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June 17, 2011
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Mr. Ward
Mitt Romney jokes he's unemployed. Yet, is worth 10's of million of dollars.

In a coffee shop in Tampa, Flordia.
Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, a multimillionaire, joked today in a meeting with unemployed, joked that he is unemployed, prompting laughter among the unemployed people with whom he was meeting. 

He quickly drew criticism from the chairwoman of the Democratic National, Committee Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a US House member from Florida who released a statement branding the comments “inappropriate and insensitive to the millions of Americans looking for work.”

More should have been said about this rich cronie who thinks its funny to be unemployed. Yet, this is the guy poor Republicans, who he makes fun of, think care about them. They think this guy is great like "Tony the Tiger!"

What about those so-called unemployed folks sitting around this table enjoying brunch. Poor and unemployed people I know could not afford such a meal. Their bills would come first. Yet, there they are, laughing and joking about being unemployed. Sound like well off folks to me.

Let's get back to Mitt.....

Mitt Romney just laughed publicly in the face of the unemployed. He has millions of dollars. He's so rich that as governor of Massachusetts he didn't even take a salary. Yet, the poor people of his state suffered under his reign as governor.

His attitude show just how much sympathy and how much compassion he has for some one who's really unemployed. It no joke not being able to feed your family or pay basic bills and provide for family members that depend on them for survival.

Romney is a product of the Tea Party and he's showing us just what the Tea Party has in stow for poor people. More unemployment and more tax breaks for the rich.

Think about it!

God bless!

Mitt Romney jokes he's unemployed yet is worth 10's of million of dollars