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Nigbits - September - 2013


Just My thoughts on the Syrian War and US Reasoning

The war may not or just might start because our, so-called security, and  finding of Serin gas in Syria has violated our so called safety.  So we now see a drastic need to invade and punish that helpless countries deadly chemical pile up and those that possess it around the world. Our politicians have said how deadly chemical weapons are and they must attack any nation that uses them.

One of the excuse to keep this gas out of the terrorist hands or from getting into the terrorist hands. They never say that countries shouldn't have it. Yet, they say it is very dangerous and not country should use it against it's own people.

So, I have a question for the United States my country. Then why do we have the largest stock pile of chemical weapons in the world? Why do we have them? What do we need them for? Are there a time when we will use these chemicals and on who? Is it to be used on other nations but not your own?  Something is very funny with this.

I said before that  Russia and China have chemical weapons also. They also has nuclear weapons and very dangerous long range cruse missiles. I do not believe our politicians like Obama, John Kerry or John McCaine would be talking as bad as they are about attacking these countries if they used chemical weapons on their people, but just say they should be ashamed and that's the end of that.

I do believe Russia and China are considered our enemies. A rush to bomb their countries would cause a near destruction of the world and causing world war 3 where nuclear fallout will kill billions.  As bad as we think we are we cannot defend against incoming  nuclear weapons or a barrage of incoming weapons. All of this happening because we foolishly thought we could invade Russia or China. Never happen.

Trying to prove something to people that know how far to go is worthless. Iran has not held out building nuclear weapons for nothing. She knows the United States and Israel will attack them if they see enough evidence. So why attempt to make us think Iran will use chemical weapons on their people or build a nuclear weapon that can be seen knowing it would be bomb.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of radicals like Iran and North Korea will definitely pose eminent danger to the world. But chemical weapons. It seem that the United States with the largest stock pile in the world being in our country are the threat to our own selves.

If we do not plan to use them then get rid of them. What are we holding them for? What are the other countries holding them for? If we have them and will not destroy them, then we plan to use them some day. 

One day hell will break loose. No need to rush it. You think about it!

Taking "under God" out of "Pledge allegiance to the Flag"

Should the phrase  "under God" be removed from " I Pledge allegiance to the Flag? Well, Massachusetts's highest court will hear a court case this week  to whether "under God" should be taken out. Although "under God" was put in the pledge in 1950 there is nothing wrong with honoring God as the builder and maker of all things. Many Godless people want to kick the use of the name God out of our vocabulary and on certain material because God stand against their Constitutional Rights and against everything they want to embrace. That is, ungodliness and ungodly filthy behavior. This is just more of "falling away"  from God in this country and prove the authenticity of the Bible, Jesus and God. You are for him or against him. You think about it!


Michelle Bachman maintain her lunacy

Would you believe this woman told a gathering that God was on their side and he would help them win the 2016 presidential election. She also made a prediction that she wiould win against Obama. Said God told her to run. She never made a good running. She like her counter parts are liars and weirdos. Her followers cheered and praise God or somebody as she made a food of herself. I tend to believe it was somebody. You think about it and who that somebody is!


So Called christian Conservative Hate for the Poor

Would you believe that today, around 6:10 PM, the right wing extremist's in the Senate just voted to cut 39 billion dollars from the Food Stamp Program. They voted 117-110 and cheered knowing they would cut 4,000,000 children off nutritional food and put them on the hunger list.

The Republican's so called Christians should be ashamed of themselves. hey pretend they love God but go against him every chance they get. They just hate to see children eating meals they think the money that bought it was coming out of their pocket.

They say God is on their side and telling them to do it. To also do whatever they can to defund Obamacare because God doesn't want insurance that allow a child to stay on their parents insurance until 26 years old. They say God doesn't want any one to be taken care of that have preexisting medical conditions.They say God said let every man take care of themselves whether they can or not. The not's should die in the name of God.

Now the demonic Church on the right want to defund the government and cause a breakdown in military paychecks, Social Security, Medicare and more. They simply say their father the devil tells them to do it. Without any heart or conscience they sneak through the night meeting with local demons planning, while the rest of us sleep. Planning to destroy the poor.

Our war as the left and Democrats are a hard one but a worthy one. We have a battle on our hands. Jesus destroyed the devil's hold on man but through the centuries Satan has built an army of conservative Church worshipers to do his bidding in a modern way. He has resurrected his sleepers to come against all that is right. Satan's army is following his instruction. Cause confusion and havoc among the people.

He's ordered them to twist and bend the truth. Even the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Once a liar, always a liar, especially if you follow after the lying Dragon. You think about it!


Another Lying Minister

This morning I decided to go through the TV channels and  low and behold their was this black pastor doing an early morning service around 5 AM. His Church was call "The Word". He was different, so I decided to listen in for a few minutes. I always say, in this new modern religion of Christianity all you have to do is listed for a minute or two and you will hear more lies than at a comedy show.

Sure enough this guy. who seem like a wise teacher, at least that's how he proclaimed himself, told a big one. He was making a statement about how great God was. He said God was Jesus as man. That he could change himself into any thing even a rock. Hummmm! Now you got to listen to this one. He said God said he would forget your sins. True! Then he said, "When God forget, he forgets." True enough.

First, he said, God was Jesus as man. This is partically true and not and true. Well, to make it short, many Churches teach there is only one God. They forget that Jesus is also God. God the son. This mean there are two Gods. God the Father and God the Son. I hope what he meant was Jesus as God, gave up himself to become literally a man without his awsome powers. There was a reason Jesus did this. I hope this is what he meant. Read, "Into the mind of God!"

Secondly, the BIG LIE: He stated, "God could forget he was God, if he wanted to." He then told his members that "this was over their heads."  No this is ridiculous and he should be hit in the head.

Wait a minute I said! You got to be kidding me! God forgetting he is God! How is this possible. If this was possible he would never be God again because he's forgotten he was God. How could he return.

I do believe forgetting is a lost of memory if you can't remember. Does this mean that if God forgot he was God that we would no longer have a God? Yep!

This generation of Churches is not of God. If must be reformed. Help me do this. To return as many as we can back to true gospel as was intended through Jesus Christ. I wish people would read my Website and call these liars out. Think about it!