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Special note to all readers: Some time in this month I will tell you something that will make you begin to think my way completely. It will strengthen your belief in God and will turn many hearts. It will call into question everything you have been taught about your salvation. You will see, as I have been telling you, that twisted Christianity is preached to you and many ministers, if not all has and is sending many to their death. So stick with me. I will not disappoint. Send your friends and loves ones to this site and hold on for the ride.


As a minister, and I think I'm very good at what I do, I cannot from this day forward believe nor consider Conservatives Republican so-called Christians as Christian brothers. In fact, I will never consider them as being Christians but I will call them terrorist against God.

You may be saying, wow! I can't believe he said that! But I did and I will tell you why. First of all, if you're been reading my site you would have seen many reasons why I cannot call haters of the poor and champions for the rich brothers. I cannot call any one that has caused a total breakdown of love between supposing fellow liberal Christians brothers.  I cannot call any one that has threaten the validity of Jesus and the words of God, brothers.

Though I would love too, but you don't mingle with the children's of devils but you try to reform or save them by reminding them who they should be to enter heaven one by one if you can. To remind them that though they claim to be Christians they are far from salvation. This on off hate in them is like their father the devil. Full of words and tricks. Deceitful smiles and donations. It never them but always you.

I am spending my life to this cause, because in our country especially, most people no matter how awful they are thinks they are Christians. They act this way because this is how they're been taught by their pastors. Not just in Republican Churches but all.  Yet, it's the Republican so-called Churches that are corrupting the majority of young and old minds of people. They are huge and have the power and money to persuade and bring many into their slick hateful order pretending to be Christians. "They are wolves in sheep's clothing's".

Many Christians have thought their job of witnessing was almost over with having so many claiming Christianity. But now you see your job has never scratched the surface of witnessing to sinners. The Republican Party is full and we have our hands like wise, full.

Keep in mind that they backed Romney and supported all his lies.  They support the views of white supremacists, being they all think the same way. They agreed with suppressing the right to vote. They care more about the unborn than the living. They speak of love but no nothing about it. Their brothers are only those in their so-called Churches and organizations. They hate the poor and love the rich. This last one is a fact you know.

As Christians we better begin to act like Christians and armor up. The battle is far from being over. We better get back into the bible and stop thinking we got it made no matter what your minister's have told you. Receiving salvation is not that easy. "Only the righteous shall see GOD". Let me say this again. "Only the righteous shall see GOD"!


The Devil is down but not out     K

Obama has once again won the Presidency of the United States. It was a hard fought battle of campaigning that proved to be worth the hard labor it took to reach his goal.

While he talked about bringing parties together in another find speech, I could not stop thinking how bringing Republicans together with Democrats will be like putting a viper snake in a room with newborns.

Already Republicans in Washington are talking tough taught. They are maintaining a signed pack not to raised taxes. I guess they will fight to make sure the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes.

Either way, Obama has a tough time having the same clucks to deal with. But one thing I can say and that's regardless of what the Republicans had planned for us, our Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social help, Retirement and medical Insurance will be there for us for still a long while.

But there is a bigger problem that still loom about and will be a headache for the millions that just want to get along and that's with the Republicans Conservatives so-called Christians who are fire up and mad as sinners in hell over Obama's reelection. Their hatred is so strong that they are at this moment, from recent email, preparing to make sure that no other moderate is ever on the Republican ticket for President again. The email read that any one nominated will believe in the deep right positions on saving America from Democratic white's they claim want to give America away and blacks and Latinos who they feel are taking over America.

Not all Republicans are Christians but most claim to be. So the fight we have is to root out and bring these haters before God and his word. To prove and debate them and show them they are not Heavenly bond. That their evil type attitudes have no place in the true Church. To remind them of the evil they let go forth against Obama. The lies they upheld. How they turned on God and embraced the rich. Turned on the poor.  Their pastors even lied to their congregation to falsely pray to God for him to take their lying side against Obama.

I was told that all Republican was not against us. That some Republicans are good ones. This is true. But as long as he or she is a Republican they still believe in what the Republican Party stand for and will vote that way every time unless something is directed at them to change their mind.

To say some Republicans are good folks are like saying some sinners are good folks. This is true about sinners also. They love, give money, donate, help where they can, take care of the sick, doctors, lawyers, social workers but this don't make them a Christian. They become a Christians when they put aside being a sinner. This is the same for these so-called good Republicans. They are good people yet, sinners. They do not have to join the Democratic Party but they must leave from being sinners into being faithful and trusted Christians.

Yes, cowering Christian Democratic Churches better look at your selves also, and make sure you don't become like them. Keep love before you and your mind focused on learning and obedience of what you're learned. Now think about that!.


It pays to work together

Republican so-called Christians in Washington D.C. are not moving in positions to be ready to compromise. Obama administration may have to go at it along again. The whole party is mad and mad deep. Now these pastors have to come up with new sermons since God didn't answer their prayers in the last ones. (I told you). Here's some new sermons for them:

I got one for you! "Turn out the lights, the Party's all over". Or maybe, "The devil went down to Georgia and caused the south to lose again". How bout this one, "It don't pay to hate"! Or. "Let learn how to love our color brothers". Here's a good one, "If you live right, heaven belong to you"!

Racists so-called Christians still haven't got it

If you were paying attention Romney won all of the racists so-called bible belt southern states that excelled in slavery and hate. Their evil mentality brought hardships to many they were suppose to have been saving through Christianity and they are still living with hope of returning to that thought process of I'm better than you philosophy.

However, that kind of thinking should have been, by now, done away with. Yet, here we are in the 21th century and half the country still believe they are superior to the other half and most are so-called Christians on the right.

Republicans thinks they some how, can return the country back to the old confederacy way of life. I still am surprised that so-called conservative Christians are still upset from the past because they have to Love like the rest of the nation. They are mad because they have to have compassion for the poor. They are fighting mad because poor people want the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

I am even more upset because they don't have the sense to change or recognized the fact that some thing is wrong with their religion and don't have the sense God gave a Billy goat to see they are wrong.

It's even more sad because they hate so much that most will not change. They are going to hell in spite of what anyone say. Look how far we are from the Civil War war and look at where they are. While the country is moving forward they want to divide and conquer. Conservatives still think the same way.

God is never for exclusion but inclusion. As the bible say, they are "hypocrites and fools". It take nerves to stand in the pulpits and attempt to preach love through Jesus Christ.

What is hate?

The benefit I have as a minister is to call a spade a spade.  This mean telling the truth without sugar coating words and phrases. Most news networks and many in the news are suppressing the truth that this past election was a win against "Hate". This is a word many don't want to use because some may see themselves caught up in it or they do not want to offend the haters.

But I know and you know that Republican ran a campaign of hate and it must be called such. Oh yea, there was other issues, but blacks, Latinos and Asians are not so stupid that we can't tell when some one is talking about us. The media need to face the fact and say what need to be said. It make no different to keep speaking about race and not mentioning the word hate and where it's coming from. The most is from pastors and their members of the so-called Republican Conservative Churches.  It is these so-called churches that should be called out.


Republican Conservatives making a change... Not! K

In the media they are saying Republicans are about to make a turn for the better. That they are about to support some of the stuff Obama and his Administration wants. It's also said that they are changing right before our eyes. They might even support some of what Latinos want. Wow! 

What going on here? Nothing! Like I always say, the Republicans are tricky. They know exactly what to say to wu wu the easy forgetful forgiver. But for the main part, you can't change the stripes of an old dog. It's been 150 years since the Civil War really never ended for many and you think you can change a party mostly made up of rebel waving flag hanging, rebel buckles, confederacy hat wearing, sympathizing racists attitudes in four years. "Yea, right".

If you believe that then let me sell you an acre of land in heaven complete with a now deed signed by me because I own about million acres there and now I'm selling because I need the money to buy a new halo.. What! Well, for some this might be the closest hope of entering heaven they will get.

Let's not forget, the Republican conservative party is big and employ the entire Civil War confederacy gene pool gathered in the Churches as has always posing as Christians.

Let's not forget that Rush Lumbaugh still lives. The white supremacists have to have a home along with the rest of the race haters. The Tea Party is still here and they need the hate talking, gun totters, save America, let's take America back, Obama still a Muslim deep south and north red necks that still believe America belong to them to back them up. All of these have to have a home to live in. The Republican Party! Think about it.

And let's not forget that the Republican Conservatives so-called Churches are the very people I'm talking about. True changes can only come if the Churches from their party changes and actually become Christians. It starts with their pretending wolves in sheep's clothing pastors putting off the old man (old self) and putting on a new garment (a new man).

Alls Churches and pastors can learn from this. There is a reason why the Church can't change things. Now go tell that! And by the way.... Think about it!


So-called Republican Christians pastors dangerous to God

I want you, the reader to look back on all I have written against Republicans and especially pastors and you will see that the hard things I write and have written has come to the forefront to be true. Just look how they are acting after the presidential election. They want the country so bad in the name of their God or I mean, their father the devil that they are starting to loose their mind.

Pastors are so confused that Satan didn't answer their prayers until they are in an uproar trying to figure out what happen. Well, I will tell you. Satan is a liar! You are of your father the devil the liar. He lied to you and you bought in to lies of hate.

You got exactly what you deserved. You should have known what would happen when you play with the devil. Your campaign was based on lies, tricks and underhandedness. You knew this. Now you are whimpering like a broke down dog asking Satan why he did this to you?

Shut up and turn your life over to the true God and ask forgiveness. Tell the Lord you are liars and want to learn how to stop it. Tell God you want to be a truth teller and a lover of all people. Tell God to give you the strength to recognized that your pastors have been lying to you for centuries and he need to go. Tell God to give you the strength to leave the Republican Party and become Democrats.

The way I see it, most Democrat's not right with God either but their chances of asking forgiveness are a lot better than the Republican so-called Christians as it stand today. This is not a lie I'm telling you. Listen to the news. They haven't learned a thing, they still hate blacks and Latinos. They still talk foolishness.

I'm glade to be a minister and a Democrat. Why? Because this party include what is best and close to honoring what God want his world and creation to look like. All his races living in peace and together on this earth that God created. Not how satanic Republican so-called pretenders of Christianity want it to be. They want to exclude every one that does not look like them.

I like colors myself. So do God.  I love all people but hate their sins. So do God. I want every body to live in harmony with each other. So do God. All Republican pastors are a danger to God's plan for salvation for man. They want to separate and divide the colors. They want the white Republican Party only to stand before God at the Second Throne Judgement.

Wait a minute! Did I say the Second Throne Judgement? Isn't that the judgement where all will go to hell? Yup!

Why do you serve God?

Most do not no. Not even their pastors. Not even the so-called Holy Roman Church. I will provide you with information that you have never heard preached before. It will open your  eyes. From  this election most Christian eyes should be wide open. What will it take to enlighten you. Stay with me this month. I will be telling you something that will help you. That will even startle you. Some of you will become ministers.


Mental control

Republican so-called Christian Conservatives have just been given a course about mental control. A room full of delusional Conservative sat motionless as a lecturer explained why Romney and the party lost the election. The lecturer told them that Obama used an old Delphi technique of illusion. Obama used this technique to hypnotize his voters. What fools! I can't believe these are the same pastors you watch on TV. Pat Roberson's head is even spinning round and round with shinny red eyes. He responded, "I, I, can't understand it". Live with it! It happened!


More Democrats condemning conservatives Churches

I can kinda pat myself on the back because more Democrats are condemning Republican Churches as not conforming to the Bible, the very thing they claim make them Christians. Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, the nut, has been blasted by MSNBC news guests and Rev. Al Sharpton as needing to read his bible more.  They said, "If he did he would find out that God said to take care of the poor and needed and not help the rich to starve or neglect them.

I'm really glade to hear this because I've been preaching this for the past two years. More of you should get on the ban wagon and condem their actions. This do not make Democrats ture Christians either. Think about it!


Rupublicans so-called Churches still don't get it

What's happening to Republican so-called Christians. The election is over and they are still blaming their presidential lost on every body else except themselves. They can't see that it was them, their hateful tone toward poor people and people of color, that cause them to lose the race. Non caring.

After putting races down they are now saying, "it wasn't them", "We really like other races". "We are not racists". "Some of my best friends are blacks and Latinos". This is a slickness move, the next four years, they intend to play it in order to fool many Latinos in thinking that they have "seen the light", but really are playing a game of luring them into a false sense of love just to get the White House. Afterward,  lowering  the boom on them. An ole trick that many Latinos will probably play into.

However, no sensible black person, Latinos or young and educated whites from the Democratic Party will ever fall for their fake smiles. Why? Because we got their number.

The Republican so-called Churches just doesn't get what compassion is and what taking care of the poor as God has put it is all about.  Republican so-called Christians, you got to get yourselves right with God and leave the Republican Party if you want people to believe you. You are what you are.

Allen West "The Jackass" conceded

Today is indeed welcome news when "Slave owner wanta be" Allen West, a black man in color only, has been defeated as Representative of Florida. This loud mouth nasty attitude Obama hating slugball lost to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy and will not be missed at all. In fact, there should be a statue raised in his honor stating, " "There stand the biggest fool ever to be birthed out of the black race". "May he always be remembered as a creep".
And they all clapped in approval. The END!


Christian Right still angry - Need Hysterectomies

Still, after 20 days since Republican Right lost their bid at the White House, so-called Christian on the right are still angry and still feel like they should be in control despite how the nation voted. They are saying we do not know what's good for us, that we really wanted to vote for the Right. They act like they are in charge and we better listed and so what they say.

Christian Conservative groups have even, more than ever, are trying to move their abortion strict laws of protecting the unborn, the fetus, no mater the mothers life. Like always they don't think when finding new ways to create stupidity.

For example, if the mother dies because the doctors would not abort a diseases fetus, then wouldn't it be fair to hold that doctor for the woman death when they could have saved her life?

I think what should happen is that all republican so-called Christian women should be made to carry a card stating "please don't give me an abortion at any time". This will assure them they will die when seeking help from great pains that could save their life.

What about this? Since we are talking about stupidity listen to this. All Republican so-called Christians women should have this same card pertain to hysterectomies also. Why? Because it would be against God to destroy the means to have children. Such an operation would prevent creation from continuing.

I guess you can see how far one can take stupidity if one is stupid enough to pursue such new stupidities. But in any case one should think about this and ask the Republican so-called Christian woman what they think? I bet they would be against it. They would say women should have the right to make decision for their own bodies. You think about it!


A bit behind on information promised for Nov
nterservice interuption

I  promised a great message on a mystery about what is not being told in Church. It was to be finished and delivered to you in November. Well November is here and now gone and no surprises. I have to admit some of this is my fault. However, in trying to finish my internet service "Central Link", which I use went on the blink for the past four days and no work could be done. So my important message has move into December. So give me a week or two. You want be disapointed.

Rick Warren and other Republican Pastors play with the words hate

On CNN this week Rick Warren attempted to explain that Christians are not suppose to hate any body because God is not about hate but bringing folks together.  He was laughing about the $25, 000,000 he made from his book that do not stress the love of blacks and Latinos and poor people. He like others seem to think that just buy saying they don't hate automatically make him and his followers the kind of brotherly love folks that God is seeking.

Mr Warren has spent his years in the ministry robbing, stealing and pretending outwardly to pay a great deal of his money to charity in order to fool the masses.  Yet, he received a great deal of tax credit at the end of the year. Pay it now and get it back later. Real cleaver. This is why he give. To receive back. He should give and not expect anything back. These guys are smart.

He talk about giving and changing lives but thing are getting worst and it make one wonder who are getting all this money that's suppose to be doing God's work. Certainly not the poor. There are too many children needing help  and too many rich ministers that will not help them.  There should be no child needing help or poor people with out food and shelter in this country base on the high volumn of ministers, churches and especiall the millions of dollars taken in by these clowns every Sunday and through their books and "my new bible" sales.

He said he believed in charity but doesn't share the views of the government helping the poor. His charities are focus in areas which doesn't include areas of the true needy or poor people that he dismissed as the 47 percent.

Yes, I said he believed in the 47 percent as Romney did. How do I know this? Because he voted for Romney and did nothing to speak out against what Romney said. He voted for every thing Romney wanted to do and said about the poor.

Now you know this guy, Rick Warren, like I do. We are who we are and who we are how we vote. We are too quick to believe smiling faces and splits lips and kind words is all it take to prove a person. But it's not what is seen but what is done. It's all about the vote and he voted against the poor. Against human rights.

I want Mr Warren to write a book about race relations then sell it to his followers. Its been decades of division and hate and no time is like right now to reform the red south and scattered rebels who think the war is still going on. Tell them to repent themselves through true Christanity and recognized we all suppose to be brothers. But I guess we want be reading that book. There's no profit in it. So the pretending continues.

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