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Nigbit- November- 2014


Senator Kay Hagan YES” Thom Tillis, a Big Fat “N0!”

It’s voting time again on November 4th and all you guys and gals filled with Democratic love better understand who’s trying to help you and who’s trying to take away all that you now have plus any  future happiness and security you hope for.

Though Kay Hagan tries to avoid the use of Obama in her speeches and advertisements we know how she got in office. Off of Obama and we voting straight tickets. Though straight ticket are not allowed in this election , so you need to find out and know who you are voting for individually so you may put a check mark in the right box.

If another Democrat was running I would not vote for her because of her intentional avoidance to mention the things Obama has done while in office. But as it stand, minorities have always voted for the lesser of the two evils so to speak and this is no different. Obama is the only one we really put our hearts into as past voting indicated.

This is not saying Kay Hagan is evil or racist but it does raise eye brows as to why Obama scares her and other  frighten Democrats running for office to pander toward the hateful Republicans that’s not going to vote for her or them anyway. There will be a few but not as many as will vote for Democrats from our own party.

If I know what Obama have done and is not afraid to mention Obama’s name then I know they can to. Things like, this Administration save the country from a recession with no help from the Republicans or Congress. Why can’t she mention this.

Like, the economy is down 2.9%, 248,000 jobs created in September 2014 along and the steadiest job recovery in history now at 5.9%. Affordable health insurance for millions with many Republicans that didn’t want it, jumped on it, calling it Affordable Health Insurance because they hate  Obamacare. But Obamacare is really Affordable Health Insurance. Daa!

Also, there is the Expansion of student loans and forgiveness of loans after 20 years. Fighting to raise minimum wages to $10.10 per hour across the nation.  And let’s not forget the low gas prices we all are enjoying.

There’s many more things Obama has done that Kay Hagan will not talk about when Republican have done nothing to help any of the people. Like, they have no plans for the country except get rid of that Black Man.

However, To help Obama complete his working agendas and to help stop the rise of the old plantation south agendas, we must keep Democratic Senators in office to help him and stop the insanity of the Republican Party.

We must stop their quest to elect and plant southern masters throughout the government to overtake it and finally reverse laws or add to laws that will block and destroy Constitutional Human and Civil Rights. Your vote is just as crucial as voting for Obama. Vote for Kay Hagan.

Some non voters are saying it doesn’t matter who get in, they’re going to do what ever they want to or I’m not voting .

These are the ones that doesn’t care about what happen to them or you. Their non vote is a vote for Thom Tillis. A vote for white supremacists. A vote to “do what ever you want to do to me because you know best.”

Non voters are saying if, Thom Tillis and his Republican Party take away their $11 an hour and pay them $1 per hour, it’s ok because they accept what they do to them with out question because they can do what ever they want.

They’re even ok with being denied medical care when rushed to emergency rooms while holding their dismembered left leg in their arms or baby is chocking for dear life.  It’s ok for them not to get help because they are going to do what they want to and you’re satisfied with them not helping you.

Non voters can care less about FDA making sure our food is safe. They say give it to them half good, tainted or rotten I‘ll eat it. We don‘t need anyone checking on meat companies because they‘re going to do what they want to, it’s ok they will eat it.

Let robbers come into their homes and take what ever they want. Non voters is ok with this because they doesn’t need the police and judges to protect them because robber’s going to do what they want to, so, it‘s ok for them to rob them and even hurt their families.

No need for help from Social Security. They can keep it if they want to because it’s ok. Jobs don’t have to hire me because it’s ok. Highways shouldn’t be paved where I live because it’s ok. Even put me back in slavery, it’s ok, they’re going to do what they want to  anyway.

Non voters, shouldn’t complain about anything when life get to them. They have no right to complain about anything. In fact,  regular voter shouldn’t give them anything because they don’t care about themselves or anyone else.

To care is to help make changes in laws that can only be changed by putting those in office that will fight to make changes better in all our lives, not just a certain segment. Our voting system works  by numbers. You control the numbers. These numbers determine who is better for you or sometime worst for you.

Some non voters are saying they don’t do nothing for them. How foolish they are. Change does not affect one person along as saying “politicians doesn‘t  do nothing for me.“   But politicians works for all of us and changes come to all of us.

For example raising minimum wage to $10.10 for all help you also if you are making less that that. When companies are given incentives by the government they hire more people like you. 

Lowering gas benefit you and all. Good highways, parks, bridges, schools, owning cars, homes and so on benefit not just you but all. It’s the unseen things that you refuse to see that is helping you.

The angry Republican voters love people like this, the non voters. They realize what a single vote can mean. They want them to stay home. They feel like they know you and call you worthless. They know how powerful a vote mean.

That’s why they’re trying their best to change ID laws and have managed to change  NC Voter ID laws that will take place in 2016 because you didn‘t vote or voted for the right person.  They call you slobs, lazy and stupid. They know when you don’t vote, that’s a vote for them.

But remember this! A vote for  Thom Till is a vote for a rattle snake. You voted or didn’t for our Republican Governor and now we have to live with the voter’s ID law passed by him.

Lets get it right this time. Take your time and read all the candidates both state and local ballets and do the right thing for all of us. Vote for Democrats and be sure to vote Kay Hagan for Senator of North Carolina.

Be sure to past this on to non voters you’re trying to talk into voting. Now you have ammunition to debate with them. You think about it! And go get ‘em.


Democrats Loses Big and Well Deserved to

Yes, I've told the truth. Democrats cut their own throats by trying to stay away from the very things they accomplished for the nation. They refused to mention Obama's name in their speeches. They didn't speak about how the Republicans want to take away from the poor and middle class.

This crowdedness of their's did not energize the people into having a sense of self interest and worth to go out to vote in order to keep and gain more for their lives. Instead, they said the Republicans was right. That Justice is for the wealthy and just us getting unfair justice is right.

That it's ok to shoot and kill anyone that knocks on your door at night or the police have the right to kill any black at any time for any reason or to get rid of healthcare and cut social services and funding to public schools.

These were things that Democrats believe in fixing and improving but instead they thought to pull a trick I knew wouldn't work. They turn on Obama and everything he and they did.

Everything was already laid out for them and all they had to do was believe in it and tell the people what they have accomplished. Just in October 230,000 jobs was added. I heard nothing about that.

Trying to disc Obama's accomplishments has cost them big and to be perfectly truthful, I'm glad they can go home and sit and remind themselves it was their own cowardly selves that put them in their rocking chairs.

How can people win off nothing is one of the biggest mysteries I've ever seen in my lifetime. How crazy issues like Obama is responsible for Ebola coming into the country. Like Ebola is coming across the borders. Like Obamacare is killing old people.

Believe it or not this is how they won. Unbelievable! Many Republicans voted out of hate. They know things are going great but if you keep saying it's not you pick up the radicals and taint the small brain of others into believing such a lie.

But don't be fooled. Hate turned this country red. Not the compassionate blue. Hate from people who took advantage of nonvoter's they knew would not vote. It worked!

Democrats could have done better but they bit their own head off being ignorance. They got what they deserved. We don't need cowards like these. Good riddance and good by. You think about.

Shameful condition of people in the US live in

According to Volunteer America there are over 670, 000 Americans that are homeless. 48 millions people go hungry each night and 46.2 million live in poverty.


Republicans playing tricks with Immigration

When it come to Immigration Obama and the Administration better not be fooled into a false sense of waiting to sign an Immigration Bill next year.

Why? Because if I know, then the Democrats should know by now that the Republicans are tricky and like terrorists, hide behind the scene planning and mapping their next move. While we are considering what to do, they  know already what to do.

Let me explain. They know that most of the Spanish votes are nearly 70% for Democrats. Add this to 90% of blacks and 45-48% of whites and there goes the White House, the Presidency.

Republicans are great at playing the media while the Democrats seem to be, well, some what stupid and afraid to fight back or say what they really want to say. Like cowards. They lost this last election by also being cowards.

Republican know this and have already plan to use Democrats, lay low demeanor, to defeat them running for President. Again, Republicans are great at lying. They swear they didn’t say something when they did say it. They have enough hard core followers to believe everything they say knowing they are lying. So called Christians at their best.

So let me get to what I want to say. Republicans are trying their hardest to keep Obama from signing this  Immigration Bill this year so they can, next year, pass some kind of a Bill themselves to show the Spanish speaking citizens that they are the ones that care more about Immigration and not Obama.

They will say “he had seven years to pass a Bill to help Latinos but did not.” They will say “Obama lied to the Latino people.”  “And it is time to pass an Immigration Bill now!” And they will be right. They will gain favor from Latinos and possibly their vote.

This is a trick right now the Republicans in Congress want to play out. Stop Obama from using his Executive Power this year.

Next year 2015, they will  control both Houses and intend to try an rule with an Iron hand, holding Obama down and making him and the Democratic Party liars when it come to the Latino population.

Obama! Your best bet is to sign just as soon as you can. Today is not sooner enough. Don’t be slicked by the Republicans a second time. You think about it!


Bill Cosby and His so called Stable of Lustful Women

While I cannot say whether this is true or not regarding many women stating they was rapped by Bill Cosby, I can say this sound like a bunch of frustrated women that didn’t get what they went after.

We know that in the sixties, it seemed that many young 17 and up women were trying to get into television or get started in show business. We also know that there was many women, just like today with music stars and others, will do anything with these stars and celebrities to get ahead.

These so called Cosby women could fit this example and path way to fame. It is also a fact that after they became willing participants and found they had been used, they become mad and find some way to get back at them. Such sound like the case with Bill Cosby and his willing team. Again. we know that many young women went to Hollywood looking for fame.

I’m also concerned as to why news anchors does not asked these women, why was they in the room drinking with him by themselves if they did not know that sex was part of the
Night? Especially when the tone of the conversation began to change or the first piece of clothing begin to come off.

It’s a fact again that these women was looking to get ahead and ready to do anything, even  willing to entertain all along with him in alcoholic parties and dance in Cosby’s apartment at night or in private places instead of being at home. What did they think wouldn’t happen that they wanted to happen. If this is true.

The next question I have to ask from the news media that insists on keeping this in the forefront of news is why haven’t they asked these women the hard questions I’m asking? I need to hear this from them the same as they want to hear from Cosby. And that’s all I got to say about It. You think about it!

About life, Choices and God

Did you know that you have control over your life? God does not. He made it and GAVE it to you for you to take care of it. You do and use your body for any purpose you choose. God even gave his word for you to use to guide you along. You can use it or not. It to is your chose. You can break it or defile it. You can even use it to do harm to others. It's your chose.

Yet, Choice's have consequences that must be answered to.

Some choices can turn into a better life for you. Choices like, I want a better life for me or yourself and going out and achieving it. Choice decisions are different. Some lead to a little more and much more. But which ever it is, it's better. It is life changing. Right choice's lead to respect, decency and honesty.

Bad choice's lead to despair that often lead toward a downward spiral that send one into sinister behaviors causing them to act out their inner demons through likes of drugs, streets fights, free and unmarried sex, hateful attitudes, violent, gossipers, liars, busy bodies and the bad choice's goes on and on.

Many people make bad chose's. Bad choices will carry you to hell. But wait! Good choice's will carry you to hell also. Doing right in life has nothing to do with you not going to hell. If you have not decided to choose the life God want for you, meaning, keeping your heart in God (on your mine all the time and responding to it) then as for as God see it, your life is just as bad as the one's that make bad choice's.

GOD gave us the "Word" to guide our lives. Yet,there are two guidelines for us to follow. The law and beauty offered by this world and the "word" and beauty of a new world and life to come offered by God. Be of this world but not in this world he said. Now which choice has you taken? Think about it!