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The End of a Pope - Not mine

As you know the Pope of Rome, King of the Vatican and leader of millions of Catholic followers has stepped down from his rule. Many of his followers are crying and filled with sadness and much woe as their leader and their connection with God is no longer possible or temporary broken.

Soon there will be another Pope to take his place and the kissing of hands, bowing and giving the highest respect, glory and praise will once again be given to this new Pope of the world.

As I have said many times, the world has a big problem with who exactly is God? Better than this, who is Jesus? What role do Jesus play in the Catholic Church?  I am told by the Bible there were only one mediator between God and man and this was Jesus.
There is only one way that man much come to God and that's through Jesus.

But in the Catholic Church one must come through the Pope.The Catholic Church consider Popes to be mediators between man and God or is it mediator between man and Jesus. 1 Timothy 2: 5: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."

So, why do Catholic followers come out in droves, filling streets, waving and shouting through open windows with tears of joy while others push and shove through large crowds trying to get to touch the Pope or even asking a blessing from him for sickness and other problems? They think he has some special connection with God because of how he present himself.

Like Protestants pastors, he can't bless any one nor can he heal any one. If he could you would think he would heal all the health problems he has that forced him from his position. The question must be asked, why can't he heal himself? This is a fair question posed not only to the Pope and the Catholic Church but to all pastors and their followers as well. They can't!

Many in the Catholic Church see the Pope as a way to Christ and God for them. That the Pope and the Church have been given the power to forgive sin at the snap of a finger. To forgive one's sins "right now" instead of Jesus.  If this was possible we wouldn't need Jesus. This rule out Jesus as dying on the cross and shedding his blood, not the Pope, but Jesus's blood.

Jesus gave his life so that each can ask forgiveness for their our sins. No one can forgive for God. Yes, we are supposed to forgive each other's sin but not when they continue to sin. If we forgive their sins it is just us that did it and not God. Their sins are still upon them until they personally ask God through Jesus only for forgiveness.

Can a liar enter Heaven because the Pope forgave them each time they told a lie? If possible, then we do not need God, just the Pope. By having a Pope to forgive sin in human form go against every thing that God wanted and did through Jesus. This makes no sense.

The Vatican is a false elusion of Heaven duplicating it's superiority of power over man and the world with great amounts of gold, treasures, arrays of decorative robes, traditions and doctrines as it sit in Rome as Heaven, a separate sovereign city-state. It also see itself as the "Holy City" duplicating Jerusalem.

The way to God is not through a Pope or Priest but through Jesus. We all come to God by our own confession of our own sins before God from our own Hearts of forgiveness believing that Jesus has made this possible because it was Jesus that made it possible for our forgiveness of sins making it possible to pray straight to God for ourselves.

We need no one else attempting to pose as mediator for us as though they took part in the shedding of blood for our sins. We need no one to make us believe in God by sitting on a Throne as if he is God, ruling as if he was God. 

All hail and give honor and glory to him as he duplicates Jesus's Kingdom and kingship by visiting countries and meeting heads of states having them kiss his ring upon his hand while bowing to him. These Heads of State even confer about the business of the world with him as if he was God and already ruling over his kingdom, the earth. Yet, his duplication of King of earth is another elusion, for earth is destine to be ruled by Jesus as "Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

How blind is the people in the last day when they no longer can tell what is right and wrong. When they no longer can see truth when it stair them right in the face. When they no longer want to be rule by the word of God but by man.

Is this the identical situation where Israel no longer wanted God to be their Judge and Leader because they, Israel, wanted a judge they could see like the other countries? Has God and His Son been replaced by Catholic followers with a Pope and Vatican they can see and feel? No!

Once again, how blind is the people to levy such a great sin toward God. To return to Emperor worshiping. "Woe unto the soul that sinneth". "For it shall die." "Thou shalt not take the Lord thy God name in Vain." In this case it has been changed to the" Pope." "The blind leading the blind". The Pope may be their leader but not mine. "Who so ever will, let them come."...... The world has gone the way of Satan.

You think about it!


Mitt Romney and wife Need to get a life

The Republicans and especially Mitt Romney's wife Ann, needs to get a life and leave the presidency along. They are out politicking as though they are still running a race. Ann especially, for she wanted to be first lady so bad that's it killing her just to think that Michele is occupying her losing position. She's running around blaming the media and every one else for Romney failure and not themselves.  The other thing is that they should realize that their policies and not caring about the 47% is what hung them. Also their racial attitudes against everybody that don't believe like they do. They should move on and start a dog pound some where. Why can't they come to the understanding that they lost? This apply to the entire Republican Party that seem to think the White House still belong to them though they lost. They still haven't given in that Obama is the President. The problem with Republicans is that they will have a problem winning next time. They have too many racial bodies in their party. People now know where the haters locate. In the Republican Party. Nothing, as you see, has changed since loosing the Presidency. The Limbaugh's and Tea Parties are back to their same old thinking. As far as I can see the next election by them is already lost.


Are All Republicans Alike

This came up just this weekend in a conversation I was discussion how awful Republicans were and mostly those of the Church and other Conservatives. The discussion was on how little the Church cared about the poor and how much love they have for money, the well off and the rich. The response I got from one was that "all Republicans are not alike". "There are some good ones, they said.

I believe I wrote on this before. But for those that have not read it I'll say it again.

Yes, all Republicans are just alike.  No matter how much of a raise they give you, how much donation is made to whom, how sweet one act, it is not about what you think you see or being charmed by. It's how one vote and who they vote with on what ideals.

I do believe the most hateful in the country belong to the Republican Party. Groups that still have racial tendencies like those that mark Obama. Like Rush Limbaugh, Tea Party, Donald Trump, Rick Warren. Pat Roberson, John hagee, PTL Club, NRA, skin heads, those operating racial sites and on and on. They all vote together on the same issues.

There are also haters in the Democratic Party but not nearly as bad as the Republican Party. So, it's the vote that determine that a person's heart.

If you are a Democrat you stand for equal opportunity for every one. Equal justice, equal rights. You care about others and their welfare. People come before state or country because it is people that make the country. With out people their would be no country.

If you are a Republican then all of the above you are against except that which can benefit you. Republicans care only about country and money. Care less for those that use thier hands to do the dirty for them to maintain their level of living. Caring less for those that go to war in their place because they are cowards and protectors of their money.

Yet, they say they care to throw you off. They only care about the money the poor can make for them. They care about separation of races although they say they do not. They befriend you until the vote. Yes, It's about the vote and not about their physical actions. It's the vote. You are either with me or against me. THE VOTE! You think about it!


Where is the outburst against unemployment

Today the figures was good. The economy created 236,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent which is lowest level in more than four years. What happen to the bad blood on the Christian Right of the Republicans saying during the election that Obama was doing a bad Job. That he didn't know how to put Americans to work. That his policies doesn't work. Well once again they are being proving as liars. They're working haters...!!!!

But they are not finish. They hope for the worst and plan to find ways to do harm to the economy. Wait and see. You think about it!

Rand Paul and John MaCain are Droins Fools

The sinister Tea Party is cheering Rand Paul for fillerbusting on the House Floor against (flying) drones being used in the United States on American citizens. He ranted on some 13 hours speaking that this should not be a policy of killing and targeting Americans.

John Macain and the Tea Party went wild and agreed with Rand Paul. The Tea Party said Rand Paul stood up against the President and for the Constitution and this has ignited and energized the Tea Party like never before.

Stupidity seem to be a way of some Republicans in Congress. Rand Paul and John Macain was made to look like a fool today when they demanded a statement from Erick Holder Jr, Attorney General. What they received was how uninformed they are of America's policies on drones attacks in the United States.

The Attorney General sent Rand Paul a statement today saying, No!  It is already a policy of the United States that "no drones attacks will be used on non combat  Americans nor domestic terrorists at any time within the United States.

How stupid they looked being in such high positions and not knowing this. Even I no that we have Law Enforcement groups to handle any American terrorists. We have always used such enforcement's. No...... Tea Party you have not been energized. You're been hospitalized. You are sick! Think about it!

So-called Christian Republicans still against medicare see poor people as freeloaders

Paul Ryan unveiled his Budget plan today and it is full of Romney. So-called Christian Right and Tea Party loosers still want to appeal Obama Care against poor people. This budget is backed by none others than high profile ministers of the Conservative Churches. There is a war against healthcare from the right that is like a bear marking his territory against a bee hive. That is, they want what is not all theirs and what you have. Even claiming ownership of the honey cone thought they don't own it.

They want it all for themselves but would rather see themselves suffer with out medical help than spend a dime to help some poor person they think might get something free. Where I live there are an overflow of Republicans and I see them standing in pharmacy lines not able to pay for a full bottle of pills. Having to buy $9 worth of medication instead of the $30 worth they need. Why would some one rather destroy themselves when help stand right in front of their face than give something to help some one else?

Carnal Christian's hate on the right is a disease. A pitiful disease of pretenders that see poor people as freeloader. There was poor people in the bible during Jesus time. When Jesus gave to them do you not think he did not know he was giving to those able to work but could not find jobs or had very little? Of course he did. He even said "the poor will always be with." But the so-called Republican Church tell Jesus, " we live by the words of the Constitution," " and country comes first." "We can't abide by this they say."

You say go to work! Well, stop stealing and give a job to those that want one.  They will work. But not if you want hire them with good wages worth their hire. You think about it!


Republican Christians learned nothing from election

At CPAC conference of stupid Republicans consisting mainly of so-called Christians, many assembled to determined what they did wrong during the last election. Sarah Palin was there inciting racist remarks when she stated Obama should have been checked out before he declared himself for President. Then there was Donald Trump making a racist remarks about not worrying about Latino votes because he has many European friends. Pertaining to whites. The past weekend was a day for clowns and insensitive rattlesnakes. High position ministers like Pat Robertson was not there but he and his conservative carnal Christians was there in hearth. Remember, they all vote the same. Therefore, they all think alike. Nothing change, nothing gain!  Think about it!


The "Bible" TV series showing Satan as hideous... Another lie

In the third installment of the series "The Bible," the writers depicted Satan as a hideous being draped in a red cloak with head covering giving a dark red like shinny waxy hideous look to his face. This immediately started me to think that once again there is much of nothing some so-called Christians wouldn't do to add just a little bit of lies into their story. In this case showing Satan as looking hideous.

According to the Bible This is not true . Satan is a fallen angel of the highest order, created in perfection in all his ways.  Paul writes that Satan transforms himself into “an angel of light”.  Satan is a beautiful angle. 2 Corinthians 11:14.

There are many pictures of Satan having these hideous type faces but it is only the imagination of the artist. In the last days Satan could not take over and rule over earth as the "Beast  along with the false prophet"  if he scared every body with his demonic look no one, not even Israel will be that stupid to follow someone so hideous looking.

Once again I've pointed out one more lie the unlearned pastors tell followers. Now this movie has millions believing, at least, at this point in the series, that Satan is hideous. Before the end of the story they will have to show where he is beautiful in nature, smart and believable. If they do, then they would have certainly lied when they showed Jesus and hideous Satan in the wilderness.

This is a nice Bible series but does not save. It is what every one already knows and will do nothing towards changing the heart of people into loving each other. This has to be done by the Republican so-called Christians Party and all others that fit the profile of disliking others to learn to love and honor those less fortunate for God's sake.

Bible stories and not the whole word of God has produced the typed of peopled we have today. People that when these series are over with it would not have changed a heart at all. Christanity is not that easy. You can't watch and be saved. You must me taught! Then again, watch, learn, seek more, believe, trust, obey, act and live it.

Remember, the Bible say to try the spirit. Meaning, trust no one until you no the truth. An empty mind can't defend any thing.You think about it!


Just a reminder of changing a heart and mind

I want to take this time to say to all the readers that I know there are some with mind altering thoughts toward the way you see the new Christianity way of serving that is only the old way of serving. I hope you are challenging your pastors and sending out warning to all you can that true Christianity is Love and Obedience and not pretending or lying on God.

It is up to you now to make sure that those who want to be Christians are acting and behaving like Christian and not like complete lunatics. From now on what you read here and have read here will always for the rest of your life be in your mind. If you build upon it and not try to find ways to doubt it, which you can't, you may well be one of those that just may make it in.

Remember, nothing is what it had seem to be. Nothing has been real as it was told to be. No minister on the face of the earth can claim God is working in healing and performing miracles, especially, in American lives and no body else.

To reach the heart of God is through serving. It's all in the Bible. The Bible tell us to watch as well as pray. Watch these slick ministers and remember what you read here. Why are there so many graves and sick institutions all around the world? And why isn't the millions of pastors healing them as they say? Why are they centered around the healthy and not the hospitals, nursing homes and the such? Why do they have so much money and what have they done to earne it? LIED!

Now you ask your own question, you got one. Think about it. It's about LOVE!  Learn how to harness it. Think about it again!


Christians Hold on, Gay Marriages are Wrong

If you believe in the Bible and just plain common sense you will no that God would never sanction gay marriages. As Democrats you should no that if you are a Christian you must not be swayed by news media's attempt to smear the word of God or to kick dirt in his face. That is, if you are a Christian.

I find it hard to reach out to Republicans to rebuke gay marriages because they are so far right on other of God's issues it would make no different if they was far or against it because they are not serving God according to the Bible and therefore, I cannot reach out to them on this issue when they are so against other issues.of righteousness and wrong themselves.

I can say for facts, that Satan has a plan of defeat for God here on earth. He's trying to get back at God through ignorant follower's he brought together to curse God in the one area he know's he can gain support in and it is in gay rights issues.

One of the ways Satan is doing it is through the, "Zombie effect!" You know how this works.

Satan knows that gays is the ending of humanity. Whether through war leading up to the final battles on earth or Jesus ruling, Satan know's that building civilizations through humanity is the back bone of God's creative plans. Satan will never rule over earth and take it away from Jesus physically but he can corrupt just as much of God's creation as possible making it harder for God to find the number of righteous people here on earth to further his plans.

Satan also know, and it is proven to be true, that as time move forward many so-called Christians will fall by the way side as they accept gay issues and rights as more and more of their sons and daughters become gays and fall under his rule.

Secondly, Satan is using twisted love to do his bidding. Take the true Love of God and turn it into a twisted side show of love by saying it is freedom of choice toward whom ever you choose to love, whether it is a man on dog or woman on horse, it's their civil rights. Don't laugh, the filthiness is the same.

God cannot use people that cannot stand when the going get's hard. There are but a few and a handful of Christian left to reach the few not yet, defiled by Satan. I ask you to hold on if you are a Democratic Christian. Stand your ground against marriage rights for gays or condemn you soul already.

If you already believe in their rights to marry then get out of Church. You're wasting your time. To Republicans, you should become Democrats. This is the first step toward being saved. Then I can ask for your help to fulfil the word of God. You think about it!

So-called Christian Republican threathen Obamacare

One thing I can say for carnal Republican Christian is that when they dislike, they dislike from the hearth. They really hate insurance for the poor. They want poor people to fend for themselve which mean die if neccessary we do not care. They even have obamacare medical booklets airing on news networks trying to scare people and businesses away from given healthcare to their employees or those on social programs.

I watched a Church program Sunday or should I say I turned away from a show showing Republican pastors acting like they was full of love talking all soft and quite. They was speaking of the good things and programs they were offering people. I remembered that I was watching a local Church program which the pastor and congregation was conservatives and these were the same one's with all the Romney Ryans signs in their yards. The town they were brocasting from is a stone throw away from me and is a haven for conservative gun swaying haters of Obamacare and Obama in a town call New Bern, North Carolina. These are people I need not listen to, to tell me or any body about God when they are absent of love towards every one except those in their inner circle. Enough said. I turned the channel quickly. Conservaties are not the one's to learned how to get alone with your fellow man from or learn about God. You Think about it!


Hanging with Rush Limbaugh in OHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

How would you like to go to "Hell", arrr I mean, Heaven with Rush Limbaugh. Could you imagine how many minutes it would take God to tell the Angels to cast him into Hell. You thought I was going to say Rush has past Heaven's graduation class. But the fact is, every one will go to Heaven to be judged. Those going to Hell will get a bit of staying power but it will be useless. Good for nothing but to regain their soul long enough to permanent lose it. Rush got a lot of followers. I hope you ain't one of them. Think about it!

It's coming- "Into the Mind of God and a Brick Wall" is finally finished. Look for it this weekend as the main feature for "Weekend Finisher." It'll blow your mind and hopefully help you regain your love for God the right way. Keep thinking about it.