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Nigbits -May 2013

Republican Christians at it again, Rebirth of the Silly Season

While I  find myself wanting to focus on the righteousness of God I find myself right back where I was the past 4 years. Preaching to a messed up mixed up so-called Christian organization calling themselves the Republican and conservative Party which is causing me to realize why Jesus had to come to confused people.

God has always been faced with hard heads and knuckle heads who think their purpose is to rule and dictate over those less fortunate than them. The prophets had less problems with the poor in believing and living right than those who held authority as in business, owning more animals and land.

It is a fact, that for most, the lust for money and power has mostly always over ruled fairness and common sense as we see in the Republican Party. God didn't just turn to the gentiles, he turned to the poor. Those more likely to listen and obey. The wealthy and rich listen but only to the degree it did not interfere with their money or contradicted with what they really believed in and that was power, money and separatism.

Power that drive them into backward thinking and back door collusion set in a Borg like state and in one big ball of stupidity in a few that radiate threw millions causing all to think and react the same.

If a duck has slant legs and one of them say it served it's country in hip boots and really didn't have legs at all then all millions of them start immediately believing the duck wore hip booths but had no legs while making a boom raid over Chicago working for the Soviet Union and the fault is Obama because he shouldn't have let the duck get flying lesson in the first place.  Uh Uh What?

Now Republicans are back in silly season mode full speed ahead. Impeachment, not a citizen, sequestration, believing the Boston booming was staged, liberals are Jihads, intentionally voting against gun control, still hating poor people and can't get control over their God loving racist attitudes.

Christianizing is big business and we have our hands full dealing with those that see the rich as the pillow of power. Now their sights are set on God's seat. It wouldn't surprise me if conservative Churches didn't have plans to dethrone God for absolute power. They're all ways sneaking around holding meeting after dark. Besides, they can't stand not being in power. It drive them looney.  "You hear how looney they sound.  Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and now Silly Season, the longest of them all.  Now think about that!


Pat Roberson low down and hateful

Because of sequestration cuts to the very weak in this country hundred of thousands of kindergarten and poor families will lose access to early schooling, medical and dental. The so called Republicans has put forth a $406 trillion cuts to this category. Most families are already barely making it and the so-called Christian low life's like Pat Robertson agree that they should go hungry and with medical help for the benefit of saving the country by bringing the debt down. Today on his show he said he was for sequestration. He's for millions of hungry peoples and people in shelters being put out on the streets going hungry with no where to live while he live in richness in his hellish palace. This does not reflex God but Satan, his god of hate. This guy is sick and so is his followers.

Zombie Obama supported by So-called Christian Right

Obama Zombie picture appeared today as a target with a bullet hole in his chest that appeared at an NRA convention. This is what the so called Christian Republicans believe in. They believe in the NRS supporting the selling of this zombie target over the counter. I cannot say I am surprise because this is Satan at his best. What do the so called Republican Christian pretenders who say they are not for this does. Nothing!

Democratic Christian hold fast. There will not be haters in Heaven with you. The party right is sick and should be on Prozac. Better yet, they should disintegrate and free the world of moret to come. Hate! Go look at Christian Republicans at work and you tell me if this isn't Satan.


Employment Look Good and So-called Christian Conservatives Hate It

Reports are out that unemployment is steady getting better.  People are going to work and businesses are hiring all over the place. Claims for jobless benefits is at an 5-1/2 years all time low since 2008, said the Department of Labor. But you wouldn't no it by the silent of the Republican Party and especially the so-called Christians on the Right that claimed Obama is the worst President yet when it come to unemployment. You would think they would cheer knowing that their beloved country is bouncing back. But they, for so reason, doesn't like the good news. So much for "God bless our country" from them. Think about it!.

Fannie Mae Pay Back $59.4 billions dollars

That's right! The Obama Administration has been blasted for years for bail outs and the such by the Right. Now Fannie Mae's making great profits from the booming housing recovery. So much so that Fannie Mae paid back the government $59.4 billion dollars from profits made from increasing quarterly profits from the driving home prices. So for so good. But you can bet they got something up their sleeve to mess it up. The devil works that way. You think about it!


Republican so-called Christians Running Scare

Republicans are so sure that Hilary Clinton will be the next President if she run that they think they are preparing a hedge  bush for her defeat by constantly bringing up the Benghazi issue about Lebanon. The Bogg ( one thinker for all) will never learn to stop the hate. Their slickness won't work because there are pressing issues Republican so-called Christians can't get control over. That is how to care about people. This is their downfall and it's too strong to change their party. The thing about hate is that it run deep through many generations. There is always one more to take the place of another that changed or gone across the great sea of no return. Conservative so-called Christians must become saved and that's a quest that would make Jonah tie himself to the tooth of a great fish to keep from being spit out to tackle that issue. But they need help and I'm here to give it to them. I hope you are too. Think about it!


Satan is sneaky therefore his followers are too

Republicans are playing the kind of games Satan loves. Tricks and deceptions. In congress Republicans are using Benghazi and  the IRS scandals as means to allow sequestration cuts to kids and poor people's to go into effect while the attention of those that argue against it are being deflected away because of hearing's in Congress they really doesn't care about. Off the table is no immigration talks, no nothing. They would rather the country stay in turmoil and families suffer than give to to the poor.

Yet, they beg Obama to please help the suffering Syrians. Please send troops to Libya, last year. But what about the suffering right here at home? They don't care. They only care about Syrians, winning, money and will do any under handed thing to make it so. Even take the bread from a tiny child's mouth to get the money to send them guns and ammo.

And they say God is on their side. That God is directing them through their Churches. From their pulpits the preachers shouts "We love every body! " "That is, every body they can trick and deceive. Their party!

They love the commotions, clouds of smoke and tear gas blinding the eyes of those trying to see. The so-called Conservative Christians enjoy the sneakiness their father the Devil is playing. Behind the smoke they laugh and grin, yet, planning as I write. You think about it.


Angry Parents angry at Officials not having Storm Shelters, But should they?

In Oklahoma tornadoes tore threw the city of Moore. Nearly everything in sight of it was destroyed, even a school where kids were trapped as the building collapsed around them killing 9-10. This was the worst storm to ever hit land in the world and it let itself be known that man can't do a thing but prepare to protect himself.

There were no storm shelters at the schools and parents and news media are now on the backs of the officials for not having storm shelters since this was Tornado Alley and there will always be tornados. News media's have jumped on board with parents ready to take actions against the city and or state.

But I have another question no one is answering and that is why did parents send their children to school in the first place knowing there was just a tornado this past Sunday and warnings was there was more coming sooner or later.

My wife I  woke up at 6:34 am Monday morning and switched the TV on to here the morning news and weather. I distinctly heard the weather report for Oklahoma that a tornado was possible. Yet, the parents insisted on sending their children to school.

It would have been better to keep them out for a day. This is what I have always done when there were warnings of Tornados and very bad storms approaching. What is one day when it come to a life time.

Yes, the parents and news media can blame the city but also blame yourselves for wanting to go to work or getting the kids out of the house. Both are responsible. Think about it!

Rediculas Wanna be Ministers on Facebook and Twitter

It's a shame to have to continually read nigbits of Ministers on these sites still thinking they have power. Even more to see ministers advertise all kinds of books other than Christians literature pretending like they care about the plight of families with no history of ever doing anything for families as far as God is concerned in making their lives better except setting them up to look up to them and then lower  the big  "M" plate.

I's a shame that with the backward sex thing that's exploding you would think the feeds would be smoking from these guys posting their dislike for the gay life that's turning this country into a time bomb. That they would be outwardly fighting, ready to give their life for scrutiny for God's sake.

But nooooo, they play with the small things they no they want get in trouble behind. I believe you might look at them as " You will deny me three times."

I read what they write and I look at Oklahoma and I say, "They're pitiful!"  Just talk about how to please God through true Love of God instead of embarrassing him continually. Think about it!