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July 5, 2011
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Mr. Ward
Southern Baptist Association is raising hell about immigrants but silent on gays and their take over of the country. They are Hypocritical conservative church goers who pretend to be righteous through the hearts of demons. By Bishop Ward

Listen at politicking games they spend time advocating instead of promoting the true gospel of God as it is written. "Love" . There kind of love is that offered only to other conservative rich and wealthy folks who think demonically silly like they do.

A recent news source reported from Nashville Tenn. stated that the Southern Baptist Convention leader, Richard Land, says the group's policy arm supports a version of the DREAM Act —— the proposed law that would allow illegal
immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children to earn legal status, either by going to college or serving in the military.

As a minister I want to know what has this got to do with the work of God toward salvation? Nothing! Sound Racist to me! What about gays getting married? Say what SBC! I don't hearrrrrrr youuuuu!!!!!!

Land also wrote that his commission could support the DREAM Act, with conditions. One condition would be making sure the bill does not allow young adults who gain legal status to help their relatives gain legal status or enter the country. He called such a measure "back-door amnesty.

Now wait a minute! What parent or relative would not want to help his father, daughter, brother or cousin to gain legal status in this country. Are they crazy? They would help their's and know they would. Sound Racists to me again not to mention stupid.

This ungodly group earlier this month passed a resolution at its annual
meeting in Phoenix advocating a path to legalization for non-criminal illegal immigrants.

Again, this organization is really out to put a stop to Spanish Mexicans entering this country. This country is filled with uncaught criminals. Isn't any one against the will of God a criminal. Figure that one out.

The fact is, they can't let too many immigrants come in this country because they mainly vote Democratic. That's their real concern. Not the saving of souls but the saving of money, power and position.

They hate Spanish people coming to this country so bad that they sent a letter to Senators Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and John Cornyn, R-Texas, who are the chairman and ranking member, respectively, of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security voicing their decision........Now where is the gospel in this? Where is the letters against gays?

One thing that bothers me about the SBC is that I've  never seen or read any constant blasting against homosexuals with any kind of marching, signs or continuous news coverage voicing their dislike of this despicable act. They should be in the news every day. They are big enough. But they want. As the Bible say, "busy with small issues while the larger ones go undone". I read this in the Bible by the way.

If they were such a Godly organization, homosexuality would not have rising to the degree as it is now. Out of control. They did nothing but worry about immigrants and other foolish things claiming and lying that what they do is the will of God. Sorry ! I don't think so! My Bible don't teach this kind of underhanded religion.

Busy being racists on the part of SBA/SBC has created an ungodly country where homosexuality now command more respect than Christianity. SBC/SBA are afraid to write letters to Washington or appear constantly on TV speaking out against it for fear of losing their tax exempt status (money) or being talked about (fear).

I say to the SBC/SBA to continue on robbing the people cause you ain't doing nothing for God. By the way, most homosexuals are taught in Christian Churches. That's why they quote scriptures and challenge the Church so much. Say Whatttt?

Think about it!

God bless!

Southern Baptist Association is raising hell about immigrants and silent on gays.