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Nigbit- October- 2014

Republicans See Our Troops as Expendables

Why are Republicans so ready to put your sons and daughters in harm way. They act like our military is so powerful that our troops will just run over ISIS like they a slow moving turtles caught in a mud hole.

It took us nearly 11 years to defeat the few terrorists we had before in Iraq. We lost a great number of men's and women's not to mention the disabled. But we, all of a sudden, acording to Republicans, have the young men and women to "get er done" quickly.

Our country is drunk with not wanting to kill civilians but it's ok for these civilians to kill us. But we go along with human rights groups allowing this. It's ok for our troops to be locked into a battle in a village but they better not shoot unless they can verify that the person dressed in a clown suit with a great big weapon is really out to kill them and definitely not a civilians just out  busy cleaning his gun along with a wash tub of ammo and rockets. "Don't shoot", you might violate his rights to point a gun at you.

The way we fight wars are unwinnable. The enemy only disperse but haven't been left with fear. They just regroup somewhere else and plot again.

We have great so-called generals, and yes our president, that doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger. Scared to death of what human right groups igmo's will say.

I say, load them up and dump them on ISIS an wait for them to holler, "do what you must but come get us before our heads get cut off." "Say what?" Why don't you tell ISIS they are violating your rights to keep your head."  "Have a great day with that!"

We can't bomb them because they have one civilian out of thousands with you and we know how you feel about killing civilians, especially this one with holding the sword." So, work it out with your friends.

We the citizen of the United States know that If our troops go into war they will be drawn into traps set for them by ISIS mixing in with civilians and shooting our guys behind their backs just like Hammas wanted Israel to do.

Republicans are out of their heads to rush our troops into such a situation that will take years to fight on the ground.  They forget or doesn't care that we now are dealing with an army using our powerful tanks and missiles and other stuff. This along make the war the most dangerous one since world war two. Why the rush?

Bombing will work but being scared to pull the trigger is a stupid way to fight a war against hostiles intending to destroy your way of life. No second recorse should be considerd. All options should be on the table and used. Waste them before they waste us. They are coming to the United States if we don't stop them!

I think it is an embarrassment to the world to see 50 countries unable or unwilling to do what it need to do to bring this war to a quick end. We and they have the power to do it. But it's pitiful to see this many countries unable to control and dismantle thirty thousands terrorists that has no mighty aircrafts. Pitiful!

What good is it to have all these great weapons we boast about but afraid to use them? We might as well melt them all down for the good they are and go back to swords and shields.

For the Republicans who want our troops to go defend them, why don't someone ask them will they be so ready to put their sons and daughters in harm way?

Why don't John McCain suit up along with Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and other Republicans and go fight for the Iraqian that run like a jack rabbit. Let them stand in for them and leave our troops in America.

But this will not happen because Republicans are safe, well away from the fight. They can care less about the amount of deaths that will mount up for families. They just want the troops to go because they see them as expendables, not human being's.

Troops should never be used unless we have no other alternative. "We have one".... " AIRCRAFTS!"  Aircraft bombing will work if we stop being so afraid of pulling the trigger. You think about it!

NC and other Red States Are Trying To Prevent Voting Rights

With new laws in effect in North Carolina and other red states to suppress the vote by making it harder to vote by doing away with Sunday voting and others, we cannot let this racial party of Republicans defeat us.

We must tell others because the November vote is just as critical as the Presidential vote. If Obama lose the Senate we are in big trouble of Republicans winning both the Senate and Congress. If this happen you can kiss your every thing just about, good by. You ain't seen nothing yet.

We know they want to suppress the vote even more by making it harder for minorities to vote. Doing away with Obamacare. Busting Unions, not raising the cost of living amount, giving more to the wealthy, making it hard for immigrants, increasing gun ownerships rights to shoot and kill, take away more of women rights to control her own body and more will be in jeopardy.

If you don't vote you are saying it's ok to do this to me. I deserve what I get.  Remember, in North Carolina, Vote for Kay Hagan. Every where else vote for your Democratic Senator or any other Democrat that's running for office.

There's more in life than just music, Facebook and Twitter. Get involved! You think about it!

Michael Phelps Caught Driving While Impaired, News Media Goes Wild

Big news today is the 18 times Gold Medal winner of the Olympics, Michael Phelps, was giving a DUI and other tickets for speeding and swerving.

I'm not for defending Phelps actions but I can't stop thinking that our government sell alcohol to the very people it arrest. They have liquor stores on every corner for the public to buy and say enjoy it but you better not get drunk and drive stupidly.

Wait! This is what alcohol is made for. To get you high and drunk and even feeling like you can do just about anything. It's made to make you feel good and stupid. Spike you up. Give you courage. Yes, even drive you to do bad things.

They are even passing marijuana laws for states to let people smoke to their desires.

Michael Phelps is just one in millions that's gotten caught driving under the influence of alcohol the government sold them. If alcohol is this bad why sell it? If drugs are so bad, why allow it? Could it be because of money? Naaaaag!

It's amazing that the very people arresting and making news about this incident does the very same thing Phelps did but just didn't get caught. Just get drunk in your own home, kick the cat, piss on the lawn and act like a fool is OK! Now you're better than Phelps that got caught in the open or just got caught doing the same thing you're doing.

If you, the media, and any one else that passed judgement on Phelps drinking alcohol the government allowed him to drink now think you, the closet drinkers are better than Phelps then you are living in a fantasy zone. You are no better. You just didn't get caught and given a DUI.  So, why don't you reveal your drinking habits to the world?

It would be nice if the Church start to rally against this deadly brew that's the Devil's elixir...... I'm just dreaming, Pat Robertson want allow this.....Now think about it!


Separation Of Church and State By Republicans

I've spoke on this before sometime back, but it never hurt to refresh one's self when it come to Churches teaching false religion. The concern to write on the subject again was inspired by a Mum Festival held in New Bern, NC Saturday, October 11, 2014 where foods, crafts, rides and expo's were displayed by boots and sections and this caught my eye.

In one booth there were Republicans, of course, displaying posters reading "Separation of Church and State." They love to use the Constitution and the Bible as their platform to spread twisted religion and stupidity. Though I knew immediately this was a throw back to Obama.

"Separation of Church and State," lets look deep into it for just a few moments. I'll make this short and believable. Republicans and some Democrats believe Church and State shouldn't mix. I guess they are talking about government, being an entity of politics and laws that extend to all states should not interfere in the business of the Church. I guess they are talking about the Christian Church.

I cannot for the sake of me, have seen nor heard anything wherebout the government made laws that interfered with salvation of the Christian Church or any other Church.

But I can tell you that there is no way government and Churches cannot mix since all the Tea Party and Republican Party so called Christian Churches talk about is how Obama is not Godly. Why evoke God if you want God to stay out of government business?

They quote scriptures from the bible to defend some squawky reason why God should hear their prayers because they are right and Godly and every body else are ungodly. Even politicians in government do the same things.

I make this statement to those that think they can separate Church and State. First, Most in politics claim to be Christians. Before going any further, this along burst the Separation of Church and State issue. But some need more, so for those Christians that want nothing to do with the government you can start by staying home and not driving on government highways. Och, that hurts!

Why not get out and start bartering because the money you have in your pocket belong to the government (render unto Caesar what is Caesars (bible)? Other thing like, driver's licenses, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Social Programs, schools and more and lets not forget the protection we get from the Police Departments and court systems are all government backed and your taxes pay for it. Church people are enjoying these protections.

I could go on but will not, but just ad the most heart breaking impossibility of Separation of Church and State issue.  It's this. Ready for it? Here it is......

Most who vote in this countries' government candidates system are Christians. Church people all over vote for Presidents, Senators, congressmen, Governors, government legislators down to local towns, cities which are state government to federal government.

Republicans who try to push such an Issue of "Separation of Church and State" are idiots. You or we are the government. Now tell me how Church and State can be separated again? Now think about it!

Obama Blame for Mental Illness

I guess you know by now that Obama is the blame for Ebola. Well now, bless his heart, he's been blamed by Republicans for mental illness in this country. That's right! Just today, Michael Salvage, a right wing Republican talk show host, said "Obama's election was the cause of our nation being so sick." He said, "we have a weak sick nation of mental problems and Obama's the blame."

How about that! Obama is the cause of Mental illness. Though Salvage doesn't realize it, but he's right. There is a mental illness problem and it's him. No, it's the majority of the Republican Party. They are sick literally.

The stuff they come up with and say is that of madmen and women. I've seen them hanging off bridges waving banners almost falling to their death while clinging to each other for dear life shouting, "impeach Obama." For what? For not being from this country!

Now, you have got to be a fool any way to hang over the edge of an overpass bridge, but you''re got to be mentally deranged to say or believe Obama was elected as President of our nation, but he's from Africa, not the United States. DAaaaa!

Now who's suffering from mental illness? You think about it!