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Nigbits - October - 2013

NC Racist so-called Christian Pat McCrory Voter registration challenged

Today the Eric Holden, Attorney announce the U. S. Justice Department will sue the State of North Carolina over it's harsh voter suppression Bill. The department is challenging some of the worst aspect of the NC law including 1. Imposing strick voter ID requirement, 2. eliminating same day voter registration and 3. cutting early voting by a week.

Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday he has hired a private lawyer to help defend the new law from what he suggested was a partisan attack by President Barack Obama's Democratic administration and vow to fight it.

So-Christian Republicans in an uproar over ObamaCare Implementation

Fight as they may to prevent Obamacare from becoming the choice of poor voters, Republican pretenders has lost. Once again Jesus did not answer their prayers against the needy. It looks like they would give up trying to out do the Democrats. They just don't have the intelligence.

Being led by the TParty is like having Satan for brains on sterols. Lies have been spreading all over the media's about how bad Obamacare is. However, millions have signed up today for it. I bet half was Republicans. The Senate don't want Obamacare to continue because it ask people to register to vote it they have not. This is also bad news for the Congress and Republicans coming this next voting term. They know exactly what they are doing. Talk one thing while really focusing on something else.

Christian Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves attempting to deny the poor basic healthcare. They should stop lying on the Church or God as being Christian. They're just another part of the false Church.


Conservative Churches fight continues against the poor

Red states look like the red sea as they build their army of demons for a false push of strength they think will choke the poor and finally be rid of what they see as loafers trying to get into their pocketbooks. These are southern criminals that got away with hanging and killing in the past and want to again make the south an all white state. Conservatives so-called churches are like beacons and watchmen for the devil. An incurable cancer that want go away. Hell bent, hell created hell hounds always at the throat of poor people. Unthinkable, uncaring and all ways determined to carry out Satan's wishes. One great wish of Satan is to destroy ObamaCare. Destroy the poor way to healthcare and soon they will fall to their knees before the rich. You think about it!


Jesus said they are fools and hypocrites -Conservative Republican Churches

Could this scripture apply to the Conservative and Conservative Republican so-called Churches. I think so! I have never seen nor heard so many hateful people gathered in one Borg mind of destruction of society than these children of the dark. They are liars from their hearts.

And as the Bible put it, "they love a lie as do their father the Devil". The bible say the devil is a liar. He also said people unable to get along with others, hate their neighbors, uncaring and plot to destroy is also a liars. When they pretend they are Christians, like all these Republican so-called Churches does, they all are hypocrites.

Another thing happening with the so-called Republican Congress is that these Congressmen are so stupid alone with their followers, that they listen to Satan telling them to shut down the government a year ago. They did it and now say "Obama did it."  "Obama had it planned." They even say the "American people knows who shut it down, Obama." They need medication that's not been invented.

It's like being caught with your hands in the cookie jar, surprised you got caught but think you're out smarting the person that caught you by saying to them, "this is a dream, go back to sleep, you really didn't see what you thought you saw, I'm really not here, the cat's taken the cookies". "you must believe me cause I aint lying."

This is how this type of Church think. They want to treat those below them like dogs and tell God in Church on Sundays and Wednesday nights that "he really didn't see this," That "we really love you and do your will every day," "You know we do" they say. They even think God is just as caniving as they are.

Some say pray for them.  If praying for them works, you pray and tell me how it come out.  I'm told to beware of them. Beware of their Churches. Beware of their false so-Called Christian behavior. It's not what you say but what you do. We see every day what they think and what they do. As quiet as they may seen, it's devilish thoughts they hold in their hearts. Pitiful! You think about!


Values Voter Summit of  the False Church

Today a bunch of liars from the Republican Party came together for a Summit opposing abortion and gays. However, it turned into a false church of lies and sniggling and grinning coming from the right wing fools that most of us can't wait for them to grow mighty mighty old until finally fading into nothingness. This may sound harsh, but this is what it will take for the rest of use to live.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Michele crazy leg Bachman, and others made it clear that poor people must die. That any kind of medical help and food must be taken away in the name of God, they claimed.

One by one they evoked the name of God and how much of a loving Christian they are to the people. They even called Obamacare a liken to slavery and that if help for poor people is not stopped it will destroy America.

This organization of Values Voter Summit is headed by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. He hosted this three-day Values Voter Summit and billed it as one of the "premiere" events for social conservatives, who want to ensure that their views on same-sex marriage and abortion remain in the political spotlight and to dig a grave for Healthcare.

What they did was dig a deeper grave for them and made fools of themselves one by one as they tried to say God was on their side. One loud mouth woman even shouted out to Cruz, "If God is with you who can be against you." These clowns are so loonie until they are one step from the funny farm. Why would god be against taking care of the poor? Who's teaching them.

One thing I have been saying about the false Churches of today has once again prove me right when I say this is not the religion God intended it to be by any Churches. This religion is divided into nothing but lies coming from both parties when they evoke God into their personal business of taking and not wanting to give..

Don't forget. The same people you see on TV and on the streets doing and sayings all kind of things are the same people in the Church. It may look different on Sunday but it's the same people. Only now in a supposely low state of friendship until church is out and back to business as normal.

I find the love that should be shared according to true teaching of the Bible has been lost and must return or we will find more and more of good people's minds go bonkers. Look at what is occurring in the Republican Conservative Republican so-Called Churches.

This Summit has the stink of fire and brimstone because nothing will come from it but hot sulfur and the smell of stupidity.
Think on this for awhile. While you're doing that, think about it some more.


Republicans in denial religion don't backed them up

Good news is the Republicans has lost another great battle. They may not be letting Obama win on Bills but when it come to the big wins they lose every time. Ted Cruz has made a complete fool out of this party. Many Republicans say they was not with Cruz. Maybe a small amount wasn't but a large majority was. They was until they came to their senses when they found out his shut down of the government would hit their pocket books to and not just the poor and middle class Democrats. They finally saw the light that their checks wouldn't be coming also.

The bad thing that come out of all of this for the Republican presidential front runners like Cruz, Paul Ryan, and others is that the country will not forget they voted to keep the government shut down. The good news for the Democrats is that we will not let the country forget they are dangerous for the country because they will shut the country down anytime they don't get their way.
Just think what they will do if President. Scary! But this is just insuring that if Hilary Clinton run she will win.

Let their foolishness with the Tea Party continue. Long live the Tea Party. Keep up the good work! Democrats love when you look and talk stupid.

Twice you said God was on your side. If God was for you who could be against you. Obama! You lose again. Think about it!

Comservative Hate Churches Continues

So-called Christian Conservative have not learned a lesson on hate. Their position is just as high as ever. It's fools like these I warn you to stay away from. These are people unforgiven. Southerner still fighting the Civil War. Still wanting a white country. Still wanting to be slave owners as only the rich and wealthy can obtain. As the Republican drop in the poles it matter not to them. Satan has them believing they can win an impossible dream of doing away with Obamacare.

Free Medication to Sooth Demons

Republican actually think it's up to Obama to go to the Healthcare website and fix it himself. I find that all Republicans should be on medication. Medical vehicles should be at every Conservative Church every Sunday morning giving shots and other medication out FREE. As we see, they need large doses. Those Republicans that think their party was wrong should leave it and become Democrats or stay and protect your values. Think about it!


Sunday all day life Message

Be at all time watchful. Pay close attention to the things going on around you. Ask yourself. Is this the way God intended for us to act? What has this to do with loving God and others? What is my minister getting out of all this? He or her can't heal. Can't prove what they say. Nobody is ever healed. Grave yards every where.

mostly every one are under a lying demon. Not all. God is love and want you to love your neighbor as you pretend or do love him. 

So, the only thing they do that you can see that's real is raising money. Take this money away and they go away. Tell the preacher that none of the members are going to pay any more money and that you're going to listen to them and turn it all over to the Lord to take care of every thing in the Church.

Then listen to them freak out.  Listen to the lies they will tell about how God want you to obey him and pay your tithes. No such things as tithes for the new Church. No where in the New Testament it is written. We are under free grace. They are slick. No money no pastor, no large Church, no find cars or lavish homes for them and no power and taking the high seat.

Teach the truth with out twisted lies and robery of the people and some of these things will automatic come to you out of appreciation from the people. Not God!

Cut out the foolishness pastor. Your foot is in hell's door and so are your followers. Find a way to pull it out or continue to be mr and miss, mrs, big stuff heading toward fire and brimstone.

Hey! I got a great idea. Tell you pastor you want to take them to the nearest hospital and that you want to watch them work their mojo. Start emptying those rooms of sick people they said God will heal away from the Church. Begin on the first floor in the very first room.

Tell them to take a hundred or so other pastors, ministers, so-call lying prophets and members with them and show you the hand of God. Praise the Lord! Tell them they have all day in the first room then move to the next. They will all die there as the years past by.

With all the thousand's of pastors and ministers in all these states, you will never see this happen. It is and never was ment to be. That's a fact no one can deny. They want go to any of the medical institutions because God don't work this way.

God is love and has power over all. His time will truly come and woe upon the inhabitants of earth. Keep playing with God.

Love has never been taught. Just look around you. Open your eyes and Bam! wup... there it is... They will tell you that God don't work when you want him to work. Or he works in mysterious ways. They have a phrase ready.

Why not teach love pastor? It's not too late. It's not that hard. Jesus did it. You Think about it!