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July 15, 2011
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Mr. Ward
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What does Racism has to do with the Tea Party, conservative churches and racist sites. Must read!
By Bishop Ward
Bad news for those of love if Republicans get in office. This is pitiful.
I was surfing the internet working on another story that needed more information when I came across a website accidentally that completely stop me cold. I completely forgot about my original story thoughts and knew I had to share this with the rest of you.

As a Minister, I present the truth to you whether it sound hard or harsh to the reader. The reason being, is that baby talk and pacifiers have created ungrateful people. In order to retain some kind of order one must be whipped with many stripes in hope that some regain some sense of knowing exactly why we exist on earth. To show love between each other! Period!!!!!

I'm always speaking against Republicans and especially the conservative church. This time however, I want to make a distinction between them and Democratic Christians.

A question I like to have answered is why does the conservative church, which think they are servants of God, align themselves with violent and racist groups and parties all across America rather than with other Christian groups in the Democratic Party with a lot less violent and hate coming from non-believers?

Here is what I mean. While surfing I came across a conservative racist website that is both heavily Tea Party represented and conservative valued. It speak the thoughts of the Tea Party and a lot of Republicans.  That is, it comes out and say what it has to say without pretending.

The sight is called, "I rate Irishman". I know some of you are saying why would you give this site any more public coverage?  I do it because you who want that "more perfect nation" must know that behind the scenes there is a plan to take over the free nation we love being planed by the Tea party and conservative groups like this one if a Republican is elected into office pn 2012.

If this happen we can expect more racist groups to become more open and challenge the constitution to their free speech like gays have done. Don't be fooled. Just look how the Republican legislature is acting. Look how the Tea Party and Republican Governors are challenging and using the constitution as a base to restore past hate and regain the nation back from the poor as did in past history where they made millions off the backs of the poor.

Our nation cannot afford to drift backward not one little bit. Inciting discrimination in a time when folks are angry because of bad economic times is a good plan by the Tea Party to incorporate their legends of demons to so-called "take our country back".

If I can remember! "Taking our country back" means restoring it back to the days of total control over blacks, poor whites, Spanish people, Indians, Chinese and other dark or colored races who was the under dog to the rich.

But for the conservative church being a part of this is mind blowing. Their acceptance of this type of racist behavior, shared value and intentions to protect the rich by causing suffering to the poor is well below the standard of God. It's budding up with the Devil.

The leaders behind these groups are the Tea Party. You better open your eyes and begin to see what is going on behind the scenes. We as a civilized people cannot at this time let the Republican Party back in the office of the President. They need time to learn how to love and care. They need God!

Think about it!
God bless!

What does Racism has to do with the Tea Party, conservative churches and racist sites. Must read!