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June 27, 2011
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Mr. Ward
The Right To Work law is a Tea Party "no brainier" that they think is a "brainier". Learn the truth about unions.

Once again they find insane things to bring to light that most Republicans get all upset about without giving their ramping any thought as to how much different will a  "Right To Work law" affect voters in a presidential election. The answer to that is, "It want.

Voters, whether in a union or not, will vote their chose. The Tea Party and Republicans want to bust the union because unions tend to favor the Democratic Party that always favor poor people. Since these smart poor people vote Democratic most of the time, it scares the Tea Party and their cronies in office and those wanting to get in office to skin the poor.

North Carolina is a right to work state. Where I worked, Navy Aviation Depot, Cherry Point, NC, as a civil servant and Union Representative where the Union represented all people, paying and non paying. The Union worked just as hard for the non payer as did for the payer.

Here's how the union worked. Most employees do not no that their employers have rules and regulations protecting them from you and very limited rights for the employee except the right to be fired.

However, the National labor Relation Act, created in 1935 cover labor right for employees and employers. It guarantee workers the rights to organize a union and to bargain collectively with their employers.

The union then can argue your complaints of unfair promotions, pay, work habits, safety, transfers, absentee, sick leave, vacations, firing and hiring, charges, finds and a whole lot more. 

Employees do not know about these rules and regulation and many, if they did, do not understand them nor the rules and regulation of their employers. Reason being, the employees can't question or fight them and win because "you can't fight what you don't know about".

Unions are like lawyers. They spend time studying Labor laws as well as businesses rules and regulations to best adapt them to benefit the employer and the employee.

Businesses have lawyers working for them against employees. When an employee goes at it along he comes up against these lawyers. The lawyers tell you they are there for you as well as the employer. This is not true. A lawyer works for who ever is paying the bill. And employees are not paying their salaries. Don't be fooled. They are there for one reason and one reason only! The employer! You can't win!

Many employees thinks Human Relation, which is there place squarely in the midst of every moderate size business, is also there for them. Not so! They will handle small things that will work it's way out any way, but larger stuff that comes up against the business and you guessed it. You won't win no matter how much evidence you have. You are out the door or out of luck. They are for management and management only no matter what they tell you. You, the employee does not pay their salary. Think about it.

Unions insure that National Labor Relation laws and collective barganing right are abibed by, thus leading towards a smooth working and profitable business between employer and employee.

When an employee has a complaint with their employer, like court, you do not go at it along. You don't go to court with out an attorney. Such is the case with unions. They are a type of, you might say, attorneys.

The employee asked the employer for union representation whom they must comply. The representative hear the employee complaint, determine if it is valid, then present it or not, to the employer for a meeting on the issues. The employee has the right to be represented by a union or not.

If the complaint is valid enough the union and employer set a time when the case will be heard. The union is their at the meeting to hear both sides and come up with an agreeable solution for both parties.  A Union Representative is is also necessary for at every meeting hear the conversation as well as decisions of both parties and take notes of what has been said.

If no decision is met, the union has the right, if the employee approve it, take the matter to the next higher level in management until final arbitration where the complaint comes up before a practicing and independ judge or arbitrator where all parties so to speak, goes to a non-public session or court, so to speak, where all parties are sworn in and evidence are presented by both the Union and, you guessed it, that management lawyer that said he was working for you.

Your only chance now is a Good Union Arbitration Representative who really knows the law. The Union now pulls out their top gun Representative to go against management's lawyer. The rest is history.

When you retain the help of an attorney you pay and pay big for their knowledge and help. As you have seen from the description above why wouldn't you want to pay for the same representation. It is not fair to paying members when sorry no good non-paying workers take advantage of paying union members.

So much is made of "The Right To Work Law". I say get it. It wont change a thing. Join a union or not and keep on working. But remember, a lawyer is as good as the amount of money he's charging. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing!

About the issue of what we do with that money collected from willing members. That's our business.

Tea Party find another issue. You must really be scared of losing in 2012.

Think about it and Pass this on!
God bless!

The Right To Work law is a Tea Party "no brainier"