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Republican so-called Christian Churches will not stop their madness of trying to destroy the poor. They intend to prove to God that they can pray for the rich and steal from the poor. They want God to bend to them and let them rule the country even though they lost a fair election. They want God to still put Mitt Romney in office or they will pull away from the rest of the country.

These misguided conservatives, who said their god was on their side, should have by now, figured out that their god don't add up just as the math Republicans are trying to force on the country. Republicans so-called Christians should wake up and come out of their dreams. You lost! Your god failed you again. Your god the devil will always fail you. The country is changing and Republican Churches had better change with it. Especially, their knowledge of God.

The better half of the country is tired of hating. The Republican Churches should follow the voters and follow God of not hating and get with the program. Better than this, they need to find the true God and abandon their false god which has led them for centuries.

This will not happen until Republican so-Called Churches has spent their years of wandering in the wilderness. Now you think about it!

Union Busting - Conservative so-called Christian hate still fuming

Conservative so-called Christians (CSCC) has found what they think is a mother load. They think they can start now looking toward 2016 by trying to bust the Unions. Governor Snider of  Michigan and his hard nose terrorists signed a bill just hours ago to bust the Union of Michigan turning the state into a "right to work state".

Republican will not give up their hate to deprive the poor of their rights. They figure if they can bust the union it will have an impact on future voting. Like the devil, this was something no one saw coming because like the devil, CSCC lay in wait while planning. This is the same thing that terrorists does.

But I have good news for the Unions in Michigan and other states. The Right to work bill may work in  your favor. Though the bill was signed, it does not put the union out of business, but will not let someone join a union if they do not want to.

Unions are like lawyers and those that join are looking for the union to provide them, free representation if having any kind of problems with management, ranging from firing, no or very low promotions, unsafe working conditions, unfair woman rights, and so on.

When members pay these dues, they get represented through every faze or stage of the process from the supervisor to the director  or head honcho to finally an outside arbitrator, a type of judge holding to neither side. Arbitration is the final stage for a member and this is where they normally win because management are like conservatives with hard heads, full lies, and just  plain full of it.

But also, during the Arbitration process the Union bring in their top dog type of lawyer type representative that knows federal law, state law and union negotiated agreements and working business in and out. This Representative does not work for the business but only the union and union workers. He is paid. To arbitrate and win a case could cost the union well into five thousands dollars and more. But the member employee most time wins. This could be a very large sums of money for the worker.

Without unions, employees are fired with out help or money enough to hire an outside expensive lawyer to handle their cases. Because of friendship with area lawyers, the probably, fired ex-employee, will stay fired while the lawyer take their money knowing they have already lost.

In a right to work state the union can have members if the employees want to join for this type of protection and good working conditions. Employees that does not want to join a union does not have to join. However, the employee that does not join enjoy the same benefits as paying union members.

In other words, the non-union workers gets what the union spend their members money on without they having to pay. They talk against the union but enjoy the free benefits they get. These are the low down loafers who kiss up to management and get nothing. These are non-union backbiters that take union negotiated paychecks home to their families every week.

But some good news for Michigan Unions are this. Nearly half the time it is a non-union member that gets in trouble with management in a right to work state and right off, ask for union representation to now get them off. Well, this I say to Michigan. Represent that non-union member but only to a certain level. Let the worker do the talking since he hates the union. Take them through every level. What ever management decide for them is for them. Ask them to join the union through the processes.

At the end of the next to final process and if the worker still feel he has been done wrong by management and want to take the case to arbitration they cannot go. Even though he has a winning case. Some might think this is harsh, but it's not.

You see, the union cannot take a case to arbitration until it is voted on by a board. For a non-member to win from the board is slim to none. This stage, as I said before, use thousands of dollars of union members dues and cannot be spent on non-members. This is the union right and no outside business, government or state(s) can make the union do other wise.

Afterward the union may present the worker with the bad news and ask that if they join the union they may reconsider their case and have a re-vote. Some time the union may take a non-member's case if winning that case mean a win for all paying members on cases which management and union has fell to negotiate.

Many non-paying members thinks management is on their side until management turn on them, and believe you me they will turn on you just like Governor Snider of Michigan did. They will find out that it's all about the money in management's pockets and not theirs. Now here they come running to the unions.

These are Conservative so-called Christians (CSCC) rich people that is trying to take away union rights. They are the same losers with the same ideals of destroying America as was they the same losers that voted in this past November 6th, presendential election.

Businesses doesn't want unions because they don't want anyone or anything telling them they have to care for their workers. They want to do what ever they want to with threats and low pay and bad working conditions and dare a worker to say anything about it or face immediate firing. Once outside you had it. You don't no your head from a hole in the ground.

The Michigan Unions are slightly broken, but their is a ram in the bush. I just told you of one. It want be as bad as you think. I'm a past union representative my self. I know. Think about it.


My Sympathy, God, Guns and Warped Christians

Today mark the greatest sorrow a parent(s) and a so-called civilized country can endure when the life of our children's are allowed to be at risks because a great number of Christians want the right to bear arms. For such behavior of wanting to kill something has lead to the lost of beautiful little children. To the parent I feel sorrow and offer my condolences for your loss.

Guns in the hands of Christians are there for two reasons.To kill and practice to kill. Some of you are thinking, "how do I know these were Christians"? I know because when a violent act happen in this country it's always follow mostly with a "Christian vision" and "Christian arrangements".

What does guns in the hands of Christians represent. Certainly not God. God is not training us for a war but peace. And if he was he would not use primitive weapons in the hand of untrained humans unable to battle forces maybe millions of years behead of us to get up prepared. He would use his own mighty forces. The same that led a war against Satan and cast him from heaven.

Guns and war go hand and hand. The military has always provided weapons to military troops to fight wars and protect this nation. World war 1, 11, Vietnam war or any of the wars going on now required the use of private citizens to catch a plane and enter the war with their private guns.

In the past the Constitution allowed "the right to bear arms". In a ruthless nation and unsettled territories there was no law, justice or protection. The need for personal guns was necessary. But as the country became more ruthless the people hired lawmen to reign in the terror guns and badman placed on developing towns and cities. Law bidding citizens wanting to live and walk down streets, shop and be at peace raised money to pay them.

Wanting to build safe towns and cities the people hired tuff lawmen to have the gun toters leave their guns out side establishments before going in, give up their guns at the sheriff's office for out of towners because guns was not allowed in many towns. There was even deputies that stood at the edge of towns taking folks guns before they enter in. They picked them back up when leaving town.

This was done to bring order to these towns which led to not wearing guns in public and tuff gun laws to keep citizens from rushing home to get their guns and fighting it out in the streets. The people agreed to these terms and the cities and towns grew and prospered.

Men still owned guns but many got rid of them and left gunfighting to the lawmen. And the lawmen protected them. Guns was then use outside the cities and towns and mainly use for hunting, entertainments and protection of home for those living outside of cities and towns, yet, still under the law of that territory.

For the most part, law and order was obtained when strict gun laws was made. "The right to bear arms" in the Constitution was not an issue nor was it used anywhere, as I could find, where some one challenge the understanding of the Constitution when lawmen forbid the carrying of guns within city limits and entailments arenas.

But as time went on, greed and hate increased.  The use of Guns by Christians started to grow again from the disguise of hating some one because "they might be trying to hurt me" and or "take what I have" or "I'm so afraid I need a nuclear lazar side arm and my own private community missile toting militia to protect my home" which almost never come under attack.

The Constitution today is being used by so-called Christians as a mean to take us back to the old west days. We are moving closer to a time when, if something is not done, there will be so many guns on the streets that it will be impossible for the law to protect us because it will be busy trying to protect itself from ambushes and set ups laid by those with equal or greater gun power than they.

The fascination with guns and target practice leave the practitioner with the mind set that this is what I will do to another human. Every time they shoot that target it is not a rabbit nor bear they aim to kill. It is the thought of killing a human.

They train their children and they take on the same mind set. Parents teach them to aim for the head and the heart for this is the quick kill shot for a human. Nearly every shooting range and galleries use not animals for target practice but human ephigy.

Guns are forced on kids and become part of them. But deep down inside of mostly every one who play with guns they would like to take the life of someone for the rush even if they say they don't. They want to see how it feel to really shoot a living human. Although sensible gun owners are able to control these thoughts, it is not that easy for many in our country that one day will carry out their urges.

But we can stop them. For example:

1. Urges they would not normally ascertained if guns was strictly enforced to be used ...... "outside of  cities towns and residential areas and in the woods for hunting and entailments only away from the general public".

2. By imposing strict and very high penalty of a  hundred thousand dollars fines imposed on those caught with a gun in public areas. They will receive ten years of hard labor with fines still pending upon release or return back to prison to do a twenty year stretch.

3.The Constitution does not say where you have the right to bear arms. All we know is that it is in this country. So Laws can be made by cities to say gun toters have the right to bear arms just not in our cities, towns and in public places. Only well into in the woods for hunting, sports and use of shooting ranges.

Cities and governments should adopt this. This way no one will be violating the gun toting Christians, if this is what they are, Constitutional "rights to bear arms". Just not in the cities, town and residential areas where people reside.

Let the military we put in place, National Guard and the police do the protecting we have them for. If the country come under attack the Government will do what it always does, "call up more men" train and issue them guns and send them where they're needed. The rest of us will provide support.

Some will say man will only use knives to kill if guns are prohibited in the way I described. That's true, he will. But he will be a lot less brave to face a real man face to face who has a knife also. He would have to sneak up on his adversary.  Then that would scare him, with his shaky legs, for the thought the person might turn around and do to him what he was going to do to them.

I know this will cut down of gun death with a little nip and touching up to it. Oh yea, don't forget to outlaw bows and arrows also.

What has happened in Connecticut is sad now, but it will not sway the gun toters until it happen to their families. This will take to long. The love of guns and hate is too deep. My way will work if implemented. And every body is happy. Or not!

Christ didn't come to create anarchy in the world by Christians. But love and peace. Think about it!


Psychiatrists and 2nd ammendment militias are impossible

As I sit and listen to smart people on TV pretend to have an answer for all the gun killings and attacks on innocent people, I can't help but think how silly these psychiatrists pretend to now how to fix the problems of stopping the violence before it happens. They claim to solve the problems by identifying troubled individuals. This way we can give them the help they need.

This is about the silliest thing I ever heard. How can any one determine when a person might snap some where down the line when most people suffer from some kind of laid back inner thoughts they struggle to maintain. Just because some one talk tough doesn't mean he's violent or subject to do violent.

For example, most on "American Idol try outs" has problems. What about "America  got talent". Look at these silly people on "You Tube". Watch the kind of characters that come out at night, lurking in clubs and streets and alley ways. What about those in Holy Churches jumping and screaming, running from wall to wall acting like they are on drugs. Don't they need help? Is some of them ready for the funny farm? They should but we cannot assume they will choke some body out.

What about the Tea Party? All these people are nuts. A powder keg waiting to explode. Many are wana be killers looking for ways to so-call "take back America". All TP gun totters have the passion to hate with the capability to kill after their twisted minds have completed certain stages of complete ignorance that corrupts the stupidity lump located on their frontal lobe just left of their right eye.

If the psychiatrists think they can recognize troubled people then they have missed the biggest sign of them all.The Tea Party! The same is true with the public. No one knows the future mind of any one. You can't stop half a nation on the brink of total lunacy. Who are they? Do we medicate half of America now  Why wait according to psychiatrists. 

America has become it's own worst enemy. We are showing the world that it is internally, just as ruthless and foul as the very countries we think we are better than. We hate and degrade each other. We want to take away rights from certain ones. We buy guns to be in position and power to kill when the time comes. We want to take away women rights. We want to control others. We hate those that do not agree with our views. We rob from the poor and give to the rich.

The only different is our freedom, money and ability to build things.  Half our country is Taliban like. Ruthless and bad donkey's. We are no better, though living in a free country of plenty. We want to tell the rest of the world how to live but we can barely live with each other.

How can we stop the shooting from happening again? We can't! We have too many who believe guns don't kill, people does. Well people want kill with the gun if guns are only allow out side of cities and towns.

Lets take a look at Amendment II, it read.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Each state has replaced militias with the military, National Guards in every state and millions of on duty police officers. We don't need militias. They are no longer necessary. Any militia attempting to attack the state, which is impossible, will be met with swift death by the over powering military, national guard and by the police.

Militias will not just face military and local forces, but they will face other militias which will rise up to protect their state against that militia. We are too big and to diverse for such a stupid militia to think they will prevail when faced with guns against them from all directions.

Why do I seem to be the only one who can decipher the 2nd Amendment. Is there more?
You think about this!


Helpless during Christmas and Omega Holidays

For a few! I say for a few, trying to reframed from saying Merry Christmas will be a challenge. Many of us during the holidays honor only "Omega," which give "thanks for year end blessings and life", and not lies about Christmas and baby Jesus. But we find ourselves saying, "you the same" to those who wish us to"Have a Happy Merry Christmas."

For me I just say, "Happy Holidays to you to" or "Have a great Omega". We as Christians must learn to fight against the flesh for it is weak. It's hard. But I believe it make us stronger knowing that we are standing for what we no is true.

We are aware that Jesus is a God. We are aware that it looks stupid worshiping someone's birth as a baby when they are grown or in this case a God or even worshiping a false birth date.

But I tell you that it is those that know better and do better that will enter the kingdom and not liars and fakers. God cannot use the weak nor can he use the sympathizer, compromiser, worldly or the ignorant.

Many are saying this is a war on Christmas. Many news liberal stations are on some of the republican stupido's about talking against Santa Claus. These Republican are against Mr Claus but is for Christmas. Really! You can't have it both ways.

This is how secular folks act. They think they are saying or standing for something they think is right but being wrong at the same time unaware. They are both wrong!

This time of year we clearly see who are true Christians. It is those who take a stand. It is those who seek for the truth and found it.  Afterward, having a change of heart and mind against it.

A false so-called Christian is one that find no fault in Christmas nor any thing that get in the way of their enjoyment. These are mainly pastors and twisted helpers in Church that perpetuate the lie with soft pitiful bible stories and sweet music to woo the children and sad congregations.

Why can't Christians see what you and I see? Is it because they are not really Christians? God want people to armor up not armor down. To study and stand, not slip and slide. To remain faithful, not waver in the wind.

If you deny Christmas, you removed a lie from your "book of life".  Then "Santa make two". Now, think about this!


Christmas, Omega after thought, and the Resistance

I hope every one enjoyed "Omega" and will enjoy the rest of the month. It has been a good holiday(s) for me and my family. But, like always, my first thought is toward the innocence. For this time of the year it is very hard to bring anyone toward God. The Church and the world has taking care of that.

It is a very dangerous time of the year and the highlight of Santa's power. It is the time when Satan really get the chance to throw it all back in God's face by the hand of all those who say they they are faithful worshipers of God.

Satan knows the hearts of man. He is down here with us. Studying and testing us who say we are Christians but far from the bosom of God. Satan knows that this is one celebration that God will see all those who said they was his children turn into liars and clowns, becoming disobedience to his words.

Satan can claim the entire holiday of Christmas Celebration as a winner for him. Being the liar of all lies, he bash in seeing the Church fall under his control. Worshiping the liar as the King of his temporary throne, the earth. All the might countries turn their love toward him. Only the faithful few resist.

I'm glade I'm part of the "Christian Resistance", a kind of militia defending God's order of things for earth and not man's. Not willingly ready to join in with the world and Satan's tricks for a brief moment of joy which lead toward an eternity of hell and death.

Yes, every thing to the blind look clear, yet, still dark and confused. That's where those are that try and pretend to be Christians. They don't know how to serve for busy looking back along with Lot's wife at the things their hearts desire and cling to. So was the Church this Christmas holiday for them. When will you become the "Christian Resistance?"