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Nigbits - November - 2013


A problem with Churches

Something is wrong with the way Christianity is taught. I fail to see how a God of human creation could be full of hollering, screaming, running to and fro,  constantly full of lies told by pastors and not be on medication. This to me would be the behavior of Satan. I can't see God sitting on his throne and suddenly jump up and start freaking out running to the elders laying hands on them saying bam, bam, bam, how do you feel now. I do think the elders would look at each other an go, "what up with this". .... Republicans so- called Churches are praying to God to become racist and help them remove Obama because he tries to help the poor. Their Church hate the Democratic Church. Wait a moment! They hate each other. What! House can brothers and sisters hate each other? Aren't they suppose to be thinking and serving alike as Christians? Yet, again today they both will say God is on their side. Today they both will tell members God said this and that with no proof at all. And still the weak will give of their earning to receive nothing the pastor said they would get. The poor live on and the smartest get fatter. You can't buy God. Many of you no this, but hate to admit it until you end up in a nursing home with few visits or none by the one's that told you money tithes would save you. God is not a play thing. He is not a word to be used in every voice. "Thou shalt no call the name of the Lord thy God name in vain." But every day, every silly conversation someone is using God's name in vain. God is Almighty. Thoughts unlimited. Forever thinking and rebuilding the universes. Having millions or even billions of angles and mighty men in his kingdom to watch over. Jesus with the power given him by his father to oversee all. There is too much for both to do than bring you a car, a house, a pack of chewing gum, helping you with your home work or healing a sore thumb. When are you going to take charge of and become responsible for your own failings or successes. That's what you were created to do. Become some one your father, mother and oh yes, God will be proud of. If God has to do it for you then You're no good to him. Both parties need to teach the Love of God. Not show boating. Read my messages of the Bible and get an old look at what Christianity is suppose to be. The other religions has no chance with Christianity when it is preached right. It is the best.


700 club and Pat Robertson is a Joke

News hit the wave again about the Obamacare website not doing so good when it come to folks signing up. The Republicans jumped at the news as though someone gave them a rabid lollipop.

As I watch, accidentally, the 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Wait! Let me explain before you start thinking I watch the 700 Club. I don't! I want! It just happened. I was late running toward the television trying to quickly change channel  when I heard and saw him smirking with an ant eating satanic grin on his face, stated, "the Obamacare website is not looking so good."  He seemed to be enjoying the possibility of poor people not getting insurance. It seemed he felt relieved.

Later on I found out that he was grinning and smirking because only 40,000 has signed up in 30 days instead of 500,000 as projected. For him, this was a good laugh. He thought this as being God slapping the poor in the face.

The good news is this.  Pat Robertson didn't know that in Massachusetts after the healthcare program was launce that only 100 people had signed up in the first 30 days. It was slow but over time grew as people needed it. However, 400 thousands have signed up for medicare.

People will join Obamacare because as insurance companies dump peoples from their companies they will have to find insurance somewhere else. Obamacare will be their best choice. Many will try to go else where but most will join Obamacare.

Pat Robertson is Satan driven like his counterparts. His throne, he now enjoy while sitting high and looking low on the poor as if he is God. But it is he and people like him we have to fear as the devil going to and from now! Behold! The false Church is all around us. Behold! the children of the beast is in the Republican Party. You think about it!


John Boehner and Friends sill Fight to lose the White House

Today John Boehner, House Speaker, turn down a Comprehensive Immigration Bill that would offer illegal Immigrants path to citizenship. Boehner said it will never happen. He said, "he will not negotiate with the Senate." What Republicans want is a piece meal bill dealing mostly with immigration informants.

What they really don't want is more immigrants voting with the democrats. They fear the power of their voting numbers against them. With their hateful attitudes against minorities it lead minorities no chose but to vote against them.

I've never seen such stupid unbending  folks who literally and continually cut their own throats by talking down to people they need to vote for them to win the White House. Which will not happen in 2016.


The Laugh of Demons

How sad it is to see people claiming to be Christians to be laughing and acting like fools when ever they hear a "good thing" taken away from the poor and sick.

You might say Obamacare is not taken away. But if think on the gladness of the heart of Republican so-Called Christians members and their pastors every set back to obamacare is a take back. 

They share the soul of Satan receiving great joy in others failures. In this case wanting Obamacare to fail so the poor can go with out proper care when the time comes.

Can any one in their right mind see God and his son Jesus bent over backwards laughing because he, God, is handing the poor a "help card" then snatching it back when the poor reach out their hands to take it.

Republican may claim God, but then again, any body can SAY any thing. They are all talk an no compassion! You think about it!


Thanksgiving Day Celebration and How!

Today is Thanksgiving and every one including mass murderers, prisoners, baby rapper and all sought of people will suddenly come together in thanks. Some actually being thankful to God but most just thankful for what they have accomplished on their own while others really don't care because it mean lots of partying and drinking.

For those that are giving thanks to God and not just themselves, know that with out God's creation none of this would be possible and that at any time all this can be taken away.

Now! Just because one is honoring God with thanksgiving, something that came from the colonies, does not make this or any thing we do in mass celebration a magnet that draws God in to it. Remember, we can do anything we want to do but it does not mean  God like it.

Also remember, that God only care about the heart. About the person and how you display and present his word in yourself and others to move forward with his plan of redemption.

What I'm saying is, just because you do a certain thing and think you will get some points from God but never making changes to your life character toward becoming a person he can use in the end is worthless. You are just going through the motions.

So, based on how people really feel about God this day is really worthless and only satisfy the one's that glory the fun and excitement that thanksgiving brings because tomorrow the true person emerge once more if not sooner. It would be nice if people actually shared and cared as they all pretend they do this day.

Thanksgiving is not giving thanks for food as being projected, but it's also having good and affordable health insurance, homes, friends coming to your aid, neighbors looking out for neighbors and brotherly love between the races.

One day of sharing and being thankful to your pocket book do not make the person or pull a wool over the almighty eyes of God.  For those that have really put away hate and envy, pride and lust, bragging and lying, adultery and fornication, distaste for the word of God, knowing the different between a woman and a man and how they come together as one to create, loving the world more than God, nasty and filthy talking then you can celebrate in heart, not only this day but you know that every day is a thankful day.

If you are not into what I just said, then who are you giving thanks to. I'm sure you want it to be to God. But your thankfulness is just in vain. It will not get you a seat at the table of the Great Celebration to come.  (Read "A look into the mind of God" on home page).

Now smoke on that! No, no, no. Don't take me literally. No telling what you might go and smoke. I mean to take what I said into your mind and consider change of hear and wile you're doing this, think about it some more.