for this earth and it's people that he wanted to created something different for them after their death that He would send his only son to teach and mold earthling into the quality of beings he can use to fulfil his mission of world building.  ---- Jesus came and for 3-1/2 years preached the word of God He was sent by God to do and accomplish.

He had such a hard time getting through to many but did find worthy disciples that would listen,
that  did believe, didn't compromise, didn't join in with the other crown of disbeliever, wasn't
swayed by personal interest and wealth, determined, wasn't afraid to speak the truth, had very
good  understanding of what God's objectives were, knew how to love, how to share love, how to
feel the pain of others and how to reach out to all with the same kind of love and forgiveness that
Jesus gave his life to preserve for us.

Man has turned God's word into a Sunday morning show offering love mixed with saturation of
trivia games and programs to substitute for the night life of heathens many wish to partake of. It
is a time of fake religion and false love where the ministers and pastors use Las Vegas type slot
machines, spinning the wheel porker games blanketed in the form of tithes or money packed in
envelopes where all the loot goes to the dealer being the pastor. Where less goes to benefiting the mind of followers who hunger for light than to the boss of prosperity with clever techniques.

But we see that money, power and misguided teaching has produced a people of acting in a
habitual manner of pretending to shout, hollering, pretending to speak to God. lying on God by
saying God told them to say what ever they are telling.  Telling the all time lie that God will heal
and turn it over to Jesus and many more prepared saying and doings to captivate those viewing
from their living rooms or sitting in their audiences.

The heart of this game is all about money and not about changing or molding new people into the character of God.

It's a fact that most followers of all religions, if the rest was real, are not fit to ride an automobile
and definitely not fit to handle immortality. When you take a look at Christianity you'll see that
the Church has lost it's ability to reach out and change devilish minds into Godly minds. With a
Church on every corner in most towns of America one would think our country be equal in
dishing out love and more togetherness but finding most being more hateful and divided than
when Jesus was here on earth.

Christianity is divided into to many groups with all claiming their religion and the way they serve
is better than the others. So they stay far away from each other claiming the others worshiping
was not real.

Well, what is real is that pastors for decades have hustled for the majority of people that they
could scheme the most money out of the easiest. TV pastors has made million off the sad stories of people lives by telling them what "faith will do for them". Stories that they know play off their feelings and cause one to become not drunken by the word of God but by a trick just launche starting with stage one, "faith" to stage two, "offering a book", stage 3, "be obedience to God", to stage 4, "God loves a cheerful giver" which is "MONEY"! Lots of money!

This trick is the same in every Church but more with Republican Churches that has the
connections to robbed from rich sufferers who was told through cheerful giving their lives would
be saved and they would receive many blessing if they gave big. This type of motivation has
funded their lavish life styles and televangelist programs of Satanism for years. They have taught
the people not of love but of receiving. But of gaining and not caring who and how you get it as
long as you get it.  Then attributing this to God's word and how he want his people to prosper.

However, with all these Churches we find very little love. But we do see what money is creating.
Big luxury mega Churches with rotten people inside like a rotten apple. Look good on the outside but is rotten and not fit for anything than to be cast aside and burned.

Who is God? Who Is Jesus? They are creators of all of all of us hoping we would become more
than what he now see. He want a people that can get along and knows how to care for each other. To see the poor as one see themselves. To visualize at all time a world where God would
appreciate us offering to change non-believers into believing the only way to God is through

Their are character changes and attitudes that goes along with serving Christ. It is a salvation
thing that goes far beyond the Church on Sunday. Far beyond saying you are a Christian and
every time a rock song or rap or country song you hear you begin to twist and sing. Getting
behind closed doors and doing things you are ashamed to do in public but use your home as a
cover. Then rushing to Church acting like you didn't do a thing and now so Godly and precious
with songs of joy after giving Satan his private time.

With as many Churches that open their doors to help people on Sunday has and is proving to be
worthless. A waste of time for most. This, however, does not reflect all Churches. The problem
we have is that very few know what is the true Church and how to teach about the true God. I
know there are many false Churches because Jesus said, "Many many may say Lord, Lord. but I know them not". This is proof that I am right. Yet, most Churches think they are right and this is where we have the problem.

To fix it and move toward God and not hell is why every one should start to question their
pastors as to why and where does the Bible say this or that is OK and to do it? Then read that
scripture for your self and break each word down to see if it really say what the pastor said. You
will find that much is taken out of context. Ask why you go to Church on Sunday and where does it say it? Ask why you do not get healed? Ask why your prayers are not answered? If someone says his prayers are answered, ask them to show how and compare his prayer to another person's prayer that was not answered? Is one a favorite of God that He would answer their prayer and not the another child of his. Not hardly.

Why can't we just love each other without all of the hype. We can do it just by trusting in the
word of God. We can be a better person by accepting Jesus as the Son of God and abiding in him in all things like keeping our mind on God at all times meaning every hour and all day and night long.

The very intent of God is not to get us to pretend and play games of corruption but to live, love,
share and enjoy each other along with enjoying the beauty of this world called earth that he want
us to build upon, create things and enjoy it. He want us to do this by realizing it is he that gives
all things and not Satan. He want you to worship him and give him the glory, the praise, the
honor at all times. He is the only one that give life and can take it away just as fast. But most
rather serve Satan of hate, division, lies, lust, despisers of those that are poor, corrupt and
diseased in the mind.

Pastors on Sunday will continue in their old ways of deliverance and today most followers will
leave in no better shape than when they entered in. Tomorrow,  it will be Satan's time again. All
the Church will once again "do what I want to do "and "God should tend to his business".

I no the truth and want you to no the truth that this world is getting worst and worst and less and
less caring about what God want. If you don't believe me then why is the Republican Church
against the Democratic Church? Why is the Republican Church filled with so much hate against
the Democratic Church? And there is more right before your sight. You can see it if you want to.

I hope I caused your mind to wonder on the great things God has in store for the endures.