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July 14, 2011
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Mr. Ward
Gov. Rick Perry (R) Texas and ignorant Christians conservatives thinks God is a fool as they pretend to pray to God. By Bishop Ward

Perry and hypocritical conservative Christians has invited the Obama administration, the nation's governors and Texas lawmakers to attend "a day of prayer and fasting meeting on behalf of our troubled nation" in Houston on Aug. 6. The event is being sponsored and blessed by evangelical fundamentalist Christian leaders.

Perry says the "country need God's help" He urges prayer.

I, being a Christian, is blown away when I hear stupid, ignorant, racist, so-called Church people like the conservative right fundamental Christian groups attempt to think that God is in their corner.  They play with with God as though he is a fool like the followers they lead by mind minuplation by way of KKK like rhetoric.

Perry states, "the country need God's help". Where has these powerful Christian conservatives been. If they had so much praying power, then why didn't they see this economic down turn happening under George Bush's administration and pray for it?

Even more than that, why didn't Christian conservatives pray for the country when Obama inherited a recession in 2009.  Wasn't God around then?

Next! Christian conservatives speak as though they dispise gays, but yet their lack of efforts over many many years has been silent to gays pushing forward. Why didn't they pray? Now that things are out of control with gays and marriage between them, these Christian losers now stick out their chests as though they represent God and want to take a stand. Well it's too late. You should have held street rallies 30 years ago.

Christian conservatives so-called prayer rallies have always been about big ideals in the conservative Christian network when it comes to creating something stupid for the people to get into. They are always organizing something contrary against God. For example, "A National Prayer Day". No such thing! One day of prayer is ridiculous. Sound good, but a corrupt nation cannot pray to God.

God does not answer the prayers of lying people, yet, Conservatives groups have manage to mass fortunes through false prayers perpetrated on their weak flocks saying that God will do this and that, knowing it will not happen, just to get into their bank accounts. A great business!

They are against tax heights because it may cause lying tiding to be cut, another lie they fool the people on to grow their store houses, "their bankacounts". "We are under free will", not orders! God don't make us do nothing! We are not under "law" but "grace"!

There is no such thing as two Christian groups praying to God against another Christian group. This make our God a confused God. Yet, Christian conservatives try it. They think God only recognize them and they try or should I say, think God is against Democrats. But God is on the side of the oppressed. The poor and helpless. I guess they haven't read this yet in their Bibles.

Frankly, I think the whole conservative organization whether on TV or Off is heading for hell if they don't change. And I think other non-conservative Christians should launch a campaign to save them, like I do.

I also think Obama will be a fool to play into their hands. As usual the conservatives is up to know good.

Think about it!

A Minister for all!
God bless!

Gov. Rick Perry (R) Texas and ignorant Christians conservatives thinks God is a fool as they pretend to pray to God.