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August 5, 2011
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Mr. Ward
Weekend Finisher
It's long but take the time to read and pass it on.

Is Obama the sacrificial lamp for the nation's poor people.

I hear a lot of people from both the Democratic side as well as the Republican side call Obama a sell out, whimp, don't fight hard enough, give in too quickly, he is bad for the country and his so called spending privilege should be taken away.

At one time I began to question his reasons for giving in and compromising on the low end. I never wrote against him because for some reason deep down I felt that it was not time to speak out. There had to be something else. What was it? So I with held the pen on him until now because I finally realized He was the "Sacrificial Lamb".

What am I talking about? Well, not all the time do we know what's best for us. Most of the time we as poor people are in positions of not knowing what is happening and become upset when we do not get what we want when we want it.

We do not see the whole picture. For instant, the affects of a land mind well hidden and disguise ready to blow up as soon as we step on it.  Not knowing has killed or severely maimed many lives. We suffer more than ever unless someone find out where the land mine is hidden and try to get it removed. Out numbered and well shielded the Land mine remain hidden.

The poor is unaware it is there. But Obama and his administration knows it's there and that the poor will be hurt if something isn't done. Those pushing against him is over whelming and it's hard to get them to see poor people needs.

The Republican Party and especially the Tea Party has a lot of hidden agenda's to take away our basic life style like raising your health care costs, affecting your social security, cutting medicare much worst than Democrats would do. Women rights and medical help will suffer, schools, teachers, colleges and students will suffer much worst also.  Jobs will suffer as they are with airport and construction workers while we see congress go home and leave them with out a paycheck.

The Conservative Congress and Tea Party hoodlums are sort of like Satan. You know that Satan comes to lie, cause problems, still and destroy, even kill. The Republicans congress looks far ahead and find crucial issues that are not yet a problem but plan to make them one well ahead of time. Their plan is to wait until the very last moment, since they have the upper hand in congress and force the hand of Obama using Satan tools.

Like the Debt compromise, there was a land mind the Republicans Congress planted to kill and destroy the way of life for poor people. Other bombs were drop in the deal, some good, but it was the land minds that would hurt the poor the most that the poor could not see and needed the help of Obama.

Jesus also saw that the rich was taking advantage of the poor. Leaving them with out much hope. Many were burden. Much sickness and despair abound. This caused hate, disrespect for each other, violent and murder, no real love for each other except for the rich who loved themselves. 

Though we had fell out of love for God with our envy, lust, greed, pride, gluttony and anger he would forgive us and allow us a way to return to him and our senses by understanding the reason why we exist and where love of God and each other would eventually lead towards a peaceful life and finally Heaven, through his son,Jesus Christ.

God required a pure sacrifice. Some one had to die with out spot or wrinkle so we could have a fresh start. Only a sacrifice of his only Son Jesus for our sins could this be possible or we would perish with no hope of life but eternal fire and nonexistent. Jesus suffered in our place so that we could live by allowing himself to be slang so that we can live.

Obama is a very very long ways from being Jesus. Many hate him and he knows it. But his mind was on the poor, the sick, the hungry, the unemployed, the helpless who could not help them selves from the land mine hidden within the Republicans debt deal.

Obama saw the land mine that would bring so much hurt upon the poor people that out of love for the poor twice he through himself upon the land mine and took the consequences upon himself. He sacrificed his good standing so the poor could not be forsaken. Now the poor must remember what he did and get behind him and support him for there is no more sacrifices.  The fight for survival is in what you will do for Obama.

He don't need your let downs, but your praises in a complicated situation where you are on his mind.

But for now, he has been poor people "sacrificial Lamb".

Think about it!

So-called Christian Conservatives needs God. Liberal Christians you have your hands full. Time to get to work.

Bishop Ward

Is Obama the sacrificial lamp for the nation's poor people.