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Nigbits -April 2013


A look into the mine of God and a Brick Wall

The series called the "Bible"  on national television is over and I no for a fact it did nothing to change anyone. Like always the Church love to tell stories but not teach how one should act and live to be that Christian portrayed in this story.

I know that for thousand of years this kind of story has been told and many see it as just a story. The reason why this show doesn't and won't change any one is because today like in the past it is just a nice story set into a series.

To the Republican so-called Christians, those who think they are heaven worthy, probably made this series. Like always, they can tell a good story but can't live it. If you don't believe me just look at their party and what kind of people are in it. Every hate group in the United States belong to that party and they call it the beloved party of Jesus. Make you want to gag yourself with roaches on a stick smothered in hot sauce and mayonnaise.

Teaching about God has always been their thing. They have corrupted hundred of thousands of people with their kind of god. All believing they are heaven bound.

Even most in the Democratic Party is totally out of touch with how to be that person that God would be pleased to call Son or Daughter.

Most that call themselves Christians are the only ones calling themselves Christians. Most don't even know how to be one. Most go to Church every Sunday knowing what the preacher is going to preach, guess what, a sermon they already heard. Another Bible Story changed around but we already heard it.

Where have Bible stories gotten man? No where! It's time to put the metal to the road or is that the peda to the metal.  In any case, Time to separate the sheep's from the wolves. Time to no why God made you and me.

Now you can read the best return to Christ you have ever read since you became or think you are saved.

"Into the mind of God and a Brick Wall" want save you but it will shake and inspire you into something you thought you were and want to become. It can cause you to become save. Go read it now at the top of my home page, and think about it!

The Church and Hate

The bad news keep getting bad as we find out that the Republican's hate in this country has risen 70% since the year 2000. The study show that all around the country hate groups have formed and growing and has increased even larger since Obama became President. This is a study that came out April 2 and aired on MSNBC.

Accordingly, since hate is directed toward Obama in this country and coming from the Republicans and we know that the majority of Democrats voted for a black man, it is easier to see that 70% of hate come from Republicans. But not just republicans but Republican so-called Christians. All of them, and yes, your favorite Republican ministers and pastors.

I am always trying to get you to see that the god the so-called Christian conservative pastors, their Churches and their boasting of loving through the true Jesus and God are just lies. How can this much hate be of a True God? How can the stuff they pretend to preach is of a true God? Even better than this, why haven't their preaching caught on and how long will they preach before they realize it's about love and not hate.

This does not mean the Democrats or the other scattered groups are much better. It seem that time has been so long passed that every one has forgotten the slaughter perpetuated through millions of innocence lives to get us at this place while praying for help from a loving God but living like hell in a make believe wanna be life style that one knows is empty of God's true people of Obedience by creating a people of thieves and want and thieves and want to master races with no intention of obeying God but thinking they can benefit him while getting rich and wealthy from lies told the poor to give and believe, believe and give and fill my pocket full of your sweat and tears while a few sleep peaceful and the rest go to bed hungry in thoughts of where am I believing in a lie to ask God rather than work for God not knowing that God only want us to transcend hate and violence into Love which has never been completed or preached for God's purpose so look where we are.

Still being taken in by the false preachers for thousands of years never seeing but a tenth of it's affect on mankind because the hate still live in the gospel carriers while I ask my self how long will God let this continue while the poor still suffer now at the hands of the Church.

The Republican Church. The Democratic Church. All those which call themselves Christians? When will you become one to help save one to teach one to love one to bring the world to avloving point the best we can with out lies but truth that God is super love and no more. This is peace on earth good will between men.

As parties we fight and battle each other as enemies. We go to Church and battle each other as enemies. Yet, we are no more closer as brothers and sisters as lions and rats. People need to learn that you are not receiving the true religion of God through Jesus. If you were, would things be this way? Would Church people be this way? Would the world be this way after Christ has been gone for thousands of years?

What different has the Church made? What could it have done to make the world better? What can it do now? Much of nothing. Now we wait for the final word. Now we wait. We wait. We cannot change things because they are out of control. We wait! The few must hold on and wait. Wait for who?

I just said a mouth full. I almost need some body to translate it for me but I got this. And you got it too. Now think about it!


Conservative Churches support for White Supremicist

There was shooting down in Texas where an attorney and his wife was killed and the blame was placed on white supremacists groups. As you know, most, if not all supremacists, consider themselves Constitutionals and Christians. They are racist, against abortion, gays and any one speaking against their right to kill or I mean keep high powered guns and guns in general. They are a make up of every Conservative Church. Their they find sympathizers who believe in their plight though not altogether approving of a few of their methods.

The so-called Christian Conservatives and big name ministers say nothing about this growing concern of using the Church to do the devil's deed. Yet, they keep they claiming Jesus love you while holding a bucket of acid over those they think want to take a bite from their thick rich cut of real American corm bread.

Christian Republicans seem to be in their natural element when ever threats to do harm to another that do not believe in their way of life is attempted and or carried out. They never think nor wonder why all these hate groups are in the same party that claim Jesus is in the same party as they which do harm to their so-called brother.

With them, the intention of God's salvation is to make war not peace. Keep the people separated and never coming together. Teach love only to the rich and make it hard for the poor to live because they contribute little toward intellectual thinking. Set up organizations to forever prevent rights to others for they fear they may do the same to them someday. Let me butcher you but you shouldn't butcher me because it's not right.

The Republican Conservative So-called Curch is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with their life and even more with their salvation. As teaching love I ask for them to learn of love. In order for this to happen they must first fear hate. You think about it.

Rick Warren's dilema

I grieve with the lost of any life for every life is precious. I feel pastor Warren's pain and the lost of his son. But thinking back I am reminded of the nearly 20 millions and more dollars he makes from those he tell to turn it over to Jesus. It seem like trouble follow him and each time he smartly tweet his way out of it. He has followers who don't have the sense to see that this man can't even save his own house, then how can he save theirs. Yet, the ignorant will keep on believing in his sad stories not knowing that all they need to no is in them, just use it. Rick Warren will be paid back for all those he lied to and robbed to the grave. If you can't heal, then stop telling people Jesus will heal. If you can heal then make it public like regular doctor offices and heal every one. You think about it!


Englightment (P)

What does it mean to be enlighten? It mean that no one can keep fooling you about the same old thing. I hope that many of you that read my writings become enlighten and begin to see pastors and those that go to Church regularly from a different prospective. If one truly want to go to Heaven and see the wonders of the Lord they need to start acting like God's people. Acting like you are royalty and you want the best for your subjects meaning those around you. This can only be done by sharing the love you possess with others.

For you who truly are starting to think have changed and you will never be the same no matter what you hear coming from the mouth of ministers and others. Why? Because your eyes have been open for the first time in your life. You have read and you have went back and watch and your heard. In your brain you now can see the twisting confusing conning techniques used to control the mind of billions of people. You see the absent of love. You see the division of Churches. You see the different in the two struggling parties Republican and Democrats, both claiming  to be working for God but having different views and different ways to love. You see thousands of Churches on corners all claiming to be better than the next. You hear followers claiming they are saved but don;t even no why, except that  because Jesus died for me.

I could go on but I want you to remember this. You now no better,so you should fear the Lord but Love the Lord even more than ever before. Why? Because you, my followers, if you believe in 100% love unconditionally, want to see heaven. Not just to be casted out, but to own it, so to speak, like you felt when you called your mother and father's home yours and you had free reign until you graduated. That is, you belong until you are assigned. You are not of this world but in the world. Now think about it!


Do God find matches for people?

At least 5 or more times a week I hear this advertisement from so called Christians making attempts to woo more customers to their sight by stating that their sight is the sight God is working on. In other words God has a daily job finding matches for lonely peoples. I never said much about it but I keep seeing it and all I can see in it is lies lies and more lies.

The company stated an out rate lie when they state they can match one up with the one God want them to be matched up with. Now some one tell me this? How do they know God is doing this? If you can't prove it then you are a liar. Another things is... with all the trouble their are in the world, and especially in the US, why is God, as they put it, only concern about who get some hooked up ? Who best to party with? Who best to shack a while with and do the nasty before getting married? DAAAA!

Is there anybody out their that believe this big lie? Well, there seem to be a whole lot because people are so unlearned that they actually believe such a thing and join.

God is not in the business of finding any one boy friends or girl friends or man or woman friends. Any one, including this sex organization, that say so is lying in order to make money off lonely people taking advantage of their insecurity.

God would not involve himself in this type of sexual infatuations no more than President of the United States coming to your house to tie your dog for you. Or raking your yard while you sit under a coconut tree sipping on smiles.

IWell, if you haven't been told lately, let me remind you,.... " WE'RE TALKING ABOUT GOD PEOPLE"!!!!! Not that little kid in a sand box. Not your local judge. Not your skindiver, swimmer, school teacher, co-worker, next door neighbor, some one who hangs out on the corner, But GREAT BIG GOD!

"WE'RE TALKING ABOUT GOD ALMIGHTY. THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS." Yet, this Internet match making organization make it seem as though God is some one to play with. Some one who is no more important than the local store owner. I'm apauld that pastors have did no more preaching than to turn out disrespecting people as this.

When you know better you can easily see into a lie when you hear it. There is no need to still be blind about God with the many Churches their are in the world. Most teaching nothing. I hope you, as readers, can now see. You think about it.


A Sad Day For Americans - Guns Chosen Over Life

Today a Gun bill was defeated by 4 Democrats and most Republicans who voted not to have a gun legislature requiring criminals and the mentally ill not to have to go through criminal checks to get their hands on illegal guns to commit murder and terrorize innocence Americans.

President Obama expressed his dislike for such disrespect from these Senators toward the families that lost love ones. It was a shame to have Republicans laugh in their faces. He said, "it was a sad day for America".

I agree! These that voted against the Bill was so-called Christians who thought more of their jobs than lives. They thought more of the rights of criminals to be able to get guns than the safety of the American people.

It looks like we found big brother. We found the gun pushers, the gun runners, the supporters of having streets studs being able to buy a gun to rob and steal and commit heinous crimes and now we no who they are. We know who's selling the guns behind closed doors and we know who's protecting them that get the illegal gun to kill.

The criminals now have bosses and backers in the Senate. They are called Republican so-called Christians. Woe for what is to come because of them. They have told every criminal that they now have the right to get the kind of gun you want to kill with out leaving a trail. "We got your back", these who voted against the gun bill, said........

From here on, every murder that take place remember the Republican Senate and these 4 Democrats. They are just as guilty as if they helped pull the trigger. You think about it!


What is the world coming to

While man sit in his place of safety having all power in his hands we are reminded that we are a product of our own doing. Wickedness has spread all around the world and man's safety net is Jesus whom they refuse to call on. Meaning living by the word of God.

All needed to bring peace is to step out on the water and believe in love. Just try it. But we know that nothing can be done any more on a large scale to spread such late old news. It is all but over except for the few lights that burn as beacons waiting for the captain to come and restart what is left of the filaments.

We destroy ourselves knowing not what we do nor do most care. Yet, forward we go believing we control our future or this is it and we have need not to fear after death. So, let the sheep's shout righteousness and bore themselves speaking to listless ears for seeing is believing and believing is too late. For Judgement day is "The awakening!" You think about it!


Faith healing and fake ministers are a threat to God

A couple serving probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor which could have treated the child for Pneumonia. Again they could face new charges now that another son has died, 8-month-old Brandon, last week after he suffered from diarrhea and breathing problems.

They are Herbert and Catherine Schaible whom belong to a fundamentalist Christian church which call itself theFirst Century Gospel Church in northeast Philadelphia where the Schaibles served as teachers. The church's website has a sermon titled "Healing — From God or Medicine?" that quotes Bible verses purportedly forbidding Christians from visiting doctors or taking medicine. "It is a definite sin to trust in medical help and pills; and it is real faith to trust on the Name of Jesus for healing," says the message, from last May.

A jury convicted the Schaibles of involuntary manslaughter in the January 2009 death of their 2-year-old son, Kent. The boy's symptoms had included coughing, congestion, crankiness and a loss of appetite. His parents said he was eating and drinking until the last day, and they had thought he was getting better. The Schaibles were sentenced to 10 years' probation. They now await their new conviction.

Sick Ministers

I cannot put all the blame for stupidity on this couple along for it was the teaching of their pastor that led them in the wrong direction by preaching twisted religion to them. This pastor should be in just as much trouble as the Schaibles teaching faith healing when it does not exist at this time.

Backward minister's have found ways to rob the senses from decent people.Feed enough weak minded people the same story or for that manner, proposing to be the translator for God and you can get them to believe in any thing.

I recently met with a minister that claimed to be able to heal. He said he healed his back. Now aint that something. With all the killing diseases out here he can only heal his little ole back. When I asked him to heal my wife's back that sit near us he exclaimed, "you gotta have faith." So, I said, I have enough faith for both of us so go and heal her. "He said you can't tempt God."

So she never got healed from him. I ask wasn't there sick people in your church? He said,"yes." They why don't you, I said, heal them." He remarked again that God heal people at different times and you have to have faith.

This is exactly the answer I knew I would get.  Jackleg ministers love to play with scriptures with out common sense or thought. The reason being this minister just said you have to have faith. Well, faith is what all of us have to have to be called Christians. He just told me, unaware, that he has a Church full of unfaithful people, since they can't heal, which mean he haven't made a dent in his congregation secularism for many many years.

It seemed this minister would have had at least a few deacons and mothers to heal all that was sick in his Church. But they can't because they don't have faith. So, according to him he has a Church which no member there are saved or heaven bound.

Faith is not for showing that you can do the impossible but that you believe in Jesus and the word he brought. That is, if you're living it.

This that happen with the Schiables are not isolated in Christian Churches but is practice all over in one way or the other. All of them thinkink they can ask God to heal not knowing that if God allowed such a thing there would not be enouh land on earth to contain the living because no one want their love ones to die and every one would pray that they wouldn't die and this would be a mess.

Common sense is not what the Church is using but ole days fables which always has been created from people having no faith but desired the power thereof to be in charge and in controlling positions. These poeple, as history tell it, was made up of the worst and most dangerous groups such as the Roman Catholic Church which spread throught the world practicing both murder and forgiveness while at the same time offering the power to healing through prayer.

For centuries this same practice continued with Churches having people so blind that they can't see they cannot heal nor cure the least of us. That sickness is and has always been and will stay until the one come to put an end to it all. Jesus! And he hasn't come back yet.

If any be sick seek a doctor. Even the diciples had physicians. Think about it!