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October 2012 messages

Voting victory in Phillidelphia

A Judge rule today that the voter ID verification is no longer needed to vote in this general election of President because it is too close to election date to insure every one a fair chance to vote. However, this does not over rule all elections coming afterward. This is just a delay and more talks will continue. But for the False Church of the Republican Party and Democratic conservatives this is a lost. But there are many more States this Satanic originations has found success.  There is more being targeted by them. Their hate run deep and like Satan will not stop.


I don't like being catogarized as the 47%

Solomon Howard, a bass singer who sing at Washington Opera House for rich people has this to say
about the $47%. He was some what confused and I will explain this later. His story went like this:"My
parents was really poor. We stayed on the streets a lot and stayed with different families.We ate from
Salvation Armies and lived off food stamps with no insurance". Then he went on to say how he love
to sing and an opera star heard him sing and gave him a job in Opera. Now he say that the government
is need in music, but should not help people because they should try to help themselves'.

Well, what Mr Howard fail to understand in his own poor life coming us is that those Welfare Food Stamps his parents received was the 47%. He would have starved to death with out them. He failed to mention that his own parent wasn't practicing what they preach when they, he said, always taught him not to be dependent on the government. "Eat daat food baby". Again, if his parents was so smart then why was both of them not looking for jobs rather than staying with others who had jobs forging off them. This sound like to me a case of laziness and a "lucky" break.

Let me tell you this. It never fail that when one come from poverty to wealth their attitude changes toward those left behind. Most become and take on the mentality of their now new social status and think "Rich". Oh by the way he sings for the rich now because the poor ain't gonna pay to hear him sing "Bass Opera". They can't afford him. He, like Romney need the rich to substain his lifestyle.

If anyone thinks every body can have a $75,000 job is plain ignorant. Not only is there gonna be out of job poor people but there will always be poor people working on ordinary jobs making very low salaries like $6000 - $30000 that still need government assistance. Many in the $12000 - $30000 ranges are making it without the government but hard times follow them. Yet, they suffer doing the best they can. Romney and this guy fail to see that every one cannot be what they want to be. There are barriers.

Every one cannot work in offices of big businesses like banks, hotel managers, car dealership owners, owning successful manufacturing companies, building and owning yachts, owning islands, chain of motels etc. Sure we all would love to be in this life, but it will leave no one to do the building that pay the rich salaries. The rich need the poor to make them rich. To build these things for them. There are more low paying jobs than their are high paying jobs.  Burger houses and department stores are just a few that employ and pay low salaries to the poor workers. Only they can increase these workers salaries to where they can reach out and afford some of their wants.

But Mr Solomon should not turn his back on food stamps and government involvement in caring. This is what brought him to the point of meeting the guy that discovered him. "The poor will always be with you". Now you think about it!

The False Church pulls another Devilish trick with false Obama video

So-called Christians have went back to 2007 and pulled out a video and took parts of it or sound bites of Obama so-called talking race about Katrina out of contex once again. All media's say they are wrong but you can't stop Satan when he's rolling in stupidity. I can't believe that over 300 nationally know Republican ministers are behind this. But then again, nothing surprise me about the Devil. He does his job well through his followers. He never stop and has one more trick right behind another to pull. This false Church is his army on earth and we should be afraid. However, being afraid make you more watchful. Watch! Think about this!

Our fight is with the Church on the right

It is at a point in time when wolves true colors will be known and known they are. When I fumble through my television channels and see Republican Ministers attempting to teach the bible I rush and find my control and flip the channel as quick as possible. If you have been paying close attention to my writing you should have, by now, come to the understanding of the truth that conservatives so-called Christians are not engaging in the word of God and should not be teaching anybody until they themselves learn of God.

Our fight is not with the terrorists as great as it is with the Conservative so-called Christians right here in our country. Not only are they hard hearted but they pose great danger. It may sound like a joke but you can expect the worse if Obama get back in office. Remember, it has always been the Church that suppressed the people in this country and most of it come from Republican so-called Church members. They will even hurt Democratic whites as they did during the marches with Martin Luther King to get their way.  All is fair game if you stand against what they want the world to be.

I right now, do not see any time in the future of this changing. Hate is something that take over the whole body soul and mind. It burn with trembling, spite, fear, jealousy, afraid, crowdedness, evil thoughts all driven by none other than their father himself , 'the Devil" that work in them a ticking time bomb of brainless evil mush of gangs of the evil dead.

Let me say again. Our fight is with the Church and this is sad. But this prove there is a problem with Christianity when Christian Churches go against Christian Churches. Let me rephrase this. When the so-called False Church of Conservatives threaten the true Church of Liberals. Not all liberals are saved, but closer than those in the False Church which is trying to bring God's name down. What they bring is shame. Think about it!


Obama weak performance (11:30pm)

If you watched the debates like I did you came away slightly disappointed. Obama did a fairly decent job but left all of us wanting more from him by attacking Romney more on his cuts. If we didn't already know what Romney intend to do we would almost believe the stink he's covering up. Romney still did'nt give any specifics on what he would cut in Obamacare and Obama did not challenge him on it. Romney's going to cut $5,000,000 and Obama did not challenge him on it when he had the chance time and again.

But I don't think his support will drop all of a sudden from a first debate. There are two left. The media is jumping all over Obama non-confrontation with Romney and he has this to live down. The best advise I can give him is get tuff and prepare better for next time. We Democrats like tuffness not whiners. Keep your head up and look your opponent in the eyes.

But I must say that Romney was aggressive but looked like no one I want running the country. His demeanor is that of anger and unstable. But he did say in so many words he intend to make cuts in social programs and make them big. He also said he was against big government but yet he wasn't going to cut any of their funds but add to it. I do believe that's government. He blasted a lot of stuff but it all was just a trick to get votes.

Poor people hold your ground. Romney is trying to blind side you. He intend to lure you into a state of "wooziness and sleepy votes" and when you wake you find you're loss your right leg. "Don't get caught in wooziness sleepy votes and wake up with your right leg missing". Stay the course with the truth and with Obama. Think about it!


Do the Mormon Church teach members how to lie?

They must do because Mitt Romney is just about the most lying politician I have ever not wanted to meet. We all no that politicians do spin the truth a bit but they conveniently no how to smooth it over. But Romney and  Ryan just out right lie. They do their best to try to make you believe the lie they tell, even if you know they are lying, is true so help them God.

Mitt is now telling us that he really didn't mean to tell us he was against 47%. He was" tire and mentally exhausted", "he said". It was the Devil that made him do it, we no that. He want us to believe he really do care about us but only "hate Big Bird".  Maybe he doesn't like the hair on Big Bird and just want to "Cut" it.

I thought about all this and came to the conclusion that he's being backed by the entire Mormon Church. No wonder the righteous Baptist of the Republican Party change their minds of disliking them to becoming bed fellows. Why? They both love a good lie.

Even their Organization's Headquarter heavy hitters over seeing their so-called Churches believe in the right to lie. They teach their members to do the same. Does this mean that the Mormon Church is a lie itself. Republican Baptist so-called Churches once thought so before they discovered they needed them. What hippocrits!

Did Obama really lose the debate?

I wrote he did not do his very best. Therefore, the answer would be yes. But now, as I think about it, it may have been a good thing. Why? Because Obama poor performance could have been a preplan thing or just a blessing. What do I mean? Well, Obama came out knowing more about Romney's plan to stand forceful and deny every thing Obama would raised questions on. For example, he denied he didn't have preexisting condition in his healthcare plan. He denied $5,000,000 cuts. He want to cut funding to big bird or PBS. His overall demeanor was completely forceful.

Since the debates every network and fact finders found that Romney lied about everything.
I feel now that Obama has a good heads up on Romney and now has more to go at this guy. Romney has shot all his bullets and has no more to fire except more lies to get caught up in. The media is literally killing his 47% he now want to disown.

Don't get carried away with the Romney win. Romney and his campaign behind the scene is really worried about what kind of Obama will show up at the next debate. The beat down Romney been getting and the improvement in the economy of 7.8% has busted Romney's last speaking point. It's desperate time.

6th -Sunday K

Republican Demon pastors on the roar against the government
Real reason is to divide and conquer

You know, the true saying of a good shepherd is when he keep catching the wolf trying to steal his sheep's. I want to point out that once again I'm proving to be right when telling you that Conservatives Pastors and their followers are worker's of the Devil. Such is the case going on right now with thousands of Republican and conservatives pastors around the country that has filed suit against the IRS to have their tax status revoked so they can practice and preach racism and hate from their pulpits.

“Pulpit Freedom Sunday,”  is what they call it which is a plan where Conservative pastors  will be endorsing political candidates from the pulpit in defiance of an Internal Revenue Service rule.

Conservative Pastors are hoping their bold move will prompt the IRS to enforce the 1954 tax code, the so-called Johnson Amendment, which prohibits tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, from making political endorsements.

Right at this very moment while Liberals are having Church and praying to God for more understanding of his word and how to best serve it, the Republican Churches are preaching hate and divisiveness from their pulpits in the name of their God. I say their God because Conservatives do not believe Democrats are Christians. And they are right about one thing. We are not serving the same God.

One of their leaders are a Satan driven Pastor by the name of Jim Garlow, Pastor of  Skyline Wesleyan Church from San Diego California. He's badly looking to take this to the supreme court. Their organization has hired over 2000 lawyers to make it happen for them.

You can tell there is more on their mind than just tax rights because any Church at any time can deny tax exempt  status any time from the government. Afterward, they can say , under the freedom of speech act, anything they want to say against the government and people. 

But their true intentions are to regain control and have a one government rule in the United States.

Yes, that's right! They have been telling us for years and even louder with the Tea Party that this country belong to them. Now listen! One way to conquer us, they feel, is to begin steps of conquest by forming in one of the largest arenas there are, the church. They have the largest mass of listeners and money in the United States.

With the country nearly split 47 % to 50% with strays the Conservative party feel that if they can convert enough  people their way by enforcing their will upon them. Then the take over will be imminently assured.  They will Infect their minds by telling them that Obama, blacks, poor whites, and Latinos are the reason they are not rich and wealthy. That these are the ones taken away their right to guns, jobs and good sense. Pastors are telling them it's the will of God to do away with them because God told them to and it is in the Bible.

What the Conservative Churches are doing and talking about is the same thing the KKK formed their organization upon decades ago. Only they are doing it in a slick new modern way that no longer want to hid behind closed doors, but want to come to the forefront and do it right in from of us with the law backing them.

Conservatives are planing all the time just like Satan does. Like him, they never quit. They are always forming and coming up with ways to dominate. This is just part of their plan to divide and conquer. Like Satan wanting to set his temple and control in Jerusalem so does the Conservatives demons want their leaders in the White House to rule.

We know already that it is the law that contain them. What do you think they will do when they become the law. When they have all the powerful guns and bombs. You talk about the mark of the beast. Yuck!

Latinos will suffer more

Latinos will suffer more than blacks because it is them that the focus is more focused on. The Latino populations are growing by leaps and bounds and the Conservatives, not only want to see a black man out of the White House, but even more they don't want a Latino as President but know it will happen some day. If they can make laws and change laws that will cut the population of Latinos then they can insure the majority vote and the White House will never again occupy a black or Latino president ever.

Liberals whites must be very careful and get their eyes on the true God and learn all you can about the trickster Satan and not to be drawn into the conservative's plan of soul corruption. This is and will be their plan, now and forever on. The Bible tell us to be strong and forever watchful that we might not be overtaken or deceived.

Liberal black pastors

Liberal black pastors need to wake up and stop being so dumb and act like God gave you a mission beside robbing the people you pastor. It's time you learn the bible and begin teaching it. Cut out all the foolishness you do every Sunday and look around you. You are doing nothing for God except helping to make things worst for his people. You are scared and you are cowards. Therefore, the people you pastor are cowards and not fit for God or others.

I say this because I get tired seeing and speaking to all these Church people who no nothing about how to please God except for going to Church, singing and praying not knowing why they are even doing these things and what is the out come of not enduring. When I speak to them they respond like babes wanting to hear more saying things like "I didn't know that but I heard it but didn't know whether it was true or not". 'Glade you cleared that up because it make sense"

There is more to this life and our mission to God than saying 'I love the Lord". Well, take a look around you. Over the years how much of God's work have you achieved. You can barely see a dent. Their is hardly no change and no different from the world of sinners and the world of Godliness. Evil has gotten worst. When am I going to get some help from you? You are the minister! Get to work!

The Republican Conservative false Church is exploding and expanding and preparing for a day of conquest. You can wake up and smell the roses now or you can stay silent believing the Conservative Party is innocence and only talking or that the law will protect you, and get caught by surprise. I am warning you now. They are planing. Forming.

Don't believe me then take a look at how so-called Christians are trying to suppress our vote. Listen to their tuff talk. They want to control the churches. They want rights to preach and discriminate from the pulpits. They indeed, like Satan is clever. so we must be vigilant. We must never lose sight of what they want. CONTROL!  And like Satan, they will quote the Bible, the scriptures. Yet, the scriptures will be twisted. Pray for an understanding.

Learn to love! Now you think about thiis!


Warning news, Our Fight for Christ is against our brothers and sisters. K

If you have been following my writings you will be surprise that I have been right all along when I told you that our fight against sinners are right next to us claming to be one of us. I'm speaking of none other than the Republican Christians and Conservative False Church. Many on twitter and all across the web are now seeing the religious right as liars and false Christians and speaking out. You need to armor up and become warriors.

I want to ask you a question. If Democrats and Republicans are opposing parties, then would'n their kind of religion be an opposing religion? So that you may hear me clearly, because there are some that need constant holding of a pacifier to their minds to get the truth through I'll put it another way.

Here it is... Most Republicans call themselves Christians. They think giving to the rich is a Christian thing. They think taking from the poor is the right way to fix an economy to favor them. They think Democratic Christians support abortion no matter how much we say we do not, only in the case of incest and rape. They think the government should not be helping the underprivileged. We think it does. They believe that God is not with Democratic Christians but only with Conservative so-called Christians. They believe their God tell them to hate the raciest of other colors and fight against foreigners entering the country.  Do they think they are not foreigners themselves. They also think lying is a gift from God. And finally they do not see you and me as a Christian brother to them no matter how much we laugh and mingle together. Little do they know they are right.

Now! Do you still think both religions are the same? Are their beliefs the same as yours? Do you teach their kind of togetherness in your Church. Do you believe God is for division and separation of raciest? Is God for the rich and against the poor?  Did Jesus support liars or if possible, support racial groups? Was he and they in the same party  fighting for the same thing?

If your answer to any of the conservative questions was yes, then you're heading to hell like they are? But, if you believe Jesus primary purpose is to bring his creation together by love and obedience to God then your practice of Christianity is different from theirs and you have a chance at salvation.  Therefore, you and they are not the same and you cannot be a brother or sister of theirs no matter how big of Church they run or what message they teach or how high a degree of theology they hold. Why? Because truth and Godly living and service is not their thing.  But having big Churches, audiences and making big money is.

So, if you think you see an opening to take a rest remember the "harvest is full" and there are many that need harvesting in the Conservative so-called Christian Church. These have said from decades long ago that they were your brothers and sisters. That they was my brothers and sisters. Yes, you are my earthly brothers and sisters only but not my Christian brothers and sisters. So our fight is against our earthly brothers and sisters. Against the so-called Conservative False Church.

Now do you understand? There is something going on that is not making sense as we sit in Church every Sunday. Something is not right as to how we have been taught. Think people and look around. Something is not right with Christianity. Or are we living a lie taught by liars to the point that their lies have become our lies. Either case there is too much hate in the Church on the other side with Conservatives. I say again, something ain't right!  I'm feeling good and assured of salvation. Are you? Think about it!

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