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January 6, 2012
"We The People!"
Mr. Ward

Weekend Finisher
How hard is it for the rich and wealthy to go to heaven? Do the bible indicate there may be others?

In every country around the world we have the rich and wealthy controlling nearly everything. What I get tickled about is when I see and hear these people having the audacity to thank God and tell the public, of all people, to pray for this and that like they really have a relationship with God. People in entertainment, news, Rich Pastors, etc. especially.

Rich people are all over our TV screens, in our neighborhoods, cities and Churches. They all preach miracles and prayer works and pray for me. While all this sound good coming from those who have plenty, it does not resonate with poor people. Even more, saying they are a Christian doesn't make them one even if they gave to every charity that comes along.

The main question for those who are rich is this. Will you give it all up to follow Jesus? The same question is to the wealthy and even to the middle class which struggle to get where the rich is. Will you give it all up to follow Christ? The answer is NO! So there goes the trust.

Our world today is about "get more". Get more money. Get more stuff. Get just as much as I can get for one reason. ME!  So I can look good. You are in the danger zone when ME can only see what the world has to offer ME and I want it! For me to get to where I want to be and beyond I will do what ever it takes to get there. One can claim God is helping them but there mind is focusing on one thing, "Money" and looking at the things of the world I can buy for ME.

When you get these things some claim to thank God, but really they thank themselves because I did it and I will do anything to keep what I have and increase even more. I'll give a donation or two for charity but I can't give too much cause THEY need to go to work. It's hard, but I did it, they can do it too. (the poor will always be among you)

Having money and things are not wrong. It is how you use that money and position to help others. But helping others does not get you a place in Heaven when your heart and real love is in both your money and your treasures. When greed has consume your thinking and actions you are no longer fit for heaven.

With the Republican Christian Party we can see how money, treasures and greed corrupts the senses. They are the very rich, wealthy and the silly "wanta be wealthy" poor people who want it all for themselves. They are never happy nor willing to share nor give and inch if it means losing just a little bit of their way of life. They are driven by GREED and feel the poor is out to rob them.

When we look at Great large businesses and churches we clearly see their glory. Their throne, their heaven on earth. We see there round table power as they rally around those that will take from the poor, like the old Roman regime, and feed the rich. Giving the poor just enough to get to work. To do their bidding. Never having much chance to improve to a comfortable level. A level where God is truly given thanks and keeping a mind that the things that I own mean nothing if I have to give it up for Christ.

What's so sad is that we have middle class and below who have very little but treat it as though they have gold. They also will not give it up to follow Christ.

What is it that drive man toward money and away from God. That drives him toward treasures and away from God. It is, over time, a lack in belief, faith and hope when man is allowed to get away with his faults and there is no immediate punishment from God.  Is it because years and years of time and time has not changed though nights and days and years of prayer have not produce the wants expected from an all powerful God and his punishment must not be so because he didn't act, so you no longer in him indulge!

So I'll seek my glory else where, you say. I'm powerful with money and treasure. This is mind, you say again, when you look over all that you own and "I did it".

Fallen from grace seem the right course and following the gurus of prosperity seem a better chose to quick success since my Pastor is rich from prosperity of  his congregation. In this there is nothing wrong with being rich and wealthy. Take from the poor and keep it for for my glory. Do as they they do and give 'trickle downs" from my table of gold trimmed life style.... Boy, this is too deep to continue!

If this sound deep, it is. I'm about to drown in my thoughts of sorrow.

The moral of the story is that there is nothing wrong with having money and buying treasures. It how you treat it and take it to heart. It how you share it. It's not letting money and trusure control you. It's keeping an open heart for God at any time should he call you home.

It is for the love of money that destroys a man. The destroyer moves in both the Democrats and the Republican Parties. Can a rich, wealth and wanta be enter Heaven? He can, but it will be hard. Real hard.

Would you give it all up to follow God if you was living high on the hog? I don't think the Republican Christian Party is ready to do this. They want more. They want what little left that the poor people have. They want it all and they want quit until they take it all back. We can't let them. We don't want it all, just our share. Think about it!