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Nigbit- September- 2014


We cannot Destroy ISIS in Iraq but Contain them

News media's have for the past week attempted to play with words made by Obama when he stated containing and destroying ISIS. The war with word was on. Commentators quickly jumped on the word containing. They and other politicians say he was wrong and had the wrong approach to what to do. That he should just stated, " we will destroy ISIS."

It didn't take me long to pick up on this. What I mean is destroying versus containing. Obama should have maintained the containing approach while saying we will destroy them as much as we can. This will lead to containing ISIS.

Mow let me make this perfectly clear. Terrorist has been around for nearly 100 years, most of it terrorizing the United States. We have been fighting them for ever. We have Armies all over still fighting them. They are still here. Still dangerous, but briefly "contained" not destroyed.

We cannot destroy theses people because there will always be some one to teach the next generation.

You cannot destroy an Ideology. We can't destroy ISIS no more can we destroy Christianity. You can't destroy what people believe in.

There are terrorist all over the world with the same intent to destroy us. They are living in the United Stated. Can we destroy them? No! That why after living in a democratic country and even raised here it has not change their Ideology intentions.

All we can do for ISIS is destroy there means to occupy certain places which will push them else where where they will continue on until they launch another attack.

No! We will never destroy terrorists. We haven't done it yet. Think about It!


Such a Waste of Human Souls

I had a visit from a wayward person. This is a person that has lost their way. We find many people like this that go through life thinking how they act are the correct way for them. We find they are most hard to make simple changes because of their zest to maintain control over their present existance. .....They like what they do...

This person is a copy of most people who believe in Christ, thier church, their pastor. Yet, they cannot believe from the heart in Christ but believe more in the pastor and church. They fear the wrong people.

We find these cursing wildly at the end of every sentence. They even believe their actions are of Christ they believe is in them and is acceptable. Yes, even though they curse, drink alcohol, whether beer or other, even dancing to secular music at home or at clubs, they believe God is right there staggering and blubbering the same actions.

Many does it because the pastor, yes, the pastor present these same behaviorals and saying it's ok by not challenging their congregation's action outside of their churches againt true bible principles. Pastors just let them run free to expand and destroy others.

Listen! Having saving face at church does not make up for wayward life styles away from church. At church, people believe that God live in their churches and these churches demand so kind of respect. This is not true since the church is just a place like any other building one want to worship in. God do not live in anything made by man's hands. Only in ancient time.

The word of God that;s supposed to be guilding you is all you need to take everywhere you go. With out proper training in the word of God you get the confusion that most in church live with today. Not knowing how to defend themselves from Satan.

It is a waste of humans souls for pastors to have filled so many good people's hearts with self destructable behavior. Creating clowns and comedic people of twisted minds working under cover unwillingly but willingly for Satan.

And all will fall into the depths of hell unless by chance, before it's too late, these receive the truth about Christianity. ....Love thy God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you would love yourself.

Sometime this is hard and hard choses must be made, but the end results is knowing you did what was right even though the other think not. But you must be right. Not saying you are right for your own glory or victory.

Love comes in many forms and is divided into hundred of ways. It may hurt some time and cause confusion at others, but the end results is a righteous decision. Christian are suppose to know the right decisions. Your represent God and God is love. You think about it!