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Alpha (New Year) Promise

Hoping every one an "out of the gate" "full speed ahead" on conquering their wildest dreams this New Year I call "Alpha" "the beginning of the new". Alpha is sought of like a sinner being renewed by the word of the Lord into a Christian.  So many want to start the year off with a fresh start or something. It will not be easy but if you never start you'll never no if you can.

This remind me of people never really trying to served God but eager to make a start or seem like it anyway. For most, it's easier to keep a promise to every one else except God.

But at least, when you doesn't acheive your wordly promise you felt sadness for not accomplishing it. But you can say you tried. For others they work hard to acheive their goals. Putting every thing they got into it.

But when it come to serving Jesus many may start but they want even give themselves a chance to see if they like it or want it. They never start or give it another thought. That 's all it was, "a thought." Just the thought of what they wii be missing or what they are not willing to give up make really wanting to serve God "just a thought" and not a "desire".

However, if you're thinking of making a resolution to serve God, be sure you're ready to make that commitment or never make the promise at all. Many make the promise but end up a liar. God is no one to play with. The best promise you can make is to serve God with the whole heart. Now all be blessed this year long and think about it!


Guns increase as the cost of lives decrease

If I didn't live in the America but from the outside looking in, one would think that this is a country where all men are free and created equal, free hearted, loving, caring, and compassionate. The reason being is that America has always talked about freedom and human rights for other countries around the world.

Years ago, back in the 80's, one could have made such an assumption, though not really true,  Americans was very hard on other countries about their lack of human rights concern. Many foreigners was leaving their countries coming to ours.

But now, these same countries that we was hard on is now pointing the finger back at us and our lack of concern and caring for our own people. Our human rights concens for our own people is droping.

It's true! We have a human rights problem in this country that ring in the 40's-70's era of hate, stealing from the poor and not having any caring about their lively hood. Half of this country wouldn't care if the poor jumped a ship, sail out to sea and sank themselves. They would shout for joy and say good riddance.

The way the Christian carnal right Churches responded to keeping aid away from the poor in the last election was evidence that just because someone say they love God doesn't make it so. Just because the Church say they care about how the poor live and what they go through doesn't make it true and Republican so-called Christians prooved it.

Before we can condemn another nation about their human rights conditions, we need to first get our own house in order. There are millions of people being abused in this country in many more ways than just having the right to free speech or to just be able to wear a red apron.

Poor people are barely making it, cold, unable to heat their home, hungry, can barely pay their bills, living under bridges and on the streets. I guess you can name many more hardship people are going through in this country.

Freedom loving Christian Republican Conservatives, Democrats and Democratic Conservatives would improve their chances of going to heaven if they start to think more about other people. More than that, if they would learn to live what they preach. LOVE! Now think about that!


America's High Powered gun owners are a threat to America

Right now I see an America gone mad over guns. I even heard this day, a stupid jerk name Larry Ward, Chairman of "Gun Appreciative Day" on Jan 19, whom I am no associated with or I might take a large spoon and gag myself to death. He said that slaves would have never been slaves if they would have had guns. WOW!

How stupid can a person be when every one with good common sense knows that slaves was bought over in chains and locks with no rights what so ever to speak more or less buying a gun.

Why would white masters give the very slaves they are killing, raping, beating, mistreating, starving and spitting own guns when they want to already snatch their master's throats out through their under arms? 

Why would the masters give slaves guns to free themselves from the masters when it is the masters they want to kill? Daaa! Let me say that again! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Some of these Wako's are even threaten to kill peoples if their guns are taken away. No one is taking these nut's gun. Why are ignorant gun owners still hollering this. It's because they are nuts. Nuts that shouldn't be in contact with guns of any sort? Look how mad they all get?

We in America better wake up and learn who is the disturb. They are right in our face and next door. They are gun owners. It's the gun owners with high powered weapons that worry me. It is the gun owners with violent tempers license to carry weapons just because they don't have criminal record that worries me. It is the gun owners that threatens to attack America. It is they the "untested sick". Your think about it!


Republican Blacks,Spanish, Asians, Others and Colon Powers

What is wrong with non- white Republicans? I mean, what is going through the minds of Republican blacks Spanish, Asians and other colored skin tone races in this country. How can any one lay down with any one who laugh in your face and say "I'm working for you" then get with their boys and stick a knife in your back.

But in this case with their party, the knife is being used to cut their throats right in front of their faces while looking them right in the eyes knowing what they're going to do. These colored people with eyes wide open doesn't seem to care. Sound like another mental case to me.

How can I play with some one who's intentions are to promise to give me a sweet juicy cake in a metal pan with a long string tied to to the pan with the intention, predetermined, to snatch it away no sooner than I help them gain what they want.

Republicans lie, cheat, call names, discriminate and hate. I told you this the last four years since Obama became President. Now, it finally took one of their highest ranking Republican black man, Colon Powers,  to finally come out and speak against Republican's hatred toward other races.

However, he said, "some in the Republican Party", but I say all. As long as you carry the name you are of them. A demon is still a demon, though he dislike Satan. He is still under Satan.

Let me clear this up for you who may be lost in what I just said. It's like this. Because of Satan's actions in convincing other angels to attempt to overthrow God and failed miserably, some of his followers can't be happy with Satan knowing what he has now condemned to too (Hell).

These angles have no way of getting forgiveness. They are doom though some are now sorry for what they have done. Colon Power cannot be fully changing, though speaking the truth, because he is still in the party of division. " The Bible tell us to come out from amongst them!"

Maybe some of these other colors will listen to him and finally wake up. This party has been against inclusion like almost forever. But wait! These People are Conservative Christians or Carnal Christians. You mean those in Congress call themselves Christians to? You think about that!

20 th

Deep Seated Racism in the Church/p

On this Sunday morning again I cannot see how television ministers and pastors can get before cameras and pretend every thing is alright with God. That they are doing the will of God. That they are bringing healing to the land. Liars!

We are in the worst times in Christianity that has ever occurred. Many will say, "this is not true." "The Church really suffered in the olden and early days of our religion." But once again, they don't understand.

They don't understand that the Church, and most coming from the Republican Party, has never came to an understanding of where Jesus wanted to take us. Conservatives pastors has never used the Church as a means to bring all races together as Christ and God wanted.

Rather pastors seek the way of making easy money without having to face the greatest issue of them all and that is love.

This country has never, even before it's conception has ever operated off of love. The Church being the people rejected it as a cure all and turned to the gun and heavy arm treatments. The Church has never took a dive into racism with the intentions of going to the bottom and coming up with success.

They have never took to the air waves where they have so much coverage and say, "today, I'm going to speak on racism and God", and I will speak out against it until our people began to recognized that all men are created equal". Not because the Constitution say it, but because God did it and commands it.

It is the pastor's job to do what Christ died for and it was not for the Church to turn into a racist nation that discriminate against God's creation but to become a whole love instrument that spill over into the rest of the world.

This is not being done. From the pulpits conservatives preach hate at their local Churches. From the air waves where they have the greatest potential to reach the hearts of millions, they preach money making and self preservation from their high seat of power using scriptures tangle with twisted lies to spread a false love about God, yet,  changing no hearts toward loving their black sisters and brothers, Spanish sisters and brothers nor  Asians and others.

The conservative Church and many Democratic Churches are doing nothing, and I mean nothing to bring this world together. And this goes for Joel Osteen and the rest of these spiritual highway robbers of high esteem in these very large Churches that we see that with their boasting teaching, nothing never changes but keep getting worst and worst and they get richer and richer. Why?

Deep seated racism of course and unlearned.

Those pretending to have Church needs an operation of the heart and mind. Then stitched up again using new thread because when they first received the word of God they was sewn up using old thread which quickly came lose within days and the foul stuff inside over took the good stuff until it finally spoiled.

It Happened so quickly that both taste merged together and seem good. These peoples have lost their taste of sweetness. Today, they still will not use new thread to sew up love and let go hate. You think about it!


The Inauguration and  Tea Party Refusal

To day is Obama's Day of crowning for the second time as President of the United States. This is a twin victory and history making accomplishment, for this president is not white but black. Not black but white.  (I'll leave this along.) But in any case he make up the best of what America should be and represent.

For years and decades this nation has been in a downward spiral of would be presidents promising inclusion and free speech and expressions but never intended to follow through. Obama has succeeded where others have failed.

The country is better off today and in a more loving and forgiving stages of growth than any time in history as caring for each other.

However, there still remain enough devil in the country to keep rotten apples around to throw into moving gears and parts to slow down their movements. Bags of rusty water and acid still find a way to be dashed on the moving parts to rust them and hope for a break or grinding stop.

None other than the Tea Party and Conservative Party Devils wait silently this day, lurking in the back ground like slithering snakes and tigers in high grass waiting for that right moment to strike. To flood the gears with their rust and filth trying to break up quiet celebration's of jungle friends who fear the tiger and the lion who so desperately want to take away their bread of life and take back control over their so-call domain they ruled over for so long with a heavy hand to return all to the past.

Many say Obama is not reaching out to the right to try an get along. This is repeated over and over again by the media. They say promises of relief for the poor and jobs has not been accomplished as though past presidential presidents did.

No, no, no, it can't be done. It is impossible for every one to be working, having a home of their own, own a new car, pocket full of money or owning a gold mind on Mars. History dictates this to be impossible. We and he can just do what we can. Even if it's good it will never be enough.

The haters and dividers of the Republican Party is mostly not attending the Inaugural because they believe like the lion and the tiger. In fact, they are the lion and the tiger.

Most Republican pastors and their congregation will not be watching Obama's Inaugural. The Republican Church is turning their backs on Obama's Day. I wonder why? Why aren't many businesses closed on Martin Luther King birthday? I wonder why?

Inaugural Celebration will go on with the love Jones' of America standing in the hundred's of thousands all as one with mind of family love and brotherly appreciation as arms to arms and bodies to bodies with faces of laughter, shinny glaring bright eyes of "we the people'. 

We stand to welcome another new beginning of building a world where "all men are truly created equal" and joy to the world Obama has come to be presidency again to make us realize and see what we can be if we all began to LOVE!

Gotta watch the Inaugural celebration.  Our President will speak in minutes. Ubba, ubba, that's all folks! You think about it!


The Craziness of Republican Christians

Let's see where I start. Any where is all right. Christian carnal Christians stupidity is all over the news. At Hillary Clinton Congressional Testimony she came before two Senators that shouldn't be around guns and made them look like the fools they were. Speaking of John Mccain and Ron Johnson. Both pretend to be Christians.

Next, we hear from the entire Fox News staff that say that Hillary has rehearse her actions and the party preplanned her to get upset when she made Senator Johnson look like a fool by still trying to bring up spilled milk about Libya. She became up set and said, "what different does it make." He said she hurt his feelings. I guess Obama doesn't have feelings.

Then there was Rush Limbaugh who is always a master idiot saying Obama was playing to the Liberal Left when he gave his inaugural speech. Why shouldn't he, he won the presidency. But he wasn't. He spoke of "We the People." That's inclusion! But Liberals really don't want to be around Rush any how.

Then there was John Boehner who said Obama want to do away with the Republican Party. Obama may not want to but I do. They have proved the last four years that "We the People " doesn't need them. They did nothing but stand in the way of progress and do nothing.

Yes, life would be better if the Carnal Christians of the Conservative Party would just evaporate into nothingness. But then, who would we have around to make us laugh? You think about it!


The 2nd Amendments and Well Armed

Amendment II

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

I hear a lot of arguing here and there about what the Constitution say. Many Carnal Christians say it give them the right to have as many guns and kind of guns they desire because it is their right under the Constitution.

But I ask this question. "From the amendment above do you see a word that spell "gun?" Gun owners love to pick this amendment to say that it mean guns since the civil war was fought with guns.

I don't want to talk about militias, I've done this before. But I've been looking into this word call arms. What I found out was that the word "arms" means weapons. Any kind of weapon. For example:

One can be armed with a knife of any kind. Knives was used in the Civil War also. So was rakes, shovels, hoes, sticks and stones, forks, razors, crowbars, cannon rounds, chains, brass knuckles, pitch forks, boiling pot of water, dynamite, wrenches and even women was used in the Civil War as weapons.

Being armed with just about any of these, except for the woman, when the police come or is being threaten will be considered armed with a deadly weapon and subject to be shot or killed for such. It has happen many times in the past.

Any thing used by any one as a defense or to threaten another is considered to be armed with a weapon. I can't see how the government let gun advocates get away with the Constitution meaning  "just guns" for the purpose of the government not to make changes or write a  meaning to the 2nd amendment and make it law

According to the way the Constitution is written "Arms" could mean what ever the government say it mean. Why not give the right to bear "tasers guns and knives" as legal weapons for homes and citizens, and let other guns be used for hunting and sporting, but regulated by the government since they will no longer be declared as the official arm as outlined by the Constitution.

What does "arms" stand for. Common sense knows it does not mean a citizen can have their own nuclear weapon, armed submarine, warships, armed bazookas, personal missiles, etc.  It's gotta be clarified by the government.

It's too lake when these carnal Christians have enough weapons to over throw the military and bring down the government as did they in other countries. Then who will we have to protect America after a few brought it down.

NRA gun lovers will not sign up to fight in other nations or even become mercenaries for hire in great numbers. They will not board airplanes and go fight with our military. Why? Because they are cowards being bad behind the backs of the military playing tuff guys. They raised sand knowing they have a paper target to shoot at or an animal that can't shoot back to make them think they are heroes.

If you want to be like the military and have the right to possess high powered weapons then they should form militias to fight side by side with the military. After all, it's in defense of their state, their nation, their country.

Bear your type of arms and serve because our country is always threaten. All militias! "Step forward" and sign up for war in Afghanistan and elsewhere terrorists threaten our country." What are you waiting on? "Oh, now you're too old." " Oh, you done served. " "Maybe you're too fat or have a medical problem." Yea! Right!  "Coward with a gun!"

Draft them into service, I say! Now you think about it!

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