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Nigbits - June - 2013


The Republican Churches are standing by their man

So for we see Congress utilizing every technique there are to keep from facing the fact that Obama and his Administration have been right all along about how best to handle the economy. Well it's doing great! Not as great as we want it but we are no longer facing collapsing of our economy as the Republicans say we were in and that we were going backward because Obama didn't know how to run the country. So what do you have to say now. Nothing! Unemployment is dropping and doing good. The unemployed is now finding jobs.

So, why isn't the Republicans congratulating Obama? Because they hate him. Instead of legislating they spend their time trying to bring charges against this one man.  So what does this all mean? It mean that the Republican Church and all it's lying ministers and pastors was wrong right along with their lying Congress.

But have their Churches learned anything from the election and great growing economy. No! They still lie and stand by their Congress to bring down Obama. For what? Saving the country! As backward as they are the Republican Churches are standing by their beliefs. Stupidity! You think about it!


The Need For My Ministry

This is a small story to remind me and you of a need for a ministry such as mind and your's....... It all began with a hand full of business cards. Yes, I said business cards. The ministry is a business of finding bad souls and attempt turning them into good souls fit for use one day by God if one should past away.

Well, I decide to get on with the business of God by passing out cards inviting anyone to come visit my online ministry. In this particular place there were a number of people there and I saw a gold mind for God and was like a miner that struck it rich. I passed out cards to this one and that one all receiving them in peace.

After running out I saw this lovely lady sitting along reading a religious pamphlet. I wondered if I had given her one. So, I quickly ran to my vehicle to get more cards. Well, that's not quite true. I walked to my car at a fast pace. Coming back in I saw more new faces so I gave out more cards but wanted to give the lovely lady reading about the goodness of God a card for sure. Why? Because people that like to read and interested in God are more likely to visit my website.

I put my best face on with a smile and headed over. I said, "I would like to give you one of my ministry cards!" The sweet women looked up at me from her religious literature reading and quickly said in a very hateful tone of voice, "how many of these cards are you gonna give me." "you already gave me one."

Her eyes turning red and angry looking like she just finish fighting a bear, and the bear lost. She acted and looked like she was ready to attack me. Almost daring me to say another word to her or she would body slam me head first.

She still held the religious pamphlet in her hand. Since I was handing it to her and she already had one, I said, hesitantly,  "then maybe you could give this one to some one else." She snapped and said. " I don't think so!" Fortunately I turned and gave two more cards to others that willingly took them. Sometimes you never know what some of these Christians might have in their pockets.

Here's how it should have played out. (me) "I would like to give you one of my ministry cards!" What she should have said was, "with a smile", (her) "you already gave me one, thank you." I would have said, "thank you."

You can be sure this woman is a false wanna be Christian that consider herself a Christian with hateful ways. She most likely, from reading the literature, go to Church regularly and has a pastor just like her. Ofttimes the members reflect the type of pastor they have. If the pastor talk stupid then their members talk in the same stupid way. Saying ridiculous things with out facts to back them up.

It is this kind of meanness we find in almost every one in Church today. They get mad with the drop of a hat. Hateful talking and hateful actions posing as one of Christ followers not knowing that their service will only satisfy Satan their father and they are just fit enough for God to use them to start a brush fire.

Because of her actions I wanted to get away from her fast. I've seen that look upon her face and eyes before at an Holy Church where once I preached and looked into another lady Pastor's eyes and could have sworn I was looking into the eyes of the devil.

This is just one of millions that has been mislead on how one should carry themselves if they are to represent Christ. Bad teaching and bad leading the bad and blind leading the blind has produced a nation of liars, thieves, stupid hatred people, robbers and as such other bad behavior as we see today. Yet, their pastors tell them to just go to church. This is the problem we have today. People have been just going to Church and not learning a thing.

Since I can't talk to this woman and folks like her, my only hope is that they will come to my site and study a bit. I'm sure they will see themselves better than they ever have. If you are in contact with one of these "holier than thou" please send them to my site.    . Let's change the Church for the better. You think about it!

The Devil is Feeling The Pain - Weekend  Sermon

Today I went to deliver ministry cards in a well visited place where all my business cards are taken. This day there was one left along side a metal plate centering a wall. I took it down to replace it and just happen to turn it over to discover it contained writing. It read, "Bishop, who gave you the authority to speak for God? You show your pride."

First of all, I want to ask you this question. "Who told us, as Christians, to go and take the word of God through out the world, through out highways and hedges to all that will hear?" It seem like our authority came from God. No! It did come from God. When we become Christians we are under the authority of God. He tell us from his words to spread the Gospel. How can one do that if they are silent.

This individual is another lost one not fit for the kingdom because of ignorance of the word of God. Like I said before, people talk and quote things behind other people not able to understand the simplest things of the Bible. If they called themselves a Christian they would have known we all are authorized to preach and tell the word of God to others. It also say to compel them to come in.

I know it hurt when you find that all you thought you knew has been wrong. Especially, after thinking you had other people in the palm of your hand as the man or the woman of know it all. That is, believing in the lies you told them and now finding you have missed the boat and had no authority to teach lies and twisted religion to those seeking the truth from you.

Those you told that God would raised their love ones from the dead and didn't That he would heal or their love ones after doctors gave them up and didn't. Maybe you told them God will give anything if one ask and didn't. Let's not forget to pay tithes and get a blessing. Only the minister wins, ask Rick Warren? And God don't want poor people to have Obamacare.

How about speaking in tongues are talking to God when you can't even talk to each other or jumping, screaming and hollering is of God when it is of Satan. No such behavior in heaven but is and will be in Hell. I could go on........

There are 180,000,000 (millions) Christians in the United States. We have a population of approximately 300,000,000 (million). Christians are well over half the entire population. So, If these be Christians then why can't one get one and the next 30 days all of America be Christianized. But we know there is no way for this many Christians to be in the U.S. Most are liars and false.

Most are in the world.Those that are in the world are in the Church on Sunday. Most people in the streets marching, Tea party haters, dance clubs, Face book and Twitter fans either being nasty mouths, telling their private business to the world or promoting hate between the races are in Church on Sunday. Are you now one day or two to three hours pretenders?

This individual and others mentioned are products of bad teaching. They spent time or spend time listening to soft sermons for money sakes or looking for high positions to make themselves think they are something while letting the larger of the matters go undone. The Church is the last watering hole for wanna bees that never succeeded in power positions in life.

Now they can become ministers and sit in high seats or deacons to sit  below the high seats and etc. Being at no time able to teach nor know the real intentions of God but focusing on their positions. If they did people wouldn't be acting and behaving hatefully towards each other. Robbing each other as workers and fellow brothers.

As for as what this person meant about pride simply blow me away. I don't know what they meant or thought they meant to say. It shows a messed up mind that need to be taught again. But I like that I'm getting attention. At least they are reading and I hope this person took another card with them and visited my site. They will never be the same again if they did.

God is Love. Christians have the authority to spread that love. To try to save as many as we can. It wasn't done in the past but it's not too late to reach out with the truth today.  For those that have ears let them hear for death come as a thief in the night. Will it find you worthy or unworthy. This is no game. Your life is literally on the line. Woe unto the simple. Now you think about it!


The Patriot Act,  Government watching Americans and so WHAT!

A worker name Edward Snowden, a soft-spoken 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of NSA defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton decided he would let Americans and the world know that our government is keeping surveillance on our lives by going through our emails and listening in on our phone calls and internet where bouts. There is an uproar by many Americans or should I say most Republicans and other Conservatives groups saying their privacy are being violated.

I hear many on news media's say this guy open Americans eyes as to how our government is going too far invading our lives and privacy and the people should have a say so in knowing if we want government surveillance and how and the people should make these decisions.

By the way, this guy is a Ron Paul supporter and a Constitutional freak that do not want to be govern by any body especially the government. Most Republicans feel the same, yet, they call for the police when something or when running scared.

Here's my take. You can take it or leave it. This guy is dangerous. After working 3 months for NSA he feel that he has gathered enough information to tell the world our government is watching us and people around the world. Well the government couldn't have been watching too much because they missed him for years.

If he was serious about how much he loved America then why did he leave it? This is suspicious. This guy is in Hong Kong or some where. He know a lot about our security at home and abroad. Just how much information has he given to the Chinese already if any? The thought is there? Since when has China become the beacon for human rights and now being a better country than the U.S.?

Why are some Democrats, Republicans and this guy saying the people should make this decision of intelligence keeping? This is impossible because our country is split. We can't let the people make decisions on keeping our country safe. There are too much differences in opinions.

So, we as the people elected officials to speak for the people. To make those hard decisions the dividing people cannot make with out chaos. Things that are secret for the betterment of our nation safety cannot be shared with the people because it is too dangerous in the people's hand. There are people that will sell their mama for money. This is what Snowden did sice he is no longer working. Hummmmmm!

We have just seen what would happen when we put private people and not dedicated people on our security highways. At any time the people may do any thing for their own gain.

I don't think there are anybody that does not know the government is not watching us on the Internet or off. This is a mean to curve terrorist attacks and any other attacks that could take place by Americans also. By the way, Americans are doing more killing Americans than out side terrorists.

If the government was keepinf  closely tabs on us as this guy say they are then they why didn't they stopped the Boston bombing. The school house shootings. The theatre killings and so on. If they are that bad as people alleges then why didn't they catch these guys before it happened. Maybe if their surveillance included Americans maybe they may have stopped these guys and the innocence lives lost would still be alive.

People talk about privacy but all of their privacy is out on the Internet for the world to see anyway. What more can the governmant want from you unless you are planning to do something wrong with the help of others and want know one to know about it. If you don't plan to kill some one or conduct bombings, sell and rape children's, set up drug deals, plot assassinations and murders, make threats of harm or allegal acts to someone then you should have nothing to fear. Evil people do bear watching.

Those that raise sand about this have something they want to hide. Maybe it's cheating on their love ones. The government can care less. Maybe you showed a sex video on you tube. The government can care less.

If going through and examining selected people's phone calls and emails will keep me safe ,as it has, then I'm all for it. Until some one bring charges against the government for causing them to lose their girl friend them "NASA, we have a problem."

But this government surveillance will keep us safe? That's how it's used!

Guess what? God have Angels watching secretly and keeping records on all of us to. Why don't you strike out at God? Demand he stop and pull in all his surveillance Angels. Tell him "we the people should be told how this information will be used." Well, if you want to know, .... if you don't live right you will go to hell. If you do, heaven belong to you, so to speak! So now you know.

So what's you gonna do now that you know? Nothing! Life goes on.


What's wrong with Republican So called Christians

It's seem that the Church of Republican lunicy is back at it again. They just can't get over a black man being President. Oh yes! These holier than any one else ( you thought I was going to sat "thou" didn't you?) crazies are again saying Obama is not from this country and should be investigated like the NSA. They are saying he is not an legitimate President. Yea, Right!

Listen dow dow birds, he's already did four years and working on another four. You are looser. Why don't you just leave the country until his time is up or take a four year sleeping pill and you want have to worry about him. Beside, Conservatives, are doing nothing for the country any way but causing headaches for the rest of us.

I will continue to talk about Conservative pretenders of Christanity until this party disband or people leave it one at a time. There's so much hate and that leave no place for true God in their heart. Some say they don't agree with those that call themselves "Birthers" but it's their party and their ministers and followers are denying none of their sayings. So this mean they all agree on every thing  super stupid that come out of each other's small brain.

As a minister I'm still trying to figure out where Jesus fit into the Conservative Party. They think and act like ..... HuH!. Wait a moment! Maybe their father is ......... No way! Can't be! But then....... Is it possible? You think about it!


IntoThe Mind of God and a Brick wall is eye opening

For the first time in over 2000 years people are finding out their purpose for salvation. Never before have they heard such mind bending close to factual revelation of the future. Pastors all over the world never knew or was able to comprehend God because of their involvement into Christian stock markets. That is, they found a money making business and sold stock across the pulpits betting on the people's money to rise every Sunday without paying out dividends of true salvation.

Now the people know exactly what their sacrificing are buying them. Now they are being renewed and thinking twice about their life. What it could become when the world is no more. What the glory in their suffering has produced. Why we should start now to  become better people knowing what the other dimension of time, space and God hold for us.

I hope when you read "Into the Mind of God" you will send others here to read it to. Especially, pastors and ministers. You think about it!


Paula Dean So Called Race Remark, So What! Or Guilty!

People are making noise about Paula Dean remark about using the word nigger some 20 years ago. Nearly every white person has call a black man and woman a nigger in their life time. Why are people being so holy like they never have done these things? What some one did in the past mean nothing. It's how you treat me now. People do make quick unthinkable remarks at times.

And listen, It doesn't matter if you say something bad in your house behind closed doors or in the front of millions, you still are a hypocrite and racist. I can still live with Paula and accept her apology if she is a Democrat because white Democrats are changing.

Now, lets take this a little further. They said a black man held a gun to her head during a bank robbery and she called him a nigger. Wait a minute! She did not call the black man a nigger to his face during the bank robbery but waited later on to do it. This mean this is what she had in her heart and said what she felt hours even weeks later.

If blacks are held up by whites we do not go back and call him all kind of names. We say we were held up by a white man. Then again she still had time to change just like many white Democrats have.

A black pastor said she give money to black organization and this mean she is not racist. Please! Pastors love money and don't
care where it come from. All kind of people give money to different organizations. She cooks and sell food network products to blacks as well as whites. So donations are giving to both to show good will. This doesn't mean you are not racist.

However, she is from Savannah Georgia, one of the racist states in the United States. If she is a Republican then she is guilty and I believe she is not sorry only sorry she got caught. If she is a Democrat, give her a break, she's just a late bloomer. You think about it!


Joel Osteen Rediculous Prayers for Wire Walker Nik Wallenda

Sunday night on Discovery Channel a wire walker name Nik Wallenda walked 1500 feet in the air over the Grand Canyon on his highest walk ever to be the first person ever to tightrope such a height being higher than the Empire State Building. Though this was a great feat it was not without religious stupidity and false twisted concepts of the mentality of Jesus.

Before the event started Joel Osteen did a prayer in which I immediately saw lies in a false prayer that he and Wallenda would give credit to Jesus for guiding him over the Canyon and saving him from danger.

Let's back up to hear a short piece of Osteen's prayer. He had the audacity to pray to Jesus to protect Mr. Wallenda because he is putting his life at risk. Get this. Mr. Wallenda is putting his life at risk to prove a point and receive glory for himself and he want Jesus to stop what he's doing to protect him.

The other thing Osteen prayed for was for Jesus to stop the rope from swinging and the wind from blowing so this man can risk his life even more. The same for Mr. Wallenda as he walked the tightrope while continually calling out to Jesus to protect him from the danger he could have avoided by not doing this.

This is like a man holding a loaded gun to his head to blow his brains out and and asking Jesus to protect him while he pull the trigger. Why would Jesus protect a man from danger that intend to take the chance on his life any way even if it kills him?

This is why I have this ministry, to call out the foolishness and games and twisted false Christian religion pastors are preaching to the world and to their weak minded followers while robbing them with tricks so plain with slight of hand and words that people can't see what's really going on. A money racket and power.

Questions must be asked as to why Jesus would be hanging around a tightrope helping a man to risk his life? Why would he be calming the wind for this to be seen around the world? Is this tight roping more important than saving lives from a raging tornado or Tsunami or even a powerful hurricane that killed thousands?

I say this before Osteen and some so call smartie say this tightropping event and Mr. Wallenda constant thanking the Lord until he made it showed the power of prayer and God for those who believe. So I'll tell them and you right now that "you are a liar." "They are liars."

As I said in past writings, God nor Jesus are actively participating in our affairs. No one can disprove this when all one has to do is look around. If God wanted to show his grace to impress just the people in the United States, the best thing he could have done was to let these killers tornados enter the cities going 400 miles per hour twisting and twirling for 30 minutes then move out of the cities leaving everyone and everything the exact way it was before it hit doing absolutely no damaged at all. Now this would be something every one would have no doubt that Jesus or God was involved. But a tight rope!

Mr. Osteen showded me the foolishness of not knowing the very God he claim to teach on or serve. Jesus walking a tightrope. Yea, Right! You think about it!


Another Lost for the Church! Dirt in the Face of God!

Today's ruling from the supreme court struck down part of Federal Marriage Law. It gave gay peoples in 7 states to be considered legal married couples and there by give them the right to marry and have the same benefits as straight marriage couples does.

For the few that remain loyal to God I ask you to remain loyal. As leaders of the world the United States has just set the standard for the rest of the world. I believe God has the United States targeted as a spreading disease and somewhere down the line this country will meet and fall head first in chaos and dispair as the world moves forward.

No longer can this country be called a Christian Nation but a nation of Abomination. Today showed total disrespect before the face of God and told God our constitution rule over his bible any day.

These actions today move events much closer forcing biblical event to occur much sooner. I can see things getting much worse for this country in the coming future. A disobedience nation must be dealt with.

Another blow for the Church that's become and becoming the gays itself.  The Church is all but over and will deny God even more. It has lost it's place. You think about it!


Trayvon Martin VS Mark Zimmerman Case First Week In Court

While I want to stay neutral in this case I am baffled, well not so baffled, at how the Prosecutor is letting the defense and those in the public portray this image of self defense by murder by not who started the fight but who was on top.

I am dismayed at how the public, especially the news, and let's not forget how laid back the prosecutor is by not strongly and constantly asking the question of "did' Trayvon Martin have the right to defend himself " when against Zimmerman when Zimmerman followed, approach and initiated a fight he got beaten in.

When we talk self defense, doesn't this mean either person have the right to defend themselves. Besides, Trayvon Martin was not killed because he committed a crime or about to commit a crime but because Zimmerman didn't like him walking the street in that area. Trayvon did what any of us would do when faced with the same situation. Fight for your life which he lost.

They said Zimmerman had a license to carry a gun. But when your clothes are concealing a gun, don't the law call this "caring a concealed weapon" which make this illegal. Why haven't the prosecutor said something about this?

As a past Union Representative I went through many cases where over looked details which many never sees or the simplest of attention to details can win or lose a case. I certainly hope these details will be brought out that I see by the experts. But the prosecutor has to bring this up and he should  touched on all this I'm saying. Here it is:

1. If George Zimmerman was on the bottom being hammered with MMA blows, how did he get up and why didn't he have more bruises?

2. For George Zimmerman to have gotten up, Trayvon would have had to let him up.

3. Zimmerman said Trayvon went for his gun. How could this be possible when it was concealed?

4. If Trayvon was on top throwing punches like an MMA fighter then he couldn't have been going for a gun he cannot see or knew he had.

5. Did Zimmerman shoot Trayvon while Trayvon was on top of him? If he did then there would be Trayvon's blood on his body from having to push trayvon off him and the police was lying for him as a cover up.

6. If this is not true then evidence will show, if the experts do a good job, that both men was standing in front of each other after Trayvon let him up.

7. Next, Trayvon was unarmed with nothing but a can of drink and a bag of twitters in his pocket when he was shot at close range when he let Zimmerman up at which time Zimmerman had time to run away himself or fire a warning shot in the air.

8. How close was Zimmerman when he shot him immediately after Trayvon let him up? Very close range will leave gun powder on both Trayvon and Zimmerman's clothing. If so, them why didn't the police do a through test or was there a cover up?

9. How far away from Trayvon was Zimmerman when he shout him.

!0. Why would Zimmerman having a gun be hollering and screaming for help, then shooting Trayvon?

11. If Zimmerman is being beaten how can he holler so freely for help being beaten with some one on top of him pressing down on his diaphragm. The scream sound as though it come from some one very frighten that is standing and trying to get away and not from a person holding a gun. Only the experts know and his mama.

!2. The prosecuter should stress the fact that dnow sooner than Trayvon Martin Let Zimmerman up, Zimmerman became so angry that he pulled his consealed gun and shot Trayvon killing him which is why rayvon fell face forward to his knees then forward belly and face down holding his chest.

13.  He had time to get his thoughts together to tell the police it was him screaming for help. Stll shouldn't make no different in the case.

This is just my thoughts I would ask and more if I was the prosecutor. Remember, Race or not, is not a reason to find another not guilty of murder. Altitudes are not a reason not to find a person not guilty of murder. Public opinions should not be the reason to find a person not guilty of murder. So one gaining weight or being stressed out like any other murderer that want their freedom is not a foundation to find that person not guilty of murder.

No one is above the law no matter the color. Race shouldn't determine guilt but the facts that led up to murder.

1. Concealed gun 2. Followed when told not too 3. Engage without a motive ( observed the person doing nothing) 4. Zimmerman got out of his car.  5. Initiated a fight while Trayvon was talking on a cell phone) 6. A cell phone party and phone records showing Trayvon was talking to a friend when approached by Zimmerman. 7. Zimmerman had the chance to introduce himself but instead pulled concealed gun and committed murder.

We need to hear what Zimmerman said he said to Trayvon when he approached him. Another thing I would like to know is how far did Zimmerman follow him away from the original location.

Maybe this will be brought out. It better or race would indeed be the reason Zimmerman got off. We as Christians have the same right to fairness no matter where it come from or to. Any thing less will make one a hypocrite. So for the court system has been a sham.  Zimmerman never should have approached Trayvon at all if he did not see him attempting to rob any body or any home.

Being a neighborhood watch person does not give you the right to initiate a confrontation or fight to use your gun or weapon. It is just what it says, "Watch and Report". You think about it.