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Breaking New! An old Republican silly gene particle has just been discovered

How fascinating that an old gene particle has just been rediscovered deep within so-called Christian character and attitudes. The discovery was within the pages of the Holy Bible all the while but has been over looked by Republican ministers and their churches for thousands of years.

The discovery was a "Silly Gene" (SG) that Democrats have long believed was the reason why Republicans act and vote the way they do. This gene was discovered deep within the Energy Grid Atom EGA) that supply life to all particles within it.

Deep within the Silly Gene was found other irrational particles that floated around the inside of the "Silly Gene". These particles are believed to be the "Satan Particle" Known as the "Stupid Gene". It floats from inside to outside of the Silly Gene Particle reacting in a different way each time. That is, blinking "false love" false hope and lifetime of "hate and twisted lies". It's function is to prevent lesser poor particles within the Energy Grid Atom from getting energy.

Proof that the silly gene was the greatest discovery yet, was what was seen inside it's core. Detected was large particles of hate, lying, stealing from the poor, cheating and twisting genes that has been the cause of discontent since the world began.

The "SSP" or  Satan Stupid Particles are the direct cause of hunger and discontent because of business greed. It infiltrate the ranks of poor particles and scare them the most because they depend on the Energy Grid Atom for jobs, healthcare, and other things so needed by poor particles.Satan Stupid Particles believe if they can control the poor then they can control the money for themselves or I mean, "the Energy Grid Atom' or both.

Another particle discovered was an artificial particle posing as the Republican Church, I mean the "Judas gene".  It's function is to rob and steal from the poor by causing the poor particles to think it's there to protect them.

The Energy Grid Atom is losing power because the Silly Gene slickly stole more energy than it needed, thus causing and economic slow down of creating more particles to keep the EGP running at full strength.

The Silly Gene has always believed that if you take away from the Poor Genes then more silly genes can grow along with their pocket books, I mean within the Energy Grid Atom, leaving the poor gene particles to become weaken particles not able to contribute much to the Energy Grid Atom and gradually dye off then leaving the Silly Gene to rule the "EGA."

Fortunately, an old and powerful Democratic Gene Particle (DGP) known as the "Compassionate gene Particles' (CGP) still exist within the EGA.  It fight for energy for all and provide means for poor particles to contribute to the Energy Grid Atom and vice versa.

The Democratic Gene Particle stay close to the Silly particles but far away so not to be sucked into their Stupidity Gene Particle's path. "DGP" give protection to the poor particle and keep them from having their energy robbed from them..

However, Democratic Gene Particles all around are not mystified at this old discovery. They knew that something was out their not wanting them to help poor particles. But what's not surprising is that the "DGP's" have their high powered particle beam "Bama Blaster" in play to deliver periodic burst of helping energy to rejuvenate and revive poor gene particles to fight back against silliness and stupidity and protect the Energy Grid Atom at all cost.

The crew of the "Obama Blaster Ship" sore throughout the Energy Grid Atom blasting, love, care, help, togetherness and "all for one and one for all". Secondary blasts containing antibiotic is blasted onto "Silly Genes" to minimize them. So for, the Silly genes have rejected  the antibiotic and come up with other ways to break the back of poor particles.

Only the crew of the "Obama Blaster Ship" can propel the Silly Gene Particles from destroying the Energy Grid Atom and poor particles. We, as members of the Democratic Gene Particle must not let the Republican so-called Christian Church of the "Silly Gene Particles" take over or the EGA will suffer once again.

A free election is taking place. The Energy Grid Atom (America, Constitution economy) and Poor Particles existence is at state. Only the Crew Ship of the Obama Blaster can save it the right way.

Vote Barack Obama for President of the United States (Energy Grid Atom).

Just messing around. Hope you can understand it. You think about it!

This is serious. You should  read "God bless America and leave us along. Very hot! Click! or