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Nigbits - July - 2013


Prosecutor should have asked these questions in Trayvon Martin trial

Today the trial of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman was a sham. Our law system and the lawyers and judges after all their training are no more smarter than the average citizen on the street.

The witness, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, was giving credit as being an expert witness yet what he said is not facts but opinions that are questionable. For instance, I am still wondering how Trayvon can be shot from on top of Zimmerman but no blood spilled out on Zimmerman?  (police cover up).

How did Trayvon get off  Zimmerman? How did Trayvon hands get under his body? How did Zimmerman get from under Trayvon? Did he push him over to his back?  How?

These are questions that should have been asked by the Prosecutor of Dr. Vincent Di Maio such as, "has he ever been shot in the heart or the head? If not, then how can he say how long trayvon lived or was or not in pain? Was he ever with victims watching them die and counting the seconds to determine that every one died within 15 seconds? No!

This guy, with all his knowledge proved only to defend Zimmerman as though Zimmerman cannot concoct a lie and stick with it. This guy was ridicules and surely a paid witness as was proven.

How can this guy place so much infancies on a punch in the nose and scratches on the head. These are injuries many small and larger kids get almost every day in school from fighting but they do not take out a gun and kill the other kid. They are not rushed to the emergency room to see if they have concussion.

This guy also said that Trayvon shirt fell forward from leaning over Zimmerman. He said the can in Trayvon pocket would pull the shirt downward. This is not true. A heavy object in a hoody pocket would stay in place. There is no way a lean would bring a heavy can from one's side. No way possible! Make your own test, squat and lean forward. It's impossible for the can to pull the shirt downward.

Many outside prosecutors and defense attorneys and news media's and giving this case to the defense because of a "bloody nose" and so called "Trayvon on top of Zimmerman" as though Trayvon had no right to be where he was. Had no right to protect himself. Had no right to look over the area he was walking. This is what every one does when they are walking. They look around.

The facts remain that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon when he was told not to engage him but watch. Instead, having a new gun, Zimmerman was embolden and felt invincible. He approach trayvon probably with his hand on his gun. Not telling Trayvon who he was probably touched trayvon and initiated a fight which Zimmerman came out the loser. Zimmerman pulled his gun and shot him. Killed Trayvon for fighting back.

Did Zimmerman have malaise. Yes! When one carry a gun it is in their head to use it. Zimmerman attitude toward "these guys always get away" was that they wouldn't this time. His racy comment prove this also.

A case should not be won and a person go free simply because he got punched in the nose and feel his life was threaten when he Zimmerman was the only one carrying the killing gun.

As one see from this fiasco of a trial and how certain things are not allowed that one should stay as far away from court as possible. Prisons are full of people unfairly prosecuted. Plenty of violent people are freed by the defense. What a court system.

What is the truth. It's facts. There are no fact here, just statements and opinions. Statements made only by the killer fighting to be free who has convinced many he is innocent because he, with a gun, got out of his car, went and killed in self defense because he was terrified of a 17 year old with a bag of fruities and a drink.

Opinions are not facts but expert thoughts and final conclusions without facts. For example, Dr. Vincent Di Maio assume the gun was 2 to 4 inches away from Trayvon's skin. He wasn't there so it is not a fact just an opinion which I have one too. My opinion is that Trayvon Martin was standing in front of Zimmerman when he shot him. It's my opinion that Zimmerman can easily remember and repeat over and over with clarity a two minute story. How hard is it. You think about it!


Injustice in America Fueled by the Republican so-called Christian Church

This is 2013, 21st century, and a very long ways from the early 17th century, around 1662, when slavery took off causing blacks to lose what little rights we did have at that time. From such a long time span and the forming of the Constitution claiming, "all men are created equal," we still find ourselves, the black population, fighting and enduring harsh treatments.  We are still receiving unequal justice in a country that claim to other parts of the world that they are unjust in their laws against their people but have not move away from unfair and unjust treatment for it's own people. All people.

The trial of Trayvon and Zimmerman was just a small hidden part that grew into a swelling balloon for all that has eyes around the world to see the racism vomited out of the mouths of 5 white racists and half Spanish and black as they they called her. It was a deck stacked already against a fair verdict.

The news media and worthless racial lawyers continue to say there was not facts. Well let me tell you the facts, if their are any one who think there was none.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defines racial profiling as follows, “Racial Profiling refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. Criminal profiling, generally, as practiced by police, is the reliance on a group of characteristics they believe to be associated with crime. Examples of racial profiling are the use of race to determine which drivers to stop for minor traffic violations (commonly referred to as "driving while black or brown"), or the use of race to determine which pedestrians to search for illegal contraband

A neighborhood watch person's job is to follow, watch or observe then call police if necessary. He is not a police and has no right to stop and search a person of suspicion as the law. What is the intention of a person when he buys a gun as a neighborhood watch?

First:  Here is enough to prove Zimmerman was profiling and a racists.

1.  A suspicious man wearing a hoodie and says, “This guy looks like he`s up to no good or he`s on drugs or something
2. “He looks black.”
3. The suspicious activity was that he was walking outside, in the rain, wearing a hoodie, seemingly to keep water off his head.
4. He also was heard stating these “a@@holes” always get away
5. F#@%&^* Coons
6. “Racial Profiling

Fact: Zimmerman knew Trayvon was black.


1. Zimmerman followed when told not to
2. Trayvon ran
3. Zimmerman continue to follow and made contact
4. Trayvon had a can of Amazon drink in pocket
5. Zimmerman ask what was that in your pocket
6. Zimmerman attempted to search Trayvon
7. Trayvon said, "get off me"
8. Both standing
9. Zimmerman continue
10. Trayvon stuck him in the nose to get him away from him
11. Zimmerman stepped back raised his gun which was already out and already loaded and shot him.


1. Trayvon had the right to be where he was
2. He was on the sidewalk
3. He was heading home
4. Zimmerman stated trayvon was on top
5. No evidence of this
6. Zimmerman claim Trayvon hit him over 25 times while holding his hand over his mouth and bloody nose
7. Impossible
8. No trace of blood on Trayvon's body or hands
9. Zimmerman said trayvon was on top when he shot him
10. Impossible
11. No bleed out of Trayvon blood on Zimmerman
12. Defense claimed rain washed away evidence from Trayvon
13. Yet, the rain did not wash away the blood on Zimmerman head
14. They fought while Zimmerman was on his back on the cement while it was raining. They did not . They was standing
15. If this was so they why did the back of Zimmerman's shirt show no dirt, scuff marks or dirt. Perfectly clean
16. How was this possible?
17. The cut marks on Zimmerman head is to high up on the head to be hit on concrete
18. Only the point of the back of a head can show bruises of slamming. Zimmerman bruises is near the upper top of head and along side.


1. Zimmerman shot Trayvon because he was black.
2. He has a loaded gun out
3. Went for Bad
4. Bought a gun to shoot some one or the first black he'll come across
5.Zimmerman as a Neighbor hood watch did not address himself to Trayvon as such

A shame that a child was killed because Zimmerman assumed he was a robber. A man get away free after killing an innocence boy because he assume he would do something.

This win for Zimmerman and the racist Conservative Republican so-called Christian Party has just set a precedence for all kids that get a nose bleed in a fight and can't win. They can now pull out their knife and stab the other child to death or shoot them. Kids fight at any age.

But stand your ground was put into law for whites to do just what Zimmerman done to black Trayvon in order to get away with it. It's an unjust law that racist so called Republican Christian come up with claiming blacks are a threat to them.

Well, it wasn't blacks that stormed all these schools and murdered innocence children. It was a white male. Bombing done in this country beside Islamic Terrorist was done by white men. Arizona Representative Gabby was shot by a white man who also killed others. The greatest killings and murder ever done in this country on large scales have been white men.

I dare the racist conservative Churche's attempt to label black male as a threat to America. They may break into a house every now and then or kill each other in a rage but we do not commit mass killings of innocence children or play jack the ripper continuously.

Zimmerman was funded and is being continually funded by so-called Racist Republican Christian pastors, ministers and their flocks. This I can assure you. There will be no Republicans so-called Racist conservatives at the first judgement. They can't even live with other races down here. So, they want be with us in glory's end.

But there will be a place they all can enjoy together and won't have to worry about no one being there but them. HELL!

In ending again let me speak about an all white Jury that lied about knowing nothing about the case to get on the jury. Real slick. They knew all along what their intention and what their finding would be. It wouldn't have mattered how much evidence came out in favor of Trayvon, he wasn't going to win.

The Republican so called Christians are praising the killing (pitiful) and saying an innocence 17 year old boy should have been killed because he shouldn't have fought for his life. They say Zimmerman had the right to stop him, cause a fight, then killed him.

This is the reason I want nothing to do with a Republican so called Church, it pastors or it's ministers or it's members. These are full of hell and most cannot be changed.

People talking about we need to talk about race condition's we have in the United States. What good will this do? Republicans and white supremacist still exist.  Only God can sort this out.  Where is the love the Church keep lying saying they have? Now you think about it.

Black Tea Party in New York City Side with Non Convition Verdit For Zimmerman

On CNN news this morning a black Tea Party spokesman said the verdict for Zimmerman was correct. He stated that black families as a whole was responsible. In a nut shell he is against black people as though he wasn't one. Then again he is not black just has a black face. That is, on the inside her or they are white supremacists.

No sweet words here for a black person in the Tea Party siding with wanna be slave masters, Republicans and Republican Churches that hate blacks and Spanish, and side with every hate group you can imagine in the United States against them.

The black Tea Party is the same mind group of people the slave masters would use and depend on to tell who said what and where did they go. He was the real "Peeping Tom."

Any one and I mean any one that say Zimmerman Was innocent is harvesting hate in their heart. I don't care whether they are Democrats or Republicans. You have got to be a might sorrow individual to say another man has the right to kill an unarmed boy and not be held accountable because he claim self defense because he got punched in the nose from a child. Now go tell that and think about it.


Racism, Common Ground and Impossible Dream

Many talk show host are hosting many high profile commentaries on how blacks, whites and other minorities can come together to speak about racism. These show time features feature the high educated blacks who speak of black situations as though they are brought on because of a lack of family or mother and father figures in the home. This ain"t it! Cut it out! It's hard for us to get hired.

Republican who say they are not racist but seem to think Chicago killings by black on black is why Trayvon was killed. That ain't it! Yet, they continue to bring up killing by blacks as though blacks are doing all the killing. Not so!

Republicans seem to think that racism is dead and exist no more because they love blacks and other minorities. They have this twisted mind set that blacks responsibilities are the problem of blacks. Not them.  They say that accordingly to the Constitution we are one people, yet, they maintain that it is other blacks that should look after other black and all other minorities should do the same. Constitutional Hypocrites!

Black Conservative Republicans want their white Republicans brothers and sisters to give them guns and "stand your ground" rights to kill Democratic blacks because they have become paid bounty hunters for the conservative Party and is still waiting for their white supremacist cards of infiltration and tell it all. They are Lap dogs used as hunters. They feel the same as supremacist groups. "Don't give em nothing." "They do nothing but kill each other." "Zimmerman was right to kill Trayvon the say." Pitiful!

Any way, Republican have not and will not ever come into areas like Chicago and Illinois to march or teach anything to groups of people. Their Constitutional freedom is for them only and does not include help towards others. So much for we are in this together!

Now here is the only way to stop black on black Crime. It's called giving them a job. Stop making educational degrees a priority to getting good jobs. This will never allow the poor person the opportunity to get into a decent work force. Every one cannot go to an higher educational institute. Yet, they still want good jobs. Even if they could they are still placed in lower positions with little advancement working for low salaries barely meeting their needs of living. Leaving many to take to the streets pursuing other ways that pay more money.

Our society has a way of pushing away and turning their backs on the unfortunate then saying it's their fault. Society focus only on those able to obtain a higher education. Republicans seem to think that the poor is poor because they want to be. No, they are poor because you force them to  be.

Because of richness you moved out of and refuse to build or open businesses in low class areas. Democrats too. Then moved far away from the people in the cities making it hard to get to these jobs expecting them to travel many miles to get to a job where the commute is eating up their small salaries.

Killings by blacks on blacks are nothing but a power and money thing. I do not believe a young black man or boy would look to join a gang for support if while in school he or she see that an opportunity is waiting for them and not told to them. Much training is wasted on good people because advantages cannot be taken. Some one has got to be down town. Every one cannot live up town.

Build business and pay good salaries and much of the violence will soon stop. Talking want work. Meetings want work unless jobs will be the focus.

The Churches have the power to borrow, build and train. What bank will not lend to a sure thing of getting their loan paid back on time. We give much. Now it's decades past time to Give back. Talking never work. Action does.All working together can make it work. Republicans, you do a lot of talking, but that's all it is. You think about it.

The word NIGGER Vs Picnic (Pick a Nigger)

Let me explain this Nigger word that people, or should I say, the news media, or places like CNN put it, that it is offensive to black people. Well, let me explain the dictionary meaning of Nigger from dictionaries of 1950's and early 60's. They state that the word Nigger mean "fool." this told me that any one can be a fool or Nigger.

But the white slave masters of slavery and up considered blacks as less than humans and called them fools or niggers. This word was used so much against slaves that they, the house boys, used it against their own people. That is, they use it to tell workers to, "get up niggers, the master is coming" or they would use it in a harsh way.

Soon blacks became so annoyed with it that they started calling each other niggers. This lessen the pain of it they felt when the master or over boss called it to them. They used it in joking manners as well as in violent ways toward each other.

Though each other use it toward each other it did not hit a core as much as it did from the whites that had evil intention behind it that usually brought about a hanging, a killing or some other harsh treatment.

This word nigger has been used by racist whites from slavery on up to today. We have racist web sits all over the Internet. Some avoid using the word "nigger" but substitute other words like "monkey." This is what they called Obama and have many pictures of hate online describing him as less than the President of the United States.

In the Republican Party mostly, no matter what one say, this word is still being used. However, in public they are Mr goody two shoe. "I never use this word" they say, but it was used in another way when Obama was called a lie on national media's by Judge Roberts. This was the first time a seating President has ever been called a lie in a public forum .

Again, he was called a nigger, when his  birth certificate was challenged by those that hated him. Oh yes! Behind closed doors they was calling him a nigger.

Remember, the so called Republican Christian Party is the party of every racist group in the United States and they spread this hate over the world. This is the so-called Christian Party that share the same views as the white supremacists. They vote the same. Think the same. When the white supremacists use the word nigger, they represent the "Conservative Christian Party because the party and leaders of their Churches never condemn them. If they do it's no real because they are one on one accord.

The word nigger is a slang word that will not go away no matter how the media pretend to think, "Oh this is a bad word and blacks should not use it if they don't want whites to use it." "Let's do away with it's use." Never happen! It's genetically embedded by white over lords.

To me it depend on the white person using it. That is if they are a life long friend that I know is not a racist person that is using it in a joking way, it matters not. Or when one buy black rap music that the artist is using the Niggar or nigger word in it. If a white person buy it then the artist gave that person the right to buy and sing the lyrics of that song. Others should not be offended when it's sung by a white buyer. A racist wouldn't buy this music no more than I would buy a supremacist rap song. Get over it.

But the media is raising sand about the word nigger" when there is another word they happily use call "PICNIC" that they see nothing wrong with it's use that's just as offensive to some blacks.

Well let me update all those who don't know that "picnic" mean to "Pick a Nigger" for hanging. At which time whites would gather around with their families eating Ice cream and laughing and cheering like the defense attorney Don West did with his family after the Zimmmerman verdict.

Before I retired from Cherry Point, Naval Depot, there was picnics held each year until a group of workers along with myself rallied to have the name changed to a yearly cook out or festival. I cannot say if they are continuing this. But we who knew about the word did not like it being used no more that we like being called a nigger and the Colonel over the depot agreed to change it.

If you break down the word "pic-nic" you will see that it's true name is pic nic, pick -a- nigger for hanging. So in ending let me say that our whole society have been using racist words not knowing what they mean nor cared. I am offended every time I hear the word "picnic" just as much as the word "nigger". But the Republican so-called Church will fight to keep this word alive because it's part of their heritage and outing fun.

So, is the news media gonna raise as much sand over this word as they are the word nigger. No! But now you see them as hypocrites. But what if they really knew? Will somebody beside me start a talk about it? You think about it. We could make a talk of it! You think about it again!.


Immoral people Judging Immoral People

I watch a lot of news and what I see is know less than ridiculous. In New York and other places we see people like Anthony Weiner who shared his body parts with others online. By all the news media's this guy and every guy that had an affair or even thought about having an affair is the worst of the worst.

They want to, it seem, to take these people out and literally tar an feather them. They say they have done so bad that they shouldn't be representing the people. They even went so for with Weiner to say that he wouldn't be a good moral figure for New York City. That people want their elected politicians to be better and have better morals than they.

I heard this and went wow! What is wrong with this, suppose to be, religious nation we live in that's trying to save the world and make them more like us? What is wrong with the so-call Christian people of New York City? What is wrong with the high class politicians and especially the news media?

You're saying, what are you talking about? I'm talking about what is any more immoral than a man on man or woman on women like animals stacked upon fallen dominos engaging in filthy sex. For this country, this type of lifestyle is acceptable but showing your body parts is death worthy of a hanging. "NASA, we have a problem!"

You know God is making plans when you physically see countries going to the dogs, and especially in the United States, by agreeing with everything wrong and no longer can see right through the words of God. This sound like to me that this country or this so called religious country has come to the place where it is "wrongly dividing the truth". Here is the correct scripture:

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

You know you are not a Christian when you fight against God. You know you are not a Christians when you rather watch two men's and two woman have sex rather than a person showing his body parts which are the same parts you have. Neither is right but If I had to choose I'll take the body parts.

I don't want anyone engaging in the gay lifestyle representing me to the world as this is an acceptable life style and it's alright to follow their lead because God is more on their side today than the original Church teachings. That the new way of understanding   the Bible is to believe God is gay also or he wouldn't have made them.  Did he really? Twisted religion of thought!

It's your Godly chose. Your chose will speak for you in the end. Read my "Into the mind of God" front page. and while your' re at it. Think about it!

Rick Warren Rock Solid Twisted Faith

Rick warren is sick guy and all those that follow him is being lead to the slaughter by him. This Guy is coming out after the death of his son's suicide in an attempt to correct his inability along with his hypocritical Church to heal his son's affliction. He tried yesterday at his Church to repair, what ever, after being away for weeks.

He said his faith was unshattering and his Church has unshattering faith and that he can't understand what went wrong after all the praying. He kept making excuses that his faith was rock solid, speaking to his wealthy congregation.

Get off it Rick Warren. Your type of teaching does not match your heart nor the hearts of your followers. Too much false teaching and lying on God about healing has lead you and your Church to embarrassment. Not just you but many more pastors in Churches that has buried millions of people after lying to them and their families that God was going to heal them.

Now rich Rick is launching a mental illness program in his son's honor saying that mental illness affects many people and we should have a dialog about (in so many words). He finally admitted he and his Church can't heal. All the twisted lies he's told has been coming back to haunt him for years.

But he is not along. There are millions of Churches going through the same things having to eat their words after telling some one God will heal them and they die. Graveyards are all around us and full and getting fuller every day. How blind can people be.

In closing I say just preach the word of God which is love. Love in a Republican Church like Rick Warren's and others are absent of the heart. Love is something that bring nations and people together and not separate them. Love see no color different. Love build and prosper. Love even prepare us for death in the right way.

The main purpose of Jesus was not to exploit healing's or miracles but "Love". This love prepare us for all that is now and coming before us. Love works together for the benefit of all men, something Churches has failed to preach except toward their own flock and color.

This is a learning lesson for Rick Warren and all other ministers who think they know God to realize they don't know nothing. From here on Rick will struggle to make a sermon. His followers have already begun to think. Some of them. They are confused but still will pretend to play the game of healing through prayer and will continue to bury each other one by one. So will the rest of all Churches.

This is a message to all Churches. God hates "liars!" You think about it.

Republican Churches on Side of Satan

78% believe Trayvon should have been killed. They don't even believe they are racists and that discrimination does not exist. This prove my point that they are of the devil.

I need your Help to spread this web sight. Become the ministers your are supposed to be. All of the Church. Send others to this web sight to be enlighten like never before.  Thank you!